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Eye Doctor Edmonton | How Concussions Affect a Brain

Eye Doctor Edmonton | How Concussions Affect a Brain

Many people who have been hit in the head understand that they have damaged their brain says eye doctor Edmonton. However, concussions that involve getting hidden head only make up a small percentage of all concussions.

It is far more common for people to end up with a concussion. Without getting hit in the head. Because what causes a concussion, is their brain hitting the inside of their skull.

Which can have been very easily, if a person either stops moving suddenly. Or changes direction quickly. Which will cause their head to move in a different direction. Their brain, which is suspended in brain fluid.

Will continue travelling in the same direction that the head had been travelling in. Which will cause it to hit the inside of a person’s skull. And depending on how much force it hit, causes a concussion.

While concussions are very common in a situation like a car accident. Where people in the car end up getting whiplash. Even though they did not hit their head, they end up with a concussion.

But it can also happen if a person falls to the ground, although they do not hit their head. Or in sports, when they collide with another player, or get hit. Even if they did not get their head hit in the process.

Because I concussion can happen without being hit their head. Some patients may not realize they have had a concussion. And what makes it even more confusing, is that symptoms may not show up immediately.

While symptoms of a concussion can show up immediately following the incident. It can also take up to two weeks for symptoms to show up. If people are not even aware that they have had a concussion in the first place.


When they start experiencing a wide of variety of symptoms. They may not know what because those symptoms. Or may attribute the symptoms to something else altogether.

There are many symptoms that point to damage to a visual system. However, eye doctor Edmonton says people often attribute these symptoms to other causes.

And the results, is that people do not end up getting the treatment they need for months or even years.

Some common symptoms of a concussion that is damaged visual system. Include having difficult time focusing, blurred or double vision. As well as headaches and eyestrain.

People might report that they have dry eye, which might have been thinking that it is caused by living in a dry climate. Or caused by using computers or electronics a lot.

However, the actual cause of their dry eye following a concussion. Is that the part of their brain that regulates how often person blinks their eyes is damaged. And patient will not blink their eye is often.

And while these symptoms are typically very obviously connected to the visual system. There are other symptoms that are less obvious says eye doctor Edmonton.

Such as all of a sudden being motion sensitive, and getting dizziness, nausea and having trouble balancing. When triggered by motion. And having light sensitivity when they never use to before.

Getting to an optometrist is extremely important. To ensure that they can get a proper assessment. That can determine if they have had damaged visual system. And what they can do to fix that.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | How Concussions Affect a Brain

One mistake that many patients can make says eye doctor Edmonton. Is thinking that since their concussion was very mild. That they do not need to follow up with any specialists.

However, it does not need to be very serious concussion. In order to damage the connections in the brain. That are responsible for all kinds of functions, such as speech, and movement.

It is also very important for people to understand. That because there are over three hundred connections in the brain relating to vision. And thirty-two centres of the brain that use some aspect of vision.

That no matter how mild a concussion is. Or what part of a person’s brain was damaged during the concussion. Chances are very good that they have damaged some aspect of their visual system in the process.

This is why it should be standard procedure for any patient to visit their eye doctor Edmonton following a concussion. Because they will be able to run several diagnostic tests.

That can help determine if they have damaged their visual system. And if they have damaged their visual system, what the right treatment options for the patient will be.

However, since it is not yet standard for concussion patients be sent to eye doctor Edmonton for an assessment. It is very important for patients to continue seeing their optometrist for their regular, annual checkups.

The reason why, is so that if they have damage their visual system. It can be detected during a routine eye exam. And if the eye doctor Edmonton thinks that a patient needs a thorough assessment.


They can come back in four a longer assessment, with several different diagnostic tools. That not only can determine if they have damage their visual system.

Can help the optometrist come up with a treatment plan. Whether it says simple as prescription glasses. Or glasses that have a coating that can minimize symptoms.

Or if it is a lot more involved, such as a course of visual therapy rehabilitation. Also called physiotherapy for the eyes. And it may take several weeks or several months of this visual therapy.

However, once a patient is properly diagnosed. The treatment options that they have will help them permanently heal their brain. So that they can eliminate symptoms that they have permanently.

It is very important that patients do get the right assessment. Because despite what many people think. If they have damaged their visual system during a concussion. No amount of time is going to heal the body on its own.

Therefore, people can be living with symptoms such as blurred vision, dry eye and dizziness and nausea. For months or even years. And have no reprieve from the symptoms. Which is why they need to get the treatment that can help heal the problem.