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Cross Eye Treatment | Ocular Motor Dysfunction Diagnosis

Cross Eye Treatment | Ocular Motor Dysfunction Diagnosis

Often, parents may only think that the is something that requires a cross eye treatment, or a lazy eye treatment. However There are many different ocular motor dysfunctions. That are part of vision syndromes. That can cause children difficult the when they are in school.

And while often, parents will understand that their child may have problems in school. With learning and comprehension. Not only can this be a sign of ocular motor dysfunction or a vision syndrome.

But they can also have a difficult time when they are playing sports. Because children need their eyes. Especially to work as a team in order to be successful when they are playing a variety of sports.

Almost all sports require following a ball of some sort. Such as a soccer ball, a football, or even a hockey puck. And when they have a difficult time with what is called their pursuit eye movement.

They may have a hard time following the motion of the ball. Which makes it very difficult for them to anticipate where it is going. And what they should do as a result.

In fact, some parents think that their child needs cross eye treatment. Because they are uncoordinated when it comes to sports. And they may not be able to catch even the easiest ball.

Or kick the ball when it comes to them. Pursuit eye movement may also impact the child’s ability to understand where the other players on the field are running two.


And can cause them to be very confused about what they should do during gameplay. Therefore, children may be called uncoordinated. And not be invited to play on a sports team.

That can leave them feeling very socially isolated. But also can leave them to be very upset about not being able to play sports. The way their friends can.

And is just one of the ways that ocular motor dysfunction can negatively impact the child. Other ways that ocular motor dysfunction can impact the child.

Is through something called saccadic eye movements. And this means the ability to focus on one object to another. Such as looking at one player to another.

But this can also be noticed when children are reading. The inability to successfully read a line of text. Because they are having a hard time telling their eyes where they want those eyes to go.

And just like in a cross eye treatment. If children have a hard time making their eyes work as a team. The right vision therapy. Can help them focus on a target that is stationary. And then progress to focusing on an object as it is in motion.

And parents need to be very aware of how ocular motor dysfunction looks. Both in school, and in play. In order to get the right diagnosis that is going to be able to help their child overcome these challenges. And succeed in school and with their peers in a social setting.

Cross Eye Treatment | Ocular Motor Dysfunction Diagnosis

While many parents think the only eye problems would be something that requires a lazy eye or cross eye treatment. However, there are many different ocular motor dysfunctions. And most of them are underdiagnosed.

In fact, according to a recent study. 25% of children in Canada. Have an ocular motor dysfunction and are not even aware of it. And these children are struggling in school and at home because of it.

This is one of the reasons why parents should book a routine eye exam every year. Whether their child is saying that they have a hard time focusing or not. Or if they suspect their child needs a cross eye treatment.

Because at most optometrists, such as the clinic in Edmonton called vision by design. Not only have vision therapists on staff. But whenever they have a child come in for an eye exam.

The automatically ensure that all children get tested for different ocular motor problems. That they can easily diagnose, and treat. In order to help that child succeed.

If during the routine examination, the optometrist or the visual therapist. Sees enough to be concerned that they do have an ocular motor dysfunction. They will ask the parent to bring the child in for a more comprehensive test.

During this additional visual efficiency exam. The visual therapist will test for other issues that the child has. Such as I teaming ability, the ability to focus. As well as give the child an in-depth assessment of their ocular motor skills.


This will give the vision therapist enough information. Not only to give a diagnosis, on what ocular motor dysfunction the child has. But also discuss treatment options with parents.

If they have taken their child to vision by design. The vision therapy program that is recommended. Will be right in the same office. And with the same visual therapists. Which is convenient for the parents and the children.

And using this vision therapy program. Therapist will be able to train their children how to use their eyes as team. To control where their eyes are pointing. And to control how they can focus them.

With only a few sessions, parents should start seeing a dramatic improvement. Whether it is a cross eye treatment that their child needs. Or something different, or perhaps several different ocular motor dysfunctions.

But not only will they see a change in their ability to read and comprehend the information that they are reading. They are also going to be more likely to enjoy school significantly more.

Because they are no longer struggling like they used to. They will tend to do homework faster, and without complaint. And may actually start reading for enjoyment. Where they had avoided reading before.

Children may appear more coordinated in their physical education class, or during their extracurricular sporting activities. And they will be more confident.

To help children succeed as best they can in life. Parents should regularly take their child to an optometrist for a routine eye exam. Because that may be the help they need to get their child’s ocular motor dysfunction diagnosed and treated.