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Eye Doctor Edmonton | Effects of a Concussion

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Effects of a Concussion

If a person has suffered from a concussion, they should get themselves to an eye doctor Edmonton within a month of their injury. In order to determine if they have damaged their visual system.

Chances are quite high that they have damaged some aspect of their visual system during a concussion. Because there are over three hundred connections in the brain relating to vision.

And thirty-two centres of the brain that use vision. Therefore, no matter what part of the brain was damaged. Chances are quite high that some aspect of vision was affected during the incident.

It is also very important for patients to note that they should not visit their eye doctor Edmonton immediately following a concussion. Because concussion symptoms can take up to two weeks to show up.

Which means if they go see their optometrist to quickly after the incident. They may not have a conclusive test. Or it may show that they do not have any damage to their visual system.

Which is why it is important to waits a long enough time. In order to get the proper assessment done. Patients should also ensure that they are waiting longer than two weeks.

Because some of the symptoms that they are experiencing may simply be temporary. Such as headaches, or blurred vision. And those will go away with time.

If patients wait at least a month. The symptoms that they have will have fully formed. And if they are going to stick around, they will persist. While less serious symptoms will go away.


It is also important to note that when a patient has damaged their visual system. Symptoms may not be obvious that it is their visual system that is damaged.

Or, they might attribute the problems to other causes. When it is in fact caused by a damaged brain, caused by a concussion. This is why it is important to go see their eye doctor. And get a proper assessment done.

Very common symptoms of a damaged visual system is headaches, eyestrain, and dry eye. And the reason they might have dry eye as a concussion symptom.

Is because the part of their brain that regulates their eyes blinking is damaged. And so they will not blink as often as they should.

Other symptoms can include blurred or double vision some of the time. Or having a difficult time keeping focus. Or tracking movement says eye doctor Edmonton.

Some other symptoms that may be less obvious that they are related to the visual system. Include balance problems, dizziness and nausea that is triggered by motion. And light sensitivity.

When they have been assessed properly, and determined that they have a damaged visual system. There are many things that can help patients who are suffering from problems.

From prescription glasses, or glasses with coatings that can help minimize symptoms. To vision therapy, that can help heal the damaged connections in the brain.

There eye doctor will be able to prescribe the right treatment, that can help people eliminate symptoms. And live a completely normal life following their concussion.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Effects of a Concussion

Whether persons concussion was very serious, or mild eye doctor Edmonton says they should get a proper assessment. By seeing an optometrist after their injury.

However, this is not a very common thing that people do. Even if they see a doctor following their injury. Which can result in more problems, as they tried to heal from their injuries.

For example, it is very common for people who have been in an injury where they sustained a concussion. To require physiotherapy to heal their injuries.

However, if they find that they are not healing well. Or that their physiotherapist things that they should be progressing farther in their treatment than they are.

This could be because they have damaged to their visual system. And the parts of their body that their physiotherapist is trying to heal. Cannot heal, because of the damage to their visual system.

The reason why this would be, is because so many different body functions depend on the visual system to do their job efficiently. Such as balance, walking, and hand eye coordination.

And if a patient has also damaged their visual system. They may not be able to progress in their physiotherapy treatments. To heal those parts of their body.

This is why patients should see their eye doctor. Who will be more than happy to work in conjunction with other doctors and physiotherapists.


In order to come up with a complete treatment plan. That can heal a person’s body as well as visual system. So that they can go full recovery.

Once they their eye doctor Edmonton to the treatment plan with their physiotherapist. They may discover that healing is a lot easier. And they are able to progress a lot quicker in their recovery.

Whether there eye doctor Edmonton gives them glasses that can help minimize symptoms. Or if they need to undergo weeks or months of vision therapy.

This will help patients minimize their symptoms. And he will the connections in their brain so that they no longer have the visual symptoms that they are experiencing.

And when they have the connections healed in the brain, relating to their visual system. It is very important to note that the healing that they do is completely permanent.

However, patients also need to be warned that if they have had one concussion in their life. All future concussions are going to cause even more damage to their brain.

Which is why they need to take extremely good care. To avoid having concussions in the future. If they have damaged their visual system in one concussion. They can do even greater damage with the next concussion.

Which may require more visual therapy, and going for longer periods of time. Therefore, even if patients can completely heal the damage from this injury. They need to take care not to repeat the injury in the future.