Eye Doctor Edmonton | Minimizing Eye Problems From Computers

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Minimizing Eye Problems From Computers

Many people who use it computers on a regular basis according to eye doctor Edmonton. End up experiencing a wide variety of symptoms related that computer use. In fact, it does not even have to be a computer specifically. In order to be problematic.

People who use a wide variety of electronic devices can end up with problems and symptoms associated with that use. That need to be minimized or eliminated in order to ensure people are keeping their eye health so able to have comfort and the ability to see well.

And although many people are aware of how detailed and close of work can cause eyestrain. Computers can cause more than just eyestrain. The wide variety of symptoms that come from using computers are a lot more serious than just eyestrain. And are referred to collectively by eye doctor Edmonton as computer vision syndrome.

The symptoms that people can experience either as a whole, or in any variety. Include obviously eyestrain. That happens when the muscles of the eye are focused for an extremely long period of time. They get tired, and this is called eyestrain.

In addition to eyestrain, people might experience fatigue not just in their eyes but in the rest of their body. People can also get blurred or double vision in related to computer vision syndrome.

Many people assume that the blurred or double vision is after prolonged period of time on their close-up work. They will all of a sudden start seeing blurry or double. This is not the case.


People will experience double vision or blurred vision. When they walk away from their chronic device. And try to focus on some else, and they will find that they are quite unable to do so.

People with computer vision syndrome will also get headaches. This can be from the eyestrain, fatigue. Or when their brain tries to compensate for the blurred or double vision. It can cause them to get a headache very easily.

In severe cases, people can also and up getting spasms of their accommodative system. From doing sustained close-up work. This is one of the most telltale signs that people are experiencing computer vision syndrome.

Not only is dry I symptom related to computer vision syndrome. But eye doctor Edmonton says it is also a cause. That has more people in drier climates being diagnosed with computer vision syndrome. Then in more humid climates.

This is why most optometrists will recommend people use eye drops on a regular basis. In addition to taking regular breaks. While many people should minimize their time spent on electronic devices. This is not always possible.

This is why understanding how often breaks should be taken out is extremely important. The recommendation is that people take a break every twenty minutes of time on a computer. In order to focus for twenty seconds on something 20 feet away.

Often, the eye drops and the breaks are enough to keep people from experiencing symptoms of computer vision syndrome. Especially if they are successful in minimizing the time spent on electronic devices.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Minimizing Eye Problems From Computers

How damaging computer and electronic usage can be to people’s eyesight according to eye doctor Edmonton. Many people think that prolonged worker close-up can only cause eyestrain. While many other people may not even think that using a computer or on electronic device is close-up enough to cause eyestrain.

But not only is computer and electronic device use close enough to cause eyestrain. But the fact that electronic devices also emit something called a blue violet light creates a lot of problems as well that will not happen if people are straining their eyes from reading on paper, or by focusing on something that is not an electronic device.

Why blue violet light is so damaging. Is because it is the shortest wavelength. Which means it actually contains the most energy. So the more time that people spend using electronic devices, means the more time they have with high energy light being bounced back into their eyes.

Not only can this cause fatigue, but it can also cause headaches. And in actually effect a lot of other areas of a person’s body. For example, suppressing peoples melatonin levels. Which can impact their ability to get a good night sleep.

This is why people are recommended to not use their electronic devices prior to going to sleep. Because it can cause them to sleep poorly, or have troubles falling asleep in the first. When people get very poor sleep, and then wake up to spend their entire day on a computer at work. This can just exacerbate the problem.


However, it may be not practical to expect people to minimize or eliminate computer use from their life. And taking many breaks and using eyedrops may not be enough to minimize or eliminate symptoms. Which is where eye doctor Edmonton can start offering prescriptions to help people.

They can prescribe a type of lens that is designed for computer and electronic use. Whether people have prescription glasses, contact lenses or nothing. These lenses act like reading glasses, but are configured for electronic use. That help aid the eye in reading computer screens. To minimize eyestrain.

In addition to that, they can get a wide variety of lens coatings. That can help significantly with a variety of problems. One of the first lens coatings that they can use is an anti reflective coating. That is ideal for pewter and electronic use. To keep light from bouncing off of the glasses lenses. Causing more fatigue and eyestrain.

Another lens coating that can be used on the lenses would be blue violet light blocking coatings. This can minimize the amount of blue violet light that reaches a person’s eyes. To minimize fatigue, eyestrain and even sleep disturbances.

In order to get a proper diagnosis, people should contact eye doctor Edmonton for a regular routine appointment. Since there is no diagnostic test for computer vision syndrome. Talking about how much time they spend on computers and other digital devices can help the doctor look for’s physical symptoms.

So that they can check for things like dry eye, or accommodative spasms. That will help people get the diagnosis they need. To get the prescriptions that can significantly help them.