Eye Doctor Edmonton | Questions about Computer Vision Syndrome

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Questions about Computer Vision Syndrome

Even though some studies have shown that between fifty and 90% of computer users suffer from computer vision syndrome says eye doctor Edmonton. A more recent study done by the Alberta optometry Association indicates that these numbers might be extremely low.

With more and more people using computers. Both adults using them for work, and children and adolescents using them for school. More people than ever before are developing symptoms of this syndrome.

With so many people potentially suffering or will going to be suffering from this. There are a lot of questions that people want to ask eye doctor Edmonton about this syndrome, and the symptoms that go with it.

The first question that many people want the answer to is simply. What is computer vision syndrome? This is an affliction that is caused by spending a lot of time looking at electronic devices. In order to see things like the monitor, a tablet or cell phone. People have to focus their eyes and use they are muscles a lot.

When that is put together with getting exposed to the blue violet light. That electronic devices emit. whether these are televisions computer monitors, tablets and cell phones. These two things together add up to create a syndrome that has many different symptoms.

The second question that many people want to know the answer to is what are the symptoms of computer vision syndrome while there are a wide variety of different symptoms. People can experience the symptoms in any combination, and have many of them for just one.


The most common is eyestrain, fatigue and headaches. And many people who suffer complain of having blurry or double vision. Especially after they have stopped focusing on their electronic devices.

Other symptoms can include dry eyes, and accommodative system spasms. From sustained close-up work. If people are experiencing some or even just one of these symptoms. They should contact their eye doctor Edmonton for a routine eye exam.

The third commonly asked question about this syndrome is how common is computer vision syndrome? They see is in their clinic on a daily basis. While studies done by the Alberta optometry Association. Says that out of all of the people who have been diagnosed, 74% suffer from symptoms on a daily basis.

People also want to know who the people are that are most susceptible to this syndrome. And this is essentially anyone who spends long hours on electronic devices. Such as computers, cell phones and tablets.

However, most patients do have a component of using computers for their job. Or people who have hobbies that require long computer use, or spending time on their tablet.

With how many people suffer from this syndrome. And how many people use computers in their daily life. I their work or at home. Everybody should know about this syndrome. As well as the company symptoms. So that they can ensure that they are getting regular checkups so that they can their eyes healthy.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Questions about Computer Vision Syndrome

Despite the fact that so many people are on computers or electronic devices daily says eye doctor Edmonton. Many people have not heard of computer vision syndrome.

However, once people have heard about it they end up having a lot of questions. That can help them figure out if they potentially have symptoms. Or if they should talk to their eye doctor Edmonton.

One of the first questions that people want to know is how do you test for computer vision syndrome? While there is no specific diagnostic test. An optometrist will be able to diagnose this from taking a detailed history of the patient.

This means asking about exposure to computers as well as other digital devices. And understanding how many hours their patient spends every day on these devices. And doing near work.

Then during the routine eye exam, the optometrist will be looking specifically for physical symptoms. Such as dry eye, or accommodative spasms. That will allow them to positively diagnose a patient with having computer vision syndrome.

It is also commonly asked how people can avoid getting computer vision syndrome. Prevention is the most successful treatment. And while they understand that this is not always possible to ask people from abstaining from computer use completely. Especially when it is part of school and work.

However, everyone who uses computers and electronic devices should get into the habit of taking regular breaks. And the recommended amount of time in between breaks is twenty minutes.


And while it can be very hard to remember to take breaks. They can set reminders on their computer or on their electronic devices. That can keep time every twenty minutes.

And people should be doing during these breaks, is looking at something that is 20 feet away for just twenty seconds. That will give their eyes enough of a break of focusing close-up. To help them be able to relax their eyes at the end of the day. And can keep them from developing computer vision syndrome.

For children, these breaks need to be much longer than twenty seconds. And experts generally recommend that children move on to a new activity for 20 to 30 minutes. Guard against developing computer vision syndrome.

Another question that people ask is what are some ways to treat computer vision syndrome? Eye doctor Edmonton has a wide variety of different treatments available. From computer glasses that can be used for people who do not typically use corrective lenses.

But also people who wear corrective lenses can have progressives made with computer glasses in half of the lenses. And contact lens wearers can also get special lenses that have a field of vision designed for electronic device viewing.

In addition to that, they will also have a wide variety of coatings for lenses that can block blue violet light, and have anti reflective lenses. So that people do not end up further straining their eyes. Or having the barrage of blue violet light that causes a lot of symptoms.