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Eye Doctor Edmonton | Symptoms of a Concussion

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Symptoms of Concussion

In order to understand all of the different symptoms that can occur when people have concussions says eye doctor Edmonton. They need to understand what a concussion is. One serious issue that needs to be addressed. Is that many people may not realize what a concussion is. And that keeps them from getting proper diagnosis and therefore proper treatment.

A concussion is when their brain hits the inside of their spell. Due to wide variety of reasons. Ultimately, when their head is travelling at one speed and in one direction. And then suddenly stops, or changes direction. It causes the brain that is typically suspended in brain fluid. To slam into their skull. Which causes a concussion.

There are many myths surrounding concussions. That can impact a person’s ability to realize that they have received one. Such as thinking that in order for it to be a concussion. They actually have to get hit in the head.

And while many concussions do come from the results of being hit in the head. This is not necessary in order to cause the brain to the inside of their skull. Another myth that many people believe, is that they need to lose consciousness in order for it to be considered a concussion.

This is also not true. And in fact, I doctor Edmonton says that concussions were people lose consciousness account for less than 10% of all concussion cases. And while the prognosis tends to be worse for people who do lose consciousness.


And is very important to inform a doctor if that is the case. This does not need to be present in order to be diagnosed with a concussion.

Even a patient who falls to the ground, and does not hit their head. Or is involved in a motor vehicle accident, or an accident during a sport. Can cause a concussion to varying degrees of severity.

However, but people need to be aware of is that since there are many neural connections in the brain that relates to the visual system. There is a very high chance that they have suffered some damage to their visual system when they have a concussion says eye doctor Edmonton.

And because of this, it is very important that people get checked out by an appropriate doctor. Ideally, an eye doctor Edmonton that has training in narrow rehabilitation.

However, patients need to ensure that they waits the appropriate amount of time so that they can get diagnosed accurately. Not only will patients experience symptoms delayed. Up to 7 to 10 days after their initial injury.

Concussions can also be delayed in showing up on neuro-imaging. And this is due to the altered metabolic activity in the brain. So they need to wait anywhere between two weeks to a month before going to see an eye doctor Edmonton in order to get a proper diagnosis.

When a patient understands not only what a concussion is. But what parts of their brain can be affected. Can help them seek out the right treatment. That can help them get the healing that they need.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Symptoms of a Concussion

Concussions are very serious says eye doctor Edmonton. But they often go un-diagnosed or misdiagnosed. Due to the lack of symptoms, or even lack of evidence on a brain scan. Which can be very misleading.

If people do not get the right diagnosis after receiving a concoction. Can result in patients having symptoms linger for up to a year or longer. That could easily be resolved with the right diagnosis.

Unfortunately says eye doctor Edmonton. A lot of the symptoms are misleading. Because they do not immediately point two brain damage, or even anything that relates back to the concussion. This is especially when it comes to the visual system.

And while a visual system is almost always affected during a concussion. Where the brain actually is injured. Can affect the wide variety of symptoms that a patient might end up getting.

Coupled with the fact that they might not get these symptoms until over a week and a half after their injury. Can result in these symptoms going on diagnosed for a long time.

Some of the more common symptoms that people need to be aware of when they get a concussion. That can point to a visual system damage. Is cognitive fatigue.


Which means they have a hard time concentrating, they need to take a lot of brakes when reading. And can only read for a few minutes at a time.

People who have suffered concussions also say that they need to increase their fonts and decrease the brightness on their digital devices in order to be able to stand looking at them says eye doctor Edmonton.

The might also complain of symptoms such as dry eyes, eyestrain, headaches, or double vision or blurred vision. eye doctor Edmonton says these are very typical symptoms of having damage to a visual system due to a concussion.

However, there also a wide variety of other symptoms that might not necessarily point to a visual problem. And often get misdiagnosed. These symptoms include dizziness or nausea, and increased sensitivity to motion in their peripheral vision.

Or even an increased motion sickness. They might have problems with their balance. And all of these things are more indicate of of a inner ear problem then a visual problem.

Many people may not realize what they require vision for in their body functions. Including walking, and standing. When there visual systems are compromised. All of these things can be more difficult. But is also much more difficult to diagnose.

Therefore, doctors should make it a routine practice to send all concussion patients to an eye doctor Edmonton with training in narrow rehabilitation. To get a proper assessment.

They will be able to come up with a vision therapy program to help the patient to do a variety of visual activities to help heal their brain.

In addition to that, the eye doctor will be able to prescribe treatments that can minimize or eliminate the symptoms that they have in the meantime. So that they can get back to normal activities. While they are in the middle of healing their brain.