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Eye Doctor Edmonton | How Concussions Affect Patients

Eye Doctor Edmonton | How Concussions Affect Patients

Any time someone has an injury, that causes the brain to hit the inside of their skull that is considered a concussion according to eye doctor Edmonton. And some people may not even realize that they have had a concussion.

The reason why so many people are unaware that live had a concussion. Is because they do not need to have had a hit to the head. In order to cause the brain to hit the inside of their skull.

Any time a person either changes directions very quickly, or stops moving. The brain will continue to travel inside the patient’s skull, because it is floating in brain fluid.

And when the head stopped moving, the brain will continue travelling in the same direction. And when it hits the inside of a patient’s skull. That is considered a concussion.

Another reason why many people are unaware that they have had a concussion according to eye doctor Edmonton. Is because even if they have been hit in the head. They are not injured very badly.

Or they do not have any symptoms immediately after or a few days after the incident. However, common concussion symptoms can show up anywhere between immediately after the event.

Or, up to two weeks later. And when a person perceives their injury as very mild. They may not realize that some very common concussion symptoms that show up two weeks later.

Or actually related to the same injury. In fact, some concussion symptoms are so unique, that they show up in ways that people do not even realize are related to a head injury.


Which can create problems when people try to figure out why they have problems. They might have symptoms like dry eye, because the part of their brain that tells their eyes to blink is damaged.

Other symptoms include balance problems, dizziness and nausea, light sensitivity. As well as headaches, eyestrain and double or blurred vision. Some of these symptoms often masquerade as other problems.

Therefore, people may go to their doctor wondering why they are having migraines all of a sudden. Or why they are experiencing light sensitivity. Without realizing it is caused by a concussion.

These symptoms also can confuse doctors, because it is the damage to the visual system that is the problem. And eye doctor Edmonton is going to be required to diagnose that a patie had a concussion.

The reason why it is likely that a patient who has had a concussion will have damage to the visual system. Is because since there are three hundred connections in the brain relating to vision.

Plus thirty-two centres of the brain that use vision as a part of what they do. Such as helping people balance, or use hand eye coordination.

The areas of the brain that have to do with vision are throughout the entire organ. This means no matter where a person has sustained damage to their brain from a concussion. But there is the front or back, or either side.

Chances are very great that they will have damaged part of their visual system. Which is why they need to see an eye doctor to get the help they need.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | How Concussions Affect Patients

One of the first things that patients should do after they have had a concussion is go see their eye doctor Edmonton. However, they need to wait up to two weeks before they do that.

Because concussion symptoms can take up to two weeks to show. The reason why they need to see an eye doctor.

Is because chances are very good that they have damaged at least some part of their visual system. Because so many areas of the brain deal with vision in one way or another.

This is why the types of symptoms that patients who had a concussion. Can be relating to the visual system. Such as eyestrain, dry eye. As well as a blurred and double vision.

People might say that they have trouble tracking a ball, or have difficulty reading because they have a hard time following the line.

People can also claim to have balance problems, dizziness, nausea and light sensitivity. And all of these points to a damaged visual system as well.

However it is very lucky that eye doctor will be able to tell very quickly and very decisively. If a patient’s problems have been caused by a damaged visual system.

And if they suspect that yes, a patient has had damage to their visual system. They can book them in for a lengthier assessments. That will take anywhere between 1 to 3 hours.


In order to do a variety of tests. That can figure out exactly what parts of the visual system has been damaged. And to what extent. This will allow eye doctor Edmonton to come up with the right treatment.

Whether that is as simple as prescription glasses. Or if they need to undergo several weeks or even months of Nero optometric rehabilitation.

And while it may take weeks or months to treat a patient. The effect that has on their damaged visual system. Is complete, because it is functionally heals that part of a patient’s brain.

It can reconnect broken brain connections. And strengthen connections that have been weakened by the concussion. And patients do not have to worry about coming back for future sessions.

Because once they have this vision therapy, the results will be permanent. However, eye doctor Edmonton does warn people to take precautions against getting another concussion.

Because once a patient has had one concussion. All future concussions are going to cause even greater damage to a patient’s brain.

So if a person has undergone visual therapy And then has another concussion. There visual system might be damaged to a greater extent. And all of the hard work they did to repair their damaged visual system.

Will need to be redone all over again with new visual therapy. Therefore, patients do not need to worry if they have had one concussion. They can heal from the damage. But need to take steps to prevent this from happening in the future.