Eye Doctor Edmonton | Can Computer Vision Syndrome Be Treated

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Can Computer Vision Syndrome Be Treated

A lot of people who are suffering from symptoms associated with computer vision syndrome may not even realize that they have a problem larger than the symptoms according to eye doctor Edmonton. This is because the symptoms are not always obvious that they are a problem with the eyes.

People who are suffering from computer vision syndrome might have problems such as eyestrain and dry eyes. That can result in red and burning or itching eyes. Having their eyes tear up excessively. But also other symptoms can include fatigue and headaches, eye spasms or blurred or double vision as well.

Computer vision syndrome happens when people spend a long amount of time each day on a computer or electronic device. Their eyes must focus intensely, and for a long period of time. Which causes a person’s eyes to get extremely fatigued.

Often a person’s complaint would be after spending eight ten hours at work, that when they get in their car to drive home, that they are having trouble seeing the road because of their blurry vision.

This is often the case because if a person has been focusing their eyes for a long enough period of time. Especially if they have not taken enough breaks. It can take a long time for their eye to relax and stop focusing so hard.

This is why people who suffer from computer vision syndrome. And in fact all computer users need to take breaks often according to eye doctor Edmonton. The brakes that are recommended by most optometrists are for people to take a break every twenty minutes. And stare at something 20 feet away for twenty seconds.


This can help cause the eye to unfocused for long enough that it gets a break. So that it is not so tired by the end of an 8 to 10 hour day.

However, people often get home and spend even more time on electronic or digital devices. Such as etching television, paying video games, or even reading books on an electronic book.

And while minimizing electronic and computer use is one of the best ways to treat computer vision syndrome. Many people can minimize their electronic use. But not eliminate it completely.

Even children can become susceptible to computer vision syndrome. And more children than ever before are being diagnosed with this syndrome.

While adults need to spend 10 to 12 hours a day on electronic devices to develop computer vision syndrome. Children can become affected after only two or three hours of electronic device use in a day.

Experts recommend that children take a break after twenty or thirty minutes of electronic use. And instead of taking a break for twenty seconds. They need to take a break for about half an hour. Ideally, on an activity that does not require them to focus on close-up work.

By understanding what computer vision syndrome is. And also what symptoms are associated with it. Can help ensure that if people are suffering from these problems. That instead of writing it off to being tired, or getting older. That they go see their eye doctor Edmonton for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Can Computer Vision Syndrome Be Treated

Not only are there a lot of different symptoms associated with computer vision syndrome says eye doctor Edmonton. But the wide variety of people that are often affected. Because it is not just affecting computer users. But anyone who uses electronic devices for prolonged period of time.

This includes people who spend a lot of time on tablets or cell phones. For even people who spend a lot of time watching television, or playing video games can also be affected.

While people who use electronic devices outside of work can easily minimize or eliminate their electronic device usage. Those who are on computers as part of their work. Often need solutions outside of eliminating electronic device use.

Since dry I can often exacerbate symptoms, one of the first things recommended is lubricating eyedrops. While this is not going to eliminate all the rest of the symptoms. They can make the symptoms that they do experience a lot less severe.

In addition to that, eye doctor Edmonton can prescribe a wide variety of different kinds of lenses for eyeglasses and contact lens wearers. That can help aid that I in focusing. So that it does not have to work so hard to see close up.

They can also be prescribed computer glasses that are designed for use with electronic devices. That are similar to reading glasses, but have a wider zone designed for computers.

They can also coat the lenses in a variety of solutions that can block blue violet light, which can help minimize the strain on a person’s eyes. And anti-reflective coating that can minimize the flashes of light on a person’s lenses. That can also contribute to eye fatigue.


With children however, it is recommended that parents do minimize or eliminate all unnecessary electronic device use. Especially because if children get diagnosed with computer vision syndrome earlier in their life.

That can actually develop into severe nearsightedness. That can negatively impact their vision as children. But become worse as they grow into adults.

If people are worried that they or their children are suffering from computer vision syndrome. They can make an appointment with eye doctor Edmonton. And although there is no specific diagnostic test for this syndrome. The optometrists will be able to diagnose it fairly easy because of the symptoms.

People who are worried about this syndrome will need to let their optometrist no how often they use computers or electronic devices. Not just at work but at home as well. How many hours they spend every day doing near work.

So that during the rest of the routine exam, the eye doctor can look for physical symptoms in the patient such as dry I or accommodative spasms. That can clearly indicate that a person is suffering from computer vision syndrome.

Getting the right diagnosis is the first step to getting treatment that is going to significantly help people not only see better. But be more comfortable with at work and at home as well.