Eye Doctor Edmonton Dry Eye Syndrome

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Blurred Vision a Symptom of Dry Eyes

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Blurred Vision a Symptom of Dry Eyes

Often, people make an appointment with their eye doctor Edmonton in order to address there blurred vision.

They may be thinking that their prescription lenses needs to be changed. Because they can no longer see clearly.

Or, they think that they need to start wearing glasses because their eyes are suddenly blurry when they never were before. They also might experience double vision, or even fluctuating vision.

When they get an eye exam from eye doctor Edmonton. They might be very surprised to realize that they do not need a change in prescription. And they do not need to start wearing glasses.

But instead, they are experiencing a symptom of dry eye syndrome. People with fluctuating vision, might experience clear vision part of the day. And experience blurred, or double vision other parts of their day.

This might be clear vision in the morning. And blurred or double vision towards the end of their day or as they get tired. That might have them assuming that their problem is lack of sleep.

Or they might find that they are experiencing clear vision, that once they use a computer for more than a couple of hours. When they leave the computer, they can no longer focus. And find it difficult to drive home at the end of their workday.

The reason why fluctuating, blurred and double vision are symptoms of dry eye syndrome. Is because the important factor that tears have in clear vision.

When light passes through the surface of the eye. The most direct path leads to the clearest vision says eye doctor Edmonton.

And since the actual surface of the eye is rough. The tears provide a smooth surface for light to pass through easily.


However, when people are experiencing dry eye syndrome, there is not enough tears on the surface of their eye. And when light hits their eyes, the surface of the eye is rough. Which causes the light to bounce around in many different directions before reaching the cornea.

This causes a blurred, or double vision in people who are experiencing dry eye syndrome. The reason why they might have fluctuating vision.

Is because they might have more lubrication in the morning then at night. Or as they use the computer. They do not blink enough, causing their eyes to dry out.

Therefore, anyone who is experiencing the symptom of dry eye syndrome of fluctuating, double or blurred vision. Should contact their optometrist right away for an eye exam.

There eye doctor Edmonton will be able to run a several different diagnostic tests available. Not only to diagnose dry eye syndrome.

But to figure out the exact cause of a person’s dry eye syndrome. So that they can prescribe the right treatment to fix the reasons why people are experiencing this chronic condition.

From testing the tears themselves, to measuring tear production and tear evaporation rate. As well as being able to look directly at the cornea and the glands and ducts physically.

Can help an optometrist figure out the cause of dry eye syndrome. So that they can effectively treat patients who are experiencing discomfort.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Blurred Vision a Symptom of Dry Eyes

There are many different symptoms associated with dry eye syndrome according to eye doctor Edmonton. And a lot of the symptoms are not obviously related to dry eyes.

When symptom is excessively teary eyes. Because if a person is not producing a good enough quality of tears. It will experience symptoms of dry eyes.

Which their body will then try to fix by flooding the area with tears. However they are still a poor quality tear. Which does not address the symptoms associated with dry eyes.

Another surprising symptom that many people may not associate with dry eyes. Is blurred vision. They typically make an appointment with their eye doctor Edmonton. Complaining of not being able to see well.

And are very surprised when there eye doctor Edmonton gives them prescription eyedrops in order to address dry eyes. However, this is more common than many people think.

Because eyes need lubrication in order to see clearly. If people are suffering from this chronic condition. They will very likely have blurred vision for some of the day.

Before they start taking medication. They should change their environment and remove irritants. In order to help fix the symptoms without medication first.


Because even if they ultimately need to take medication. If they do not fix their environment first. The medication may not be as effective as it should be.

They can start using a humidifier at home, and at work if possible. As well as drinking lots of water. Because being dehydrated can cause dry eye syndrome.

They also should avoid smoking in the home, or quit smoking altogether. As smoke can dry out people’s eyes. As well as any other excessively dry environment.

If people are using computers, they should hear to the twenty, twenty, twenty rule. Which is every twenty minutes, take a twenty second break. And stare at something 20 feet away.

The reason why this is the recommended break for computer use. Is because people who use computers excessively. Tend to blink less frequently than they should. Leading to dry eyes.

By focusing their attention on something farther away at regular intervals. Can cause a person to blink enough every twenty minutes to eliminate or minimize dry eye symptoms.

It is also recommended that people address their diet, and increase the intake of omega-3 that is frequently found in fish and avocados. If they cannot increase the omega-3’s, they can take a supplement.

In this will help address being able to produce the oil necessary in tears to help lubricate their eyes well.

By making all of these environmental changes first. Can help people manage their symptoms before even taking medication.

However, even if people end up taking medication. Because dry eye syndrome is a chronic condition it cannot actually be cured. And treatment becomes a long term plan.

By managing their environment, they can minimize how much medication they will end up having to take for the rest of their life.