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Eye Doctor Edmonton | Healing From a Concussion

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Healing From Concussion

It can be very complicated for a patient to get the right treatment after suffering a concussion according to eye doctor Edmonton. This is because there are so many different parts of the brain. And many of these parts can get damaged during a concussion.

However, it is not consistent from patient to patient. About what parts of the brain get injured. And to what degree of severity. Which means it is often up to a patient, reporting to their doctor about what symptoms they have. To get an appropriate diagnosis.

In fact, this is further complicated by the fact that patients are not necessarily symptomatic immediately following the concussion. Due to the altered metabolic activity of their brain. And symptoms can show up anywhere between several minutes after the event. Two 7 to 10 days after.

Also, patients who have had a concussion often get a brain scan done. And the concussions do not always show up here. And patients can have a perfect brain scan done, that shows no damage. But still have a concussion.

Therefore, it can be difficult for doctors to know exactly how to treat a concussion patient. And this can result in patients who have symptoms that linger for significant amount of time. Because they are not getting the right treatment.

This is especially true in patients who have damaged their visual system during their concussion. Because these symptoms that they experience may not be obvious to the patient. Or even the doctor that they are related to the visual system.


Patients might have symptoms such as a hypersensitivity to motion, or be experiencing dizziness, nausea, or balance problem. This is often associated with an inner ear malfunction. But this is often related to the visual system in concussion patients.

There are many things that a patient can be experiencing that can help them understand that it is a problem with their visual system. Such as, they are having problems concentrating, or feel that they need to take breaks after reading for only five or ten minutes.

They may feel that it is important to enlarge the font, so that they can read print easier. And they could also have a variety of other symptoms that are very visual. That can point to a larger problem. Such as having eyestrain, headaches, double or blurred vision and dry eyes.

If a patient is experiencing some or all of these symptoms. They should contact an eye doctor Edmonton. And that has narrow rehabilitation training. So that they can get an appropriate assessment done.

This eye doctor Edmonton will do a different assessment than a typical eye doctor will. That checks on the patient’s visual efficiencies, such as eye tracking, I focus, their motion sensitivity and their balance.

Because so many parts of a person’s vision affects so many parts of the rest of their brain. It can go undetected for a long time. Because it presents as a different problem.

Getting appropriately diagnosed is extremely important. And can help concussion patients resolve their issues much more quickly, and completely.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Healing After a Concussion

It is often difficult for patient has had a concussion to get the appropriate treatment says eye doctor Edmonton. Simply because they may not realize they have had a concussion. Or they do not realize it is as severe as it actually is.

Many people believe that a concussion must involve a hit to the head in order for it to be in actual concussion. This is not true.  Concussions are caused when the brain moves around inside the skull. And it gets damaged from this action.

Also, many people believe that in order for an injury to be classified as a concussion. The person must lose consciousness. This is also not true. And only 10% of all concussions that happen involve a loss of consciousness.

Therefore, many people who have concussions go un-diagnosed. Because they simply do not recognize that they have had a brain injury.

However, many symptoms can actually not only point to a concussion. But can point to what parts of a patient’s brain has been damaged. This is an important way for patients to it appropriately diagnosed. But they must realize that there symptoms are related to a concussion.


If people find that they are having a hard time concentrating after an injury, such as needing to enlarge their fonts to read it, or needing to take more breaks in between reading. Or that they get exhausted when they spend time on their digital devices. This can point to visual damage from a concussion.

They can also experience things like dry eye, eyestrain or headaches. Double vision or blurred vision. And they might even have balance issues, or get motion sick, and even have dizziness or nausea.

If a patient notices that they are experiencing these types of symptoms for one to three months. They should seek out an evaluation from an eye doctor Edmonton. By finding and I doctor that has training in narrow rehabilitation can help patient get the appropriate diagnosis.

This doctor will be able to check their eye tracking and focus, their motion sensitivity and balance in order to determine the severity of their brain damage, and put together a complete vision therapy program to help them heal.

The eye doctor Edmonton will also be able to give them treatments that can help minimize or reduce their symptoms immediately. So that they can get an improved quality of life, immediately while they are healing their brain.

If a patient is also going through other therapies such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy or seeing a psychologist. Getting a vision therapy program in conjunction with that. Can help all of their therapies be more effective.

In fact, there I doctor Edmonton will work collaboratively with their other rehabilitation doctors. In order to ensure that all doctors are on the same page. And to can work together to make sure all of their treatments are more successful.

By taking this approach to healing the brain from a concussion injury. Can help patients heal faster. And he will or completely. So that they can minimize their risk for the future.