Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Vision Therapy For Vision Syndromes

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Vision Therapy For Vision Syndromes

If a child has been told that they need a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. By a teacher, parents should take that very seriously. And find a vision therapist to work with quickly.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton

While it is not always the case. That the child has a vision syndrome. Teachers have been taught, what behaviour to look for. In children, that might indicate a vision syndrome. This is because most of the learning.

In a classroom setting is visual. And even if the child. Has not been struggling at home. Once they get into a classroom setting. Such as kindergarten or grade 1. It can start becoming quite obvious.

That the child is having a difficult time seeing. As well, the symptoms that they are demonstrating. Might make the teacher assume. That the child is unable to focus. And that they have ADHD.

However, it is still very beneficial. For parents to bring their child to a vision therapist. In order to get an assessment done. While many people get diagnosed with ADHD. The problem is often a vision syndrome.

And while there is not a single diagnostic test. That can definitively diagnose ADHD. There is a diagnostic test. That can be done to definitively diagnose vision syndromes. So this can be either an easy way.

To rule out vision syndrome. And help solidify. The ADHD diagnosis. So that the child can get the help that they need. Or, it can diagnose their vision syndrome. So that children can get.


The cross eye treatment in Edmonton they need. If they have a vision syndrome like strabismus. They can also get diagnosed a convergence insufficiency, or amblyopia. All that will have their own treatment.

Most of the treatment will consist of vision therapy. Which is a lot like physical therapy. But instead of walking the patient. Through a series of exercises to work out their muscles.

The vision therapist. Will walk the patient through a series of exercises. To learn how to use their eyes. In conjunction with each other. And once that skill has been mastered. They can move on to other visual skills.

It is very important that parents get their child cross eye treatment in Edmonton quickly. Because the problem with strabismus specifically. Is that the brain is receiving conflicting information.

From both of the retinas at the same time. And it will eventually. Turn off vision to one of the eyes. In order to avoid having confusing. And conflicting information to process.

And while this means that the child may not have problems. Seeing double, which is quite common. For children who have strabismus. It also means that they will be functionally blind in that eye.

And often, vision therapy. Is ineffective turn the eyesight back on. Therefore getting the right treatment. Sooner rather than later. Should be the goal of all parents. So they need to find a vision therapist quickly.

Parents in the Edmonton and surrounding area. Can contact vision by design, in West Edmonton. And arrange an assessment by their vision therapists on staff.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Vision Therapy Will Help Vision Syndromes

It is quite common for children to need a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Because strabismus, also known as cross eye syndrome. Is the most common vision syndrome of childhood.

Children often display problems. In school, and their teachers. Contact to the parents. In order to let them know that they suspect a vision syndrome. Parents should not take this information to heart.

Or blame themselves for not discovering a vision syndrome in their child sooner. Simply because this is often a vision syndrome. That is undiagnosed. Until school. Where so much of the learning.

Is visually based. Therefore, a teacher will notice. That the child is struggling. To see, to read. Or to write. And are also aware of what visual syndromes look like. From the outside looking in.

They will recommend finding cross eye treatment in Edmonton. So that the child can get the help they need. So that they no longer struggle. Many parents think that if their child is having trouble seeing.

That they would tell their parents. But this is not true according to vision therapists. Children who have vision syndromes. Will have the problems that since they were born. And are not aware that what they are seeing.

Is not normal. Or, can be fixed. Therefore, they simply develop coping mechanisms. To help them overcome the problems that they experience. And those coping mechanisms hide the problem from their parents.


But not so much, when they enter a classroom setting. Parents should find a vision therapist quickly. So that the problem is not made worse. And so that the child does not fall farther behind their peers in class.

They can contact the vision therapist’s at vision by design in Edmonton. And while this is a full-service optometrist clinic. They also have vision therapists on staff. So that they can accommodate.

Patients who have vision syndromes, and may need a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Therefore, parents should call in. And make an appointment. Especially since they do not accept appointments through email.

They should also book off about an hour, or an hour and a half. For the entire assessment. Because it is considerably more in-depth. Then a routine eye exam. And, a child can have perfect vision.

But also have a vision syndrome. Because being able to see clearly. An image, several feet away. Does not necessarily preclude that they could not have a vision syndrome. Is they get an assessment.

The vision therapist will be able to make the right diagnosis. And if they have strabismus. Put together the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton for that patient.

The treatment will likely consist of prescription glasses. As well as vision therapy that will help the child figure out. How to use all of their visual skills. Because they have also been taught how to use their eyes in conjunction with each other.