Eye Doctor Edmonton | Treating Computer Vision Syndrome

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Treating Computer Vision Syndrome

Many people may not be aware of what computer vision syndrome is says eye doctor Edmonton. But in depth complaining about the symptoms that are related to the syndrome itself.

Since computer as well as electronic device use is up all over the country. Many people are being diagnosed more than ever with computer vision syndrome. In fact, optometrists report having daily occurrences of patients with this syndrome in their office seeking treatment.

What this syndrome is, is a variety of symptoms that people can get from prolonged use of electronic devices. The symptoms can present in a variety of ways, with people experiencing many of them or just a few.

These symptoms can include fatigue and headaches as well as eyestrain. As well as blurred or double vision. Particularly when people stop looking at their electronic devices. Other symptoms can include a dry eye, which often present as red or excessively teary eyes. That burn, sting or itch.

In many severe cases, people can start to have ice spasms of their accommodative system. Which not only can be very disruptive, they can also be hard to live with as well.

The reason why people tend to develop symptoms with this syndrome. Is because they spent a lot of time looking at electronic devices. Whether it is their computer at work. Or if they like to go home and play video games, spend time on their tablet. Or even read books on an e-reader.


As there I has to focus so intensely up close for such a long time. It gets fatigued, and the muscles start to strain. When people stop using that electronic device. They often have a hard time focusing on things farther away. Because their muscles are fatigued.

This is why one of the best things that they can do to prevent themselves from developing the syndrome in the first place. Or to minimize symptoms if they already have it. Is to take a lot of breaks according to eye doctor Edmonton.

The recommended length of time that a person should be using electronic device before they take a break. Is twenty minutes whether they are children or adults. For adults, they should focus on something that is 20 feet away for twenty seconds.

And in children, optometrists recommend that they move on to another activity for 20 to 30 minutes. Before coming back to their electronic device. This is whether they are at school, or at home.

And while minimizing or eliminating electronic devices at work or at school is not typically an option. Eye doctor Edmonton says it is possible to minimize or eliminate it while at home. And people should be very mindful of how much time they spend on these devices outside of work.

By being aware of the symptoms, and how to minimize or eliminate them. By taking an F breaks throughout their day. And minimizing the use of electronic devices. Can do a lot in helping people who are suffering from computer vision syndrome.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Treating Computer Vision Syndrome

Computer vision syndrome is an extremely common syndrome people get from prolonged computer and electronic device use according to eye doctor Edmonton. And while studies have reported that 50 to 90% of computer users suffer from this. A more recent study by the Alberta optometry Association. Indicates that those numbers are most likely extremely low.

That same study shows that 74% of patients who have been diagnosed with computer vision syndrome suffer with symptoms on a daily basis. And in drier climates. The number of people suffering from computer vision syndrome is on the increase.

This is because dry eyes affect how hard the muscles in the eyes have to work just to focus on the tasks that they are needed to focus on.

Because of how dry eyes affect computer vision syndrome. Eye doctor Edmonton often suggests that people use lubricating eyedrops on a regular basis. Whether they have symptoms of computer vision syndrome or not.

In people who are already experiencing symptoms, eye drops can lessen those symptoms. And people who are not yet experiencing problems with their vision. Can stay that way for longer by using eye drops.

However, for many people eye drops may not be enough to minimize symptoms. And avoiding electronic devices altogether may not be an option. Especially if that is part of their job.

This leads many people to make an appointment with eye doctor Edmonton in order to find out how they can get help. So that they can continue doing their job comfortably and accurately.


While there is no specific diagnostic test for computer vision syndrome. The doctor will take a patient’s history, including how much time they spend on digital devices and what they do for work.

During the actual examination, the doctor will look for physical symptoms such as a dry eye, or accommodative spasms. In order to reach a diagnosis of computer vision syndrome.

There are many different treatment options that can help. If people are not wearing glasses or contact lenses. They can get prescription glasses specifically designed for computer use. Similar to reading glasses, these lenses can help aid the eye in focusing. So that it does not have to work so hard.

For people who are wearing contact lenses or glasses. They can get a progressive lens. That can help them see computer screens and electronic device screens much easier as well.

In addition to those glasses, eye doctor Edmonton can also put a variety of lens coatings on the glasses to further minimize symptoms. Such as an anti reflective coating to eliminate lens flashes that can irritate the eye.

And blue violet light blocking coatings. Can help reduce the fatigue on eyes from the blue violet light that electronic devices emit.

If people think that they are suffering from symptoms associated with computer vision syndrome. Or if they do not have symptoms. But they have a lot of computer usage in their job. They should make an appointment to see their optometrist. And find out what steps they can take to help them ensure that they have healthy eyes for years.