Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | What To Do If Your Child Has Strabismus

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | What To Do If Your Child Has Strabismus

Strabismus, is a condition that requires a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Because of how it affects not only the eyes, but the person’s brain. And how the brain processes visual information.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton

In fact, the cross eye treatment in Edmonton. That should be utilized, to minimize or eliminate symptoms. Needs to address the physical problem with the eyes. And the brain by connection.

How strabismus actually affects each person who is affected. Is first of all, their eyes are physically not aligned to each other. This means, when they look at an object. They are not able to put their eyes at the same place.

Which means the visual information is slightly different from one eyes retina, to the other eyes retina. Since the retina is the part of the eye that sends visual information to the brain for processing.

If the information that the brain receives is confusing. Then the way the brain processes that. Often looks like double vision. However, the brain will only process this confusing information for so long.

Before it takes matters into its own hand, in order to eliminate the confusion. The brain will do this simply by turning off vision to one of the eyes. So that it no longer gets conflicting, and confusing visual information to process.

This means that not only will a person with strabismus have double vision. Either all of the time, or at least some of the time. Such as always when they look at faraway objects. Or always when they are looking at close up objects.


But, when they do not find the right treatment. And the brain turns off vision to one of their eyes. Not only will they not be able to use that eye any longer, becoming essentially blind in one eye.

But also, they will lose a lot of visual abilities. That requires the use of both eyes. Such as tracking moving objects. And a loss of depth perception. Which will make moving through the world difficult.

Especially as they grow older, and start to drive. This is why it is very important that anyone who has strabismus. Regardless of what caused that condition. To find the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton.

The best place to start, would be to contact a vision therapist. But this does not mean calling any optometrist clinic. While vision therapists are certified optometrists. Any optometrist.

Is not necessarily a vision therapist. As it requires additional schooling after they have graduated from optometry school. The optometrists of Canada website. Has a list of vision therapists.

However, people living in Edmonton. Do not need to do that. Because all they will have to do, is contact vision by design in Edmonton. They will be able to make a vision therapy appointment over the phone.

To get the person in for an assessment. And once they are able to diagnose what is going on with the patient. They will be able to come up with many different options for which treatment they should utilize.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Do This If Your Child Has Strabismus

While most cases of strabismus happens from birth, requiring a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Sometimes, is caused by a brain injury. Such as a concussion, or something else.

It is up to a parent, to pay attention to their child. And their child’s behaviour. In order to decide if their behaviour is problematic. And could be an indication, that they are suffering from something like strabismus.

Often, strabismus, also known as cross eyes. Is very easy to see. Because it is when both eyes are not in alignment with each other. Which means the eyes can often, visually look crossed when looking at their face.

However, experts caution parents should not use this as their only method. Of deciding if their child has crossed eyes or not. Because behaviour can often speak louder then physical characteristics.

This is because sometimes, it is not just as easy to see crossed eyes. Because some people who have strabismus. Only have it sometimes. Such as only when they are focusing on something far away.

Or only when they are looking at things close up. Therefore, a parent might say that their child does it look cross eyed a lot of the time. And then rule out strabismus as a possibility.

Other symptoms that parents should be aware of. Include their child being clumsy. Because if they see everything in double. It may make navigating the world, and obstacles very difficult.


Especially being unaware of how much space there body takes up. And where the start and end of certain objects are. This could indicate that child needs a cross eye treatment in Edmonton.

But also, children who have strabismus may hate reading. But love being read to. Or they hate playing or watching sports. Even if they like being very active. It is not likely that a child is going to tell a parent.

That they are seeing double. Because the way things are, is their reality. And is normal for them. Therefore, they are not going to draw attention to having a problem. Because they do not know problem exists.

When people are looking for a way to get their child the cross eye treatment that they need. The best place to start, is going to vision by design in Edmonton. Not only did they have vision therapists on staff.

But they also offer full, comprehensive examinations. Designed for vision syndromes. That are more extensive than a standard vision exam. That can help ensure the therapist is able.

To make a full diagnosis. And then recommend the best cross eye treatment in Edmonton for each patient. Whether those treatments include surgery, vision therapy. Or even prescription lenses.

Patients will be able to get the diagnosis that makes the most sense. And then find the right treatment, that can help them overcome the challenges that they are facing both at, and away from school.