Eye Doctor Edmonton | Treatment for Computer Vision Syndrome

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Treatment for Computer Vision Syndrome

Since computer vision syndrome is a variety of symptoms that all stem from doing close-up work, eye doctor Edmonton says there are a number of things people can do for treatment.

The symptoms that people often have when they get diagnosed with computer vision syndrome can be things like eyestrain, fatigue as well as headaches. And blurred or double vision, either when they are on their electronic devices. Or when they step away from them.

They can also experience physical symptoms such as dry eyes, which includes having read, itchy or burning eyes. That leads to excessive tearing and can even include fluctuating vision.

These symptoms can appear in any combination, and can develop at any time after using computers and electronic devices for several hours at a time.

Adults who get diagnosed with computer vision syndrome are typically spending 8 to 10 hours at work on a computer. Then also go home and use electronic devices such as television, or play video games.

In fact, people who live in a drier climate such as Alberta often find that they have problems with computer vision syndrome. Because the dry air can exacerbate the symptoms significantly.


Therefore, treatment can be as simple as taking lubricating eye drops. And while eye doctor Edmonton can prescribe a variety of lenses for people who wear glasses or contact lenses. And even for people who do not typically wear glasses at all.

The best treatment for computer vision syndrome is actually prevention. And while it is not always practical to ask people to avoid using electronic devices so often. Especially when it is part of their job. People can adhere to what optometrists call the twenty, twenty, twenty rule.

Which means for every twenty minutes of computer work. People should take twenty seconds to look at something 20 feet away. This can be enough of a break to keep the eyes from straining so hard for the entire day. And can be very helpful in minimizing symptoms.

Away from work, eye doctor Edmonton suggests that anyone who is suffering from computer vision syndrome avoid digital devices as much as possible away from their job. So that their eyes can take the evening to rest, from their day of hard work.

And if adults cannot avoid digital devices away from work. That they continue to adhere to the twenty, twenty, twenty rule. And that they take ample breaks as often as they can. So that they do not strain their eyes away from work.

Another reason why computers and digital devices are the reason why people develop computer vision syndrome. Is because they contain blue violet light. That not only can strain people’s eyes. But can interrupt their sleep cycle, making it difficult for them to feel rested when they sleep. Which will adds to their symptoms.

By following the advice of eye doctor Edmonton, and taking breaks when possible. People can minimize the symptoms that they experience that are associated with the syndrome. So that they can do their job a lot more comfortably, without experiencing the symptoms.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Treatment for Computer Vision Syndrome

Computer vision syndrome refers to problems people get when their eyes are strained for prolonged periods of time according to eye doctor Edmonton. And their eyes typically get strained when they are focused on close-up work for prolonged periods of time.

And while studies have shown that 50 to 90% of computer users suffer from this syndrome. Studies done by the Alberta optometry Association indicate that those numbers are likely to be extremely low. And that the actual numbers are much higher than that.

And while close-up work can cause the eyes to focus very hard. It is not just the close-up work that causes a problem. But the blue violet light that gets emitted from electronic devices. Can also impact people. Causing them to develop even more symptoms.

This is such a common problem, that I doctor Edmonton says they see instances of computer vision syndrome on a daily basis. And according to the Alberta optometry Association, 74% of patients report being effected on a daily basis by the syndrome.

There are several things that people can do to help minimize their symptoms. Including taking breaks, and minimizing the use of electronic devices wherever possible. However, people who need to use electronic devices in association with their job. May find it difficult or impossible to significantly minimize that time.

And for these patients, they can get a lot of relief from what their eye doctor Edmonton can prescribe them. If they are already using glasses, they can get lenses that are designed for computer use. That are similar to reading glasses. But have a wider zone designed for computers.


They can also prescribe glasses that have lens coatings that can minimize strain. Such as anti reflective lenses, so that people are not having to work harder because of lens flares on their glasses. But also lenses that block blue light, so that people can find relief from the effects of that light on their eyes.

For people who do not wear glasses normally, eye doctor Edmonton can prescribe anti fatigue lenses. That can help aid the eyes and focusing. So that their eyes do not have to work so hard to do close-up and computer work.

Especially if people are using electronic devices close to bedtime. They should be using blue light blocking lenses. Because not only does blue violet light cause eyestrain. But it can also interrupt sleep cycle. That cause people to get a less restful sleep.

When people are waking up not feeling rested, eye doctor Edmonton says that can exacerbate computer vision syndrome. Forcing eyes to work even harder because they are tired.

If anyone is thinking that they are suffering from computer vision syndrome. They can make an appointment to see their optometrist so that they can start getting the treatment they need for computer vision syndrome.

While there is no specific diagnostic test. By taking a person’s history, and taking into consideration their exposure to computers and digital devices. As well as the physical examination of their eye itself. I doctor Edmonton will be able to diagnose this syndrome easily. And help people get the treatment they need to be able to see much more easily.