Eye Doctor Edmonton | Learning About Computer Vision Syndrome

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Learning About Computer Vision Syndrome

Even though the name might have people assume that this is only something that people can get if they use computers says eye doctor Edmonton. It actually refers to a wide collection of symptoms that people can get. From overexposure to a wide variety of digital devices.

Since using digital devices require people to focus their eyes close up. Eyestrain is one of the symptoms. However, there are more things going on with electronic devices. That make this problem a lot more serious than just straining people’s eyes.

Another thing that makes computer vision syndrome so widespread and damaging. Is the fact that more people are on electronic devices than ever before. And jobs that did not previously require computer use. Now have a large component with computers in them.

And then when people leave work, a lot of the activities that they enjoy involve using electronic devices. Such as playing video games, reading on the readers. And watching television.

In order to develop symptoms associated with computer vision syndrome. The average adult typically spends 10 to 12 hours a day on computers as well as electronic devices.

While the best treatment for computer vision syndrome is prevention. Eye doctor Edmonton also recognizes that this is not always practical or even possible. Especially since so many people use computers so frequently in their careers.

Therefore, learning how to minimize their time on electronic devices. As well as how often they should be taking breaks. It is going to be an important part of their treatment both in preventing computer vision syndrome. As well as helping manage their symptoms.


The recommendation for all people using computers and electronic devices. Is that for every twenty minutes that they are on these devices. They take twenty seconds to focus on something 20 feet away from them.

It is not simply enough to stop looking at the computer screen. But in order to force the eye to focus on something else. That is farther away. Can help train the eyes to change their focus quickly.

Because a lot of the problems associated with computer vision syndrome. Is that the eye is been focusing close up for so long. That it has a hard time relaxing when it no longer needs to look at things close-up.

However, in children, while they should be taking breaks every twenty minutes. Eye doctor Edmonton recommends that they get onto a completely different activity for a minimum of 20 to 30 minutes. In order to avoid developing symptoms associated with computer vision syndrome.

And while minimizing the amount of time spent on electronics and taking breaks is extremely important. People may develop symptoms anyway. So being aware of what the symptoms are, can help people find treatment as quickly as they can.

In addition to eyestrain, people often have fatigue, headaches and blurred vision, dry eyes. And in some severe cases, they can get eye spasms.

By understanding what computer vision syndrome is. As well as what causes it, and common symptoms. Can help our people with knowledge. So that they can do what they can to avoid being afflicted. And finding the help they need when they need it.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Learning About Computer Vision Syndrome

Even though it has been reported that 50 to 90% of computer users suffer from vision the syndromes, eye doctor Edmonton suspects that number is much higher.

This is because more people than ever before are getting diagnosed with computer vision syndrome. And they are getting diagnosed at a younger age. Because more people than ever before are using electronic devices.

In fact, Alberta optometry Association says out of all of the people who have been diagnosed with computer vision syndrome. 74% of patients experience symptoms on a daily basis. Meaning that this is a very widespread problem for a lot of people.

And while dry eye, and all of the symptoms that come with dry eyes is a common symptom of computer vision syndrome. It also can be a cause of this affliction. Causing many people who are in drier climates such as Alberta. To get diagnosed with this affliction.

This is why eye doctor Edmonton suggests that people who use computers or electronic devices on a regular basis. Should start using lubricating eyedrops. In order to minimize the instances of dry eye. So that they might avoid developing other symptoms as well.

And while some people assume that the problem with computer vision syndrome is the eyestrain. That is not true. Since electronic devices also emit blue violet light. That can add to the problem, causing fatigue and headaches. And can also be one of the reasons why people develop spasms of their accommodative systems.

The reason why blue violet light is not good. Is because it is the shortest wavelength, which means it has the most energy. So prolonged use of an electronic device means a lot of energy is coming back to the user, can cause fatigue and headaches.


If after a person has minimized their electronic device use. And are taking breaks frequently. If they are still experiencing symptoms they should make an appointment with eye doctor Edmonton.

There is no diagnostic test that an optometrist can use to diagnose computer vision syndrome. However it can be very easy to spot and diagnose. With some specific questions being asked about exposure to computers and other digital devices.

And once they know this information, if, trysts can look for physical symptoms during the routine eye exam. Such as dry eye, or accommodative spasms. So that they can get a diagnosis.

After getting the diagnosis, they will take each patient through the treatment options available. That can include a prescription for computer glasses that can help the eye focus without working so hard.

And also using lens coatings that can block blue light. To minimize that energy coming back, causing fatigue and headaches.

By understanding what computer vision syndrome is. And what the symptoms are. Can help ensure that people are empowered to get the help they need. When they start experiencing symptoms.