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Eye Doctor Edmonton | Most Concussions Impact Vision

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Concussions Impact Vision

It is very important that people who have suffered a concussion get appropriate treatment says eye doctor Edmonton. Because a concussion is a mild form of brain injury. That can impacts many aspects of a person’s life moving forward.

While there are 3.8 million concussions that happen in this country every year. Once a person has their first concussion. This increases the likelihood of having a second concussion by four times within the next two years.

What is more troubling is that all future concussions they have, will require less severe injuries in order to cause a larger amount of destruction in their brain. Not only will this increase their ability to future injuries. It will also impact a patient’s ability to function at work or at home.

One of the first things that people need to keep in mind, is that a concussion happens when a person’s brain hits the inside of their skull. It can happen to any parts of the brain. And it does not even require having a blow to the head in order to be considered a concussion.

Therefore, some people who have concussions may go undiagnosed. Because they do not think that the injury was indicative of a brain injury. When in fact it is.

Eye doctor Edmonton says another reason why it can go undiagnosed. Is because a person’s symptoms may not immediately point to a brain injury. Or they might not have symptoms for several days or weeks after their injury.


Even if a person has had some neuroimaging on their brain within a week after their concussion. Not only will the person’s symptoms might not be showing up yet. But also, the damage to their brain might not show up on the brain imaging.

The reason why symptoms and injuries show up delayed. Is because of the altered metabolic activity in a person’s brain. Therefore, they need to ensure that they are meeting with the doctor that is aware of this. So that they can get a proper diagnosis and treatment.

It is also very important for a patient to understand that there is an extremely good chance that regardless of the nature or severity of their concussion. That they are most likely going to have damaged some parts of their visual system.

The reason why, is because there are so many different connections in the brain that are related to vision. For example, there are thirty-two centres of the brain that affect vision. As well as three hundred neural connections in the brain that have to do with visual systems.

Therefore, even mild injuries, can damage any part of these connections in the brain. She will variety of degrees of severity. Requiring brain healing to those visual systems in order to completely heal.

Therefore, if a person has experienced a concussion of any sort. They should see an eye doctor Edmonton. In order to ensure that they can properly heal from their injury. And avoid damaging their brain in the future.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Most Concussions Affect Vision

People need to understand all of the doctors they should see if they have suffered from a concussion says eye doctor Edmonton. Because if the first doctor that they see does not realize what areas of the brain have been damaged. It can negatively impact the ability to completely heal from their concussion.

One of the largest problems that are associated with diagnosing a concussion. Is that the injury does not always show up right away on neuroimaging. And symptoms do not necessarily show up right away either.

When a person starts experiencing symptoms that are related to the concussion. They might not realize that they are in fact related. Especially when they involve a variety of symptoms that do not seem to have anything to do with their brain.

There is a extremely good chance that any concussion that a person suffers. Will have some aspect of damaging the visual system to it. So it is very important that doctors as well as patients are aware of what typical or potential symptoms might look like.

Some very common symptoms that people might experience after concussion. When they have had damage to their visual system. Would be dry I, eyestrain, headaches, and double vision or blurred vision.


Patients might find that they get cognitive fatigue right away. And that it is hard to read, watch TV, or use their digital devices. If they do try, they might need to increase the font, decrease the brightness on their electronic devices. Or take breaks very often. Such as after five minutes of reading.

However, there are other symptoms of a damaged visual system. That are less obvious says eye doctor Edmonton. And may even lead a doctor to diagnose a different problem with the patient. That can cause them to treat the wrong thing.

These unusual symptoms can be patients who have balance problems, find that their motion sick, end up having hypersensitivity to motion out of the corner of their eyes. Or and up having dizziness or nausea.

The sooner that a person who is had a concussion can get to an eye doctor who has training in narrow rehabilitation. The sooner they can get an evaluation to see if they have any damage to their visual system. The eye doctor will look at their eye tracking and I focus. As well as check their motion sensitivity and balance.

They will be able to recommend treatments that can reduce or eliminate symptoms immediately. Such as glasses with tints that affect the patient’s visual processing. Or lenses that contain your prisms that balance. While this does not heal the brain. This allows a patient to get back to somewhat form of normalcy. While they are undergoing their neuro-optometric rehabilitation therapy. To heal their brain.

By understanding that most concussions have a visual aspect to them. Can help patient to seek out help from the right eye doctor Edmonton soon enough. So that they can get the right treatment that they need to heal their brain.