Eye Doctor Edmonton | Effective Eye Strain Treatment

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Effective Eye Strain Treatment

Many people might assume that they have eyestrain according to eye doctor Edmonton. When in fact, eyestrain is simply a symptom of a larger syndrome.

According to studies, 50 to 90% of people who use computers suffer from a syndrome called computer vision syndrome. This vision syndrome is associated with overuse of computers as well as other technology including cell phones, tablets, e-readers and televisions as well.

This happens when people use these devices close up. It is defined as 10 feet away or closer. Edmonton people have to strain their eyes focus for an extended period of time. Especially if people use these devices for longer than twenty minutes without a break. And do this on extended basis. They can end up developing a wide variety of troubling symptoms.

These symptoms can include things such as eyestrain, as well as fatigue in the eyes and headaches. But can also include things like blurred or double vision. That usually happens after person has left their electronic device after prolonged use. And then find that they cannot focus on other tasks.

Other symptoms of computer vision syndrome include dry eye, which can present as red, burning or itching eyes. That can also tear up easily. And in some people, that even develop spasms of their accommodative system.

People who use computers at their place of work often are the most common people to develop computer vision syndrome. But the number of people who are getting this diagnosis is on the rise. Especially as people spend more time away from work on electronic devices. Such as their cell phones, tablets. Or perhaps they are playing a lot of computer games as well.

Not only are people getting diagnosed or regularly. The number of children that are developing computer vision syndrome is also on the rise. And children are getting diagnosed younger than ever before.


While adults will typically spend 10 to 12 hours on electronic devices before they start developing symptoms. Eye doctor Edmonton says children can develop symptoms much sooner. In as little as two or three hours every single day.

And although the recommendation is for parents to keep their children from using electronic devices at all. Not only is this impractical. But it can be impossible. As many schools require daily use of computers in their curriculum.

Therefore, something that can help both children and adults who are experiencing symptoms of computer vision syndrome. Eye doctor Edmonton suggests taking frequent breaks.

For both adults and children, the rule should be take a break after twenty minutes of computer time. In in adults, they only need to take a twenty second break. To focus on something 20 feet away from themselves. So that they can give their eyes a break from focusing so intensely.

But in children, the break that they take needs to be for at least 20 to 30 minutes. And ideally doing something that does not involve focused work.

By helping people minimize their symptoms by minimizing electronic device usage. And taking frequent breaks. We can help people live with minimized or eliminated symptoms.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Effective Eye Strain Treatment

The more people are using electronic devices both at home and at work says eye doctor Edmonton. The more people are developing symptoms related to computer vision syndrome.

And while the effects of focusing intensely on something for a long time has always been known to cause eyestrain. The reason why electronic devices are worse. Is because they also emit blue violet light. That can also impact a person’s vision. And increase their symptoms of this syndrome.

Not only can blue violet light be damaging to a person’s vision. But it can also interrupt their sleep cycles. Which is why many people who use their computers or cell phones just before bed. Often report feeling and rested or fatigued even after a full night’s sleep.

While studies have indicated that between fifty and 90% of computer users suffer from vision syndromes. According to the newest studies by Alberta optometry Association. Those numbers are most likely to be extremely low. With 74% of all patients who have been diagnosed. Experience symptoms on a daily basis.

While one of the most obvious solutions is to minimize or eliminate computer or electronic device use. Eye doctor Edmonton acknowledges that this is not always possible. Which means treating the symptoms is very important.

Treatment can take many forms. From something as simple as taking eye drops to lubricate the eye. Can minimize symptoms, or eliminate some of the symptoms that they experience from computer vision syndrome.


Also, eye doctor Edmonton can prescribe different lenses either contact lenses or glasses lenses. That can help the eye focus. So that it is straining less. But also add lens coatings that can minimize problems as well. Such as anti reflective lenses, that can avoid having players on the lenses which add to eyestrain.

But also, optometrists can put a lens coating on the glasses that can block blue violet light. So that people will not have to experience the effects of this damaging light. Even people who do not typically wear glasses can get reading glasses or computer glasses made with this protective coating. So that they also can be protected from blue violet light.

These treatments are effective for adults as well as children. And can be used for people whether they need corrective lenses or not. Therefore, if people are experiencing symptoms that they think could be related to computer vision syndrome. Or are not sure. They should contact their optometrist for an appointment.

Although there is no diagnostic test that can be conducted for computer vision syndrome. It is often easy to spot and diagnose. By asking questions about exposure to computers and other digital devices. As well as looking for physical symptoms such as dry eye or accommodative spasms.

When consulting with a doctor, people can get the appropriate diagnosis. That will lead to the right treatment that can ensure people minimize their symptoms as much as possible. So that they can get back to all of the activities they love doing.