Eye Doctor Edmonton Dry Eye Syndrome

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Common Questions About Dry Eye Symptoms

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Common Questions About Dry Eye Symptoms

There are many questions about dry eye syndrome says eye doctor Edmonton. Because not a lot of people understand dry eye syndrome. Especially because the symptoms are not as obvious as people might think they would be.

the first question that people often have is what is dry eye syndrome? There are two reasons why eyes develop dry eye syndrome. One reason is because people’s eyes stop becoming able to produce tears.

This can be due to a number of factors including eyes developing blocked ducts, atrophy or hypertrophy of the volunteer producing glands. Medical conditions or medications can all contribute to people not being able to produce tears to keep their eyes lubricated.

The second reason why people would develop dry eye syndrome. Is that their body stops being able to produce a good quality of tears. There could be several things that cause people to not be able to produce the oil that keeps their eyes lubricated.

The next question that people often have for eye doctor Edmonton when they are learning about dry eye syndrome. Is what are the symptoms of dry eye syndrome?

This is an extremely important question to ask. Because the symptoms are less obvious. Many people may think that the problems that they are experiencing a caused by something else.

Therefore, understanding what the symptoms of dry eye syndrome are. Can ensure that people are seeking help from there eye doctor Edmonton as early as they should be. In order to minimize symptoms and live without discomfort.


The symptoms that point to dry eye syndrome include the most common and obvious symptoms including red, burning and itchy eyes. And eyes that feel like they have a foreign body in them. Including eyes that feel like they have sandpaper on the inside of their eyelids.

However some less common symptoms include third or double vision. As well as excessive cheeriness in the eyes. In fact, many people are very surprised that they go see their optometrist because of watery eyes.

And the treatment that their optometrist suggests of them includes lubricating eyedrops. However the reason why people in the with excessive cheeriness. Is because that is the body’s response to dry eyes.

Unfortunately, the excessive cheeriness that their body is causing. Does not have the oil in it. That will end up actually lubricating a person’s eyes.

The next question that people often have for their doctor about dry eye syndrome is what can a person do to minimize dry eye syndrome. Similar most important things that people can do impacts environment. Such as using a humidifier when they live in a dry climate.

Minimizing the amount of time they spend on computers, or taking ample breaks. As well as drinking lots of water. They also should ensure that they are washing their face to remove makeup at the end of the day. And limiting exposure to smoke.

With how important it is to manage and minimize dry eyes. The more things that people can do to help themselves. The better it is going to be.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Common Questions About Dry Eye Symptoms

90% of adults in Alberta and dry eye symptoms says eye doctor Edmonton. Although, fewer people realize that they have dry eye syndrome. That ends up suffering with symptoms unnecessarily.

There are many questions that people have when it comes down to dry eye syndrome. They want to know the answer to, in order to help them understand this chronic condition.

One of the first questions that people ask their eye doctor when it comes to dry eye syndrome. the first question people ask is are there any diagnostic tests available to diagnose dry eye syndrome?

There is a lot of tests that are available in order to diagnose dry eye syndrome. First, eye doctor will take a history, looking at family instances of eye issues. As well as testing the modality of the tears that people have to see if they are normal.

In addition to that, optometrists will be able to measure to your production and tear evaporation rate in patients. They can also use stains and dies can be used to look at tears underneath the microscope. To see if there is anything microscopic going on.

Patients can also have the cells of their cornea looked at, and have tear producing glands checked. In fact, in severe cases, doctors will see the producing glands have atrophied. Or have hypertrophy to, which means have swollen. Causing tear ducts to be blocked.

All of these diagnostic tests can be used. Alongside the eye doctor Edmonton looking directly at the eye, and asking about direct symptoms. In order to make a diagnosis.

The next question that many people have for eye doctor is what are some ways that they can prevent developing dry eye syndrome.


A lot of people and up not having dry eye syndrome. But being aware of it. In wanting to do whatever they can to minimize getting it. Or pushing off when they may get dry eye syndrome.

The things that people can end up doing in order to prevent developing dry eye syndrome. Include avoiding environmental factors that cause dry eye. Such as it using a humidifier if they are in an extremely dry climate such as Alberta.

It is also recommended that people always remove makeup completely at the end of the day. So that they do not end up causing damage to their ducts or glands. That can impact their ability to make tears.

They also should avoid getting eyelash extensions. Because this can cause a lot of damage to the ducts and glands. That cause people to have excessive watery eyes.

Eye doctor Edmonton also recommends that people avoid getting eyeliner tattoos. Because eyeliner tattoos can also cause damage to the glands that produce tears.

And if people are smokers, they should stop. Or at least smoke outside. Where they will not develop smoky rooms, that can cause their eyes to dry out very easily.

People should also eat foods that are high in omega-3 and drink lots of water. All of these things can contribute to eye health. And help push off the eventuality of getting dry eye syndrome. Making them have healthier eyes longer.