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Eye Doctor Edmonton | Doctors Concussion Patients Should See

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Doctors Concussion Patients Should See

People who have suffered from a concussion can have a difficult time finding the correct treatment for their particular problems says eye doctor Edmonton. Because there are many different parts of the brain that have the potential to be injured.

Because of this, he can have a wide variety of symptoms. And present in many different ways. That can be very difficult to diagnose as well as treat.

However, patients should understand that there are an extremely large amount of connections in the brain related to vision. In fact, I doctor Edmonton says there are three hundred neural connections in the brain dealing with the visual system. And thirty-two different centres in the brain that impacts vision to send degree.

Therefore, most concussions that happen regardless of their severity. End up affecting at least to some degree the visual system of the brain. When patients can understand this, they will realize why it is important to see an eye doctor Edmonton. In order to get a proper assessment.

One of the problems is, that many patients may not realize that they have had a concussion. Due to a number of myths that people believe when it comes to this type of head injury.

People often think that they need to lose consciousness in order for it to be considered a concussion. And while when people lose consciousness after having a concussion. That increases the severity of their injury typically.


Losing consciousness only accounts for 10% of all concussions. Making it not a necessary factor in order to be diagnosed with a concussion.

Many people also believe that they need to have been hit in the head in order for their injury to be considered a concussion. This is also not true. Because what makes an injury concussion. Is the fact that the brain has hit the inside of their skull.

Whether this is happened due to a direct blow to the head. Or anything that could have caused a person’s head travelling at one speed and one direction. To suddenly stop, or switch directions.

This can happen due to a number of injuries, including if the hockey player gets hit the boards during a game. Or if a soccer player heads the ball. Even someone falling to the ground can be enough of a velocity, and sudden stop that it causes the brain to hit the inside of their skull.

When patients realize that the injury that they could have sustained that they did not think was serious. Or that they did not think was a concussion could actually be one. They might be more mindful of the symptoms that develop between days or a week after their injury. So that they can get the appropriate treatment.

Because of how many connections there are a their brain that deal with visual components. Makes it important for patients to see an eye doctor Edmonton. In order to get an assessment. And the right treatment to heal themselves.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Doctors Concussion Patients Should Visit

it does not matter the severity of a concussion says eye doctor Edmonton. Even a mild concussion can cause brain damage that requires healing. And there is a great chance that even a mild concussion can cause damage to the visual system of a person’s brain.

It can be difficult for patients to understand if they have had any damage to the visual system. Because the symptoms that they have might not be very specific. Or it could relate to other parts of their body, making them think that the issue is something different than it is.

But because so many different body functions require visual component. These symptoms can seem like they are pointing to one problem when they are actually related to their concussion.

Symptoms that patients should be mindful of within the next days and week after their concussion. Includes being sensitive to motion out of the corner of their eyes. An increase in motion sickness, balance issues, dizziness or nausea.

This is in addition to some more obvious symptoms such as dry eyes, eyestrain, headaches as well as double vision. I doctor Edmonton says if a patient is experiencing some or all of these symptoms. They should find a doctor who has training in neuro- rehabilitation in order to get an appropriate assessment done.


The eye doctor Edmonton will be able to do an assessment different than a typical eye examination. In order to check such visual cuties such as I tracking and I focus, motion sensitivity and balance.

Depending on how much damage the visual system has. The eye doctor Edmonton will be able to come up with a neuro-optometric rehabilitation program that will help a patient heal. It will utilize a variety of visual activities designed to improve the efficiency of the visual system. To eliminate the issues that they are having.

However, the optometrist will also be able to treat some symptoms right away. To help the patient get back to their typical activities. While they are healing from the injury.

Prescription glasses with a specific intent in them, or with yoke prisms. Can reduce or eliminate symptoms in the interim. So that a patient can live their life more normally. While they are going through the therapy program to heal from the brain injury.

Even if a patient has needed to work with other rehabilitation doctors in order to heal the rest of their injuries from the confession. There eye doctor Edmonton will be able to work collaboratively with these doctors. In order to come up with a unified approach to help ensure maximum success of all therapies.

The sooner that a patient can get diagnosed with damaged their visual system. The sooner they can start their treatment. And heal their brain from this traumatic event. The sooner they are able to heal their brain.

The sooner they are going to be able to lower their risk of severe injury due to additional issues that cause the concussion in the first place.