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Cross Eye Treatment | Vision Syndrome Diagnosis

Cross Eye Treatment | Vision Syndrome Diagnosis

Even though a child’s visual problems may look obvious, such as needing a cross eye treatment. It is not usually that easy to detect. And even when it is fairly obvious.

Such as a cross eye treatment that is needed, or a lazy eye. People often have more than one vision syndrome or ocular motor dysfunction at the same time.

Therefore, especially if parents recognize that their child has one ocular motor dysfunction. They should get them to a vision therapist. In order to have their other ocular motor skills tested.

So that they can have a complete diagnosis. That can influence the child’s vision therapy program. That will help them get the results they need, to heal effectively from their vision syndrome.

Ideally, parents should be bringing their child to an optometrist annually. So that they can find any eye problems, as they are developing.

However, many parents only think that it is something that they should do if their child is struggling. However, the reason why it is important to bring their child, even when they have never had a visual problem before.

Is because they will be able to get a ocular motor function test. Which is routine for all patients who are children. So that they can get the right diagnosis, and treatment as quickly as needed.

During a routine eye exam, the vision therapist is going to be able to test for a few common ocular motor issues. And if the child seems to have problems with this.

They will recommend to the parent to bring the child back. For a more comprehensive test. Designed for diagnosing ocular motor dysfunction as well as vision syndromes.

During this more comprehensive test. The vision therapist will look for the child’s eye teaming ability as well as their focusing. To see if they can focus on stationary objects.


As well as how they are able to focus on different things such as words. The visual therapist will also do an in-depth assessment of the child’s ocular motor skills. And by the end, the visual therapist will have a diagnosis.

That will allow them to come up with some treatment options. That they can discuss with the child’s parents. And not only can they get a test, and a diagnosis and to vision by design.

When parents start vision therapy. They will be able to get the help they need in the same office. So that they do not have to find different office in order to get their child the help they need.

The vision therapy program that the vision therapists will create. Will be customized specifically for their child. That will help them overcome their particular ocular motor dysfunctions.

Whether they need a cross eye treatment, lazy I treatment. Or something combined, to help them overcome their ocular motor dysfunctions.

They will use a computer program. That the children will be able to control with their eyes. So gone are the outdated use of patches in order to fix visual problems.

And after only a few sessions, parents will start to notice a huge difference in their child. Showing how quickly children can improve once they get the help they need.

Cross Eye Treatment | Vision Syndrome Diagnosis

There are many things that parents should watch out for their child, when it comes to their vision including whether they need cross eye treatment. Or they should go to a visual therapist.

However, ocular motor dysfunctions and vision syndromes are notoriously difficult to diagnose. With 25% of children in Canada walking around undiagnosed with a vision syndrome.

And if they need a cross eye treatment or something else. This is impossible without a proper diagnosis. Therefore, parents as well as teachers need to be very aware.

Of how vision syndromes as well as ocular motor dysfunctions can present in children. So that they can make the recommendation to go to a visual therapist, such as the team at vision by design.

In order to get an assessment, a diagnosis. And a proper treatment plan. One of the first things that parents should be aware of, is that if their child is having a difficult time in school.

It could be because they have a vision syndrome or in ocular motor dysfunction. So instead of thinking that their child is lazy, or does not want to work harder. Or it is because they have terrible study habits.

It could be because they have a vision syndrome. Causing them to have a hard time reading, and comprehending. And no matter how hard they try or study, they won’t improve.


That is preventing them from being able to see clearly. Or causing them to not be able to focus on words, that will give them trouble not only reading. But comprehending the subject matters.

A common ocular motor dysfunction is called a saccades, or a saccadic eye movement. Which refers to the ability to move from looking at one object to another object successfully.

This is a motion that is necessary in order to read effectively. Because it will require someone to read one word to another and another and so on. In order to read a sentence, or a paragraph.

A child who has difficult time with their saccadic eye movement. May not be able to read the next word effectively. And they read different words all over the page. Because they cannot get their eyes to go where they want them to.

Another problem that children might have. That would result in occult time reading. Is called a pursuit eye movement. And this is when their eyes are able to stay steady on something in motion.

Or their ability to follow a line, such is required when they are reading. Therefore, children may read the same line of text multiple times. Or read a line above the one that they are on.

Because they are having a hard time looking to the next line down, and where they are supposed to read next. When a parent or teacher sees that the child is having trouble with this.

They can they can appointments with a vision therapist. And whether they need cross eye treatment. Or treatment for other ocular motor dysfunctions. They will be able to get the diagnosis, and treatment they need. To train their eyes to work effectively.