Eye Doctor Edmonton | Can Digital Devices Be Bad For Your Eyes

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Can Digital Devices Be Bad For Your Eyes

Many children have often heard as they grow up that if they watched much television they might go blind says eye doctor Edmonton. And while sitting very close to the television can create a lot of problems. No one is at risk for going blind from overuse of any of their digital devices.

However, people who do end up using a digital devices a lot. Whether it is because they need to be on their computer for work or school. Or if they have hobbies that require them looking at digital devices. They might end up with an affliction called computer vision syndrome.

This syndrome is brought on by significant use of digital devices. Including cell phones, tablets, computer monitors, television screens and even electronic readers. All of these devices require people to focus close up, for extended periods of time.

And while many people are aware of the eyestrain that can happen when people focus on close-up work too long. There is additional risks for using digital devices because of the blue violet light they emit.

Blue violet light is the shortest wavelength. Which means it contains the most energy. Each means it can quickly fatigue the eyes when looking at it for a long period of time.

Therefore, eye doctor Edmonton says while nobody is going to go blind from looking at these digital devices close up, or for an extended period of time. They can and up developing a wide variety of symptoms that can range from annoying to painful.


The most common symptoms that people get when they have computer vision syndrome. Include eyestrain, fatigue, and headaches. As well as pain in people’s next and shoulders. And people can often develop blurry or double vision as well.

While many people might assume that the blurred or double vision happens when their eyes get too tired of focusing close up. This is not actually the case. What happens if people are focusing their eyes very intensely. And not take enough breaks.

Is that their eyes will start to forget how to relax. And when they go to focus on something farther away. They will have a hard time focusing on things that are in the distance.

Which is why eye doctor Edmonton recommends everybody who uses computers or any digital devices for any length of time. To set a reminder every twenty minutes to look away at something in the distance.

This will help people ensure that their eyes are regularly relaxing. So that when they get done their activity. Or when they reached the end of their workday. Their eyes do not need an adjustment period. In order to relax, and be able to focus on things far away.

Other symptoms include dry eyes, and spasms of their accommodative system. That can be extremely irritating and frustrating. Therefore if people think that they might have computer vision syndrome. Or are worried about developing it. They should start taking regular computer breaks.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Can Digital Devices Be Bad For Your Eyes

With the number of people who need to be on computers every single day for work or school says eye doctor Edmonton. Many people are worried if this is going to be bad for their eyesight. That might cause them to go blind, or eventually require glasses.

While the good news is using electronic devices on a regular basis is not going to destroy a person’s eyesight. Or cause them to go blind at all. It can cause something known as a computer vision syndrome. Which can involve a wide variety of symptoms.

That range from mildly annoying, to painful and intrusive. That can rob people’s abilities of enjoying their life. Which is why it is very important that if people are spending a lot of time on digital devices. Whether it is for school, for work or for their hobbies. He should know how to minimize or treat their symptoms.

One of the first things that eye doctor Edmonton recommends is getting a model of lubricating eye drops. Since computer vision syndrome can be caused by a dry climate such as people who live in Alberta. One of the symptoms is also dry eyes.

Therefore in order to keep people from developing this syndrome. Or to help manage the symptoms people should use eye drops. By using them every day, or as directed on the bottle. Can provide significant relief to people who are experiencing discomfort.

Another preventative measure is regular breaks. By looking at something 20 feet away for twenty seconds every twenty minutes. Can help people ensure that their eyes can be responsive. And that they do not strain their eyes for looking at close up things so often.


One of the things that causes computer vision syndrome specifically. Is the blue violet light that electronic devices emit. This wavelength of light contains the most energy. It is can cause a lot of life fatigue. Which is why getting glasses that have a blue light blocking coding can be extremely beneficial.

Also, anti reflective coating can help minimize the light layers that can further cause eyestrain and life fatigue. If people do not have corrective lenses.

Eye doctor Edmonton can prescribe them computer glasses. With these coatings. Computer glasses are very similar to reading glasses in how they help. By aiding the eye’s focus. So that the eye does not have to work so hard to look at things close-up.

Even people who wear contact lenses can get lenses that have the built in field of vision. To help them see things close-up much easier.

If people are concerned that they might have computer vision syndrome. They can make an appointment with eye doctor Edmonton. And although there is no specific diagnostic test. The optometrists can take a history, and hear about how often people are on computers or electronic devices.

Then, the eye doctors can look for physical symptoms such as dry eyes or accommodative spasms. While testing their ability to switch focus between near and far items. These tests can help determine if a person is suffering from computer vision syndrome. What the best courses of action and treatment should be.