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Eye Doctor Edmonton | Nausea After a Concussion

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Nausea & Concussions

Patients need to be very aware of a wide variety of symptoms that they can experience following a concussion according to eye doctor Edmonton. Because symptoms that may not seem like they are connected to their visual system. Can point to damage to the visual systems of their brain. Which require a specific therapy to heal from.

In fact, visual symptoms are extremely common following a concussion. Due to how many connections there are in the brain that are related to vision.

There are three hundred neural connections in the brain dealing with the visual system. As well as thirty-two different centres in the brain that are related to vision as well.

Vision is related to so many other brain and body functions. That not only is it very common for people to have his will problems following a concussion. But that the problems are not always very obviously related to their vision.

In fact, it does not even relate back to the severity of the concussion. If a patient is suffering from damage to their visual system. Even mild concussions can cause damage to this part of their brain. Making it extremely important for all concussion patients to understand what types of symptoms they should be aware of.

Many symptoms that they can experience are very obviously related so their vision system. Such as blurred or double vision. Having dry I, or eyestrain. But there are also a wide variety of symptoms that are not necessarily obvious.


The symptoms can include headaches, dizziness, nausea, balance issues and hypersensitivity to motion. While many people associate these with an inner ear dysfunction. These symptoms actually point to damage to the visual system. Because of how vision is related to things such as balance in their brain.

However, if patients are not even aware that they have suffered a concussion. They may not be looking for these symptoms that can occur anywhere between immediately following the injury. Up to a week and a half later.

If someone has not been hit directly in the head. They may not believe that they have suffered a concussion. But any injury that a person has, that causes their head to move in a way that the brain moves inside the skull. Can be a concussion.

People also believe that in order for their injury to be a concussion. They must lose consciousness immediately following the injury. This is not true according to eye doctor Edmonton. And people only lose consciousness in 10% of all concussions.

Therefore, the sooner people can understand what is a concussion is. That can help them understand the nature of their injury better. And when they understand what symptoms can follow a concussion. They can be more aware of symptoms the experience.

Which will help them find the appropriate treatment for those of symptoms. So that they can heal their brain properly, and stop experiencing those symptoms. The sooner they can identify this, the sooner they can find the appropriate treatment.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Nausea Post Concussion

Many people believe that any symptom they are going to get that related to their concussion will appear immediately following the incident says eye doctor Edmonton. But this is not true. Patients can start experiencing symptoms up to 7 to 10 days after their injury.

This delay is caused by an altered metabolic activity in the brain. And while many patients believe that if it takes this long for their symptoms to appear. This means often go away on their own. This is not true, symptoms can linger for up to a year or longer after the event.

Regardless of how severe or mild the concussion that a person suffers is. They should seek out the appropriate treatment. So that they can heal their brain injury. And be able to get back to all of their regular activities.

Once a person has had one concussion, therefore times more likely to have a second concussion within the next two years. And all concussions after that first one. Continue to have a larger impact on the patient’s ability to function.

This is why it is extremely important to find appropriate therapies to heal their brain. So that they can fully recover, and minimize their risk in the future.

Even if a person does not realize that they are having visual symptoms after their concussion. They may actually be suffering from damage to their visual system.


This is actually often discovered when patients are working with other rehabilitation doctors. Such as occupational therapists, or physiotherapists. This is often discovered, because the patient is not progressing as quickly as they should. Which can often point to needing to heal the visual system of the brain. In order to get the maximum effect of their other therapies.

Because the visual system of the brain affects so many other parts of a person’s brain. And affects the way they move, for example. It is very important that therapists that there working with can recognize this. So that they can bring in appropriate help.

Contacting an eye doctor Edmonton that has training in Nero rehabilitation is very important. Because they will be able to not only help diagnose the damage to their visual system. Through checking their eye tracking, I focus, ocean sensitivity and balance.

But the eye doctor Edmonton will be able to work collaboratively with the other therapists to come up with a therapy program to help heal the patient’s brain.

Even if the injuries are very severe, the vision therapist will be able to modify the activities that they have. So that it can fit each patients and their ability. And then increasing the difficulty as the patient progresses.

It is very important that any patient who has suffered a concussion recognizes the signs of damaging their visual system. Because even if it is not an obvious problem. It can actually make it much more difficult to heal other areas of their brain says eye doctor Edmonton.

And helping their brain heal fully and completely. Is important to minimize their risks for the future. But also to help them regain their functionality whether it is at school or work.