Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Vision Therapy For Strabismus

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Vision Therapy For Strabismus

Often, parents will notice that their child’s eyes are not in alignment, assuming that they need a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. And while this is often the case, there are many different types of treatments for this affliction.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton

Cross eyes, clinically known as strabismus. Is a common vision problem in children. And happens, when the eyes are not in alignment with each other. Which means when a child looks at an object.

There eyes are actually focused on different parts of the object. Which results in the image falling differently on the retina. And the end results, is double vision.

There are many different types of strabismus. It can occur in and eye that turns outwards, or inwards. And eye that turns upwards or downwards. Or even, in an eye that is rotated.

Strabismus can be constant, or intermittent. Usually, in conjunction with certain visual activities. Such as showing up only when a child is looking at something far away. Or only when they are looking at something close up.

And sometimes, it only occurs during especially visually demanding tasks. Such as reading for example. Either way, a child that has strabismus will need an effective cross eye treatment in Edmonton.

However, what that treatment is. Will depend on what type of strabismus they have. It is important that the parent brings the child in to the vision therapist’s office. For a complete and thorough examination.


So that not only can they find out exactly what is going on with their eyes. But so that they can make the best recommendation. Of what the best cross eye treatment for them. Is likely going to be to resolve their symptoms.

Often, the best cross eye treatment. Is prescription glasses. Often with prisms in the lenses. Which can help the eyes align all on their own. And no further treatment is necessary to correct the problem.

But other times, the best treatment is vision therapy. This is when the patient comes into the vision therapist’s office. Who will take them on specific guided vision exercises. In order to help teach them, and their brain.

How to align their eyes all on their own. This is often effective at resolving symptoms completely. However, it can take anywhere between 6 to 12 months. Of weekly sessions. In order to be effective.

Not only that, but in order for this cross eye treatment to work. Patients will need to commit to doing homework on a regular basis. This is, going through certain exercises.

As given to them by their vision therapist. For 15 to 20 minutes a day, five days a week. In order to ensure the effectiveness. Of their regular weekly sessions in the clinic.

It is very similar to that of someone who works out in a gym. Working out once, for forty minutes. Will only be so effective. But if people can work out at home, five days a week in addition to that. They will see results faster.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Vision Therapy For Strabismus

Often, when parents or teachers notice that a child does not have aligned eyes, they will often assume they need a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. While this is sometimes the case. It is important that they get an assessment done.

The assessment needs to be done by a vision therapist. And while all vision therapists are optometrists. Not all, trysts are vision therapists. Which means it can be a little bit frustrating. For parents to find the right place.

To bring their child in for an assessment. On the Canadian optometry website. People will be able to find a list of certified vision therapists across Canada. Organized according to province.

However, in Edmonton, people can get help right at vision by design in Edmonton. While they are a full-service optometry clinic. They also have several certified vision therapists on staff.

And with a quick phone call to their office, can arrange a thorough examination. It is important that people are prepared for an hour and a half assessment. Because this is often how long it takes.

For the vision therapist to do all of the measurements, and exercises. That will help them understand exactly what is going on with the patients eyes. But more importantly, what the best cross eye treatment in Edmonton they should implement.

In order to resolve the symptoms for the patient. There are three different types of treatments. From prescription lenses, to vision therapy. And ultimately, in severe cases surgery is required.


And more likely than not, the best cross eye treatment. Is going to be a combination of at least two of these methods. For example, a patient might be helped with prescription lenses.

But then need some vision therapy, in order to learn. How to get their eyes to align with the lenses. Or, people might need half a year to a year of vision therapy. Only to find that they did not get symptom resolution.

And then, they will need to undergo surgery. However, they should not see this as a failure of their cross eye treatment. Patients who eventually need surgery. Will benefit from first having done vision therapy.

Simply because it will strengthen their eyes. So that they will be able to heal much more easily from surgery. And already have laid the groundwork, on learning how to align their eyes on their own.

Whatever cross eye treatment in Edmonton apparent chooses for their child. They should get to a vision therapist quickly. Because if they do not treat cross eyes quickly.

They run the risk of the brain turning off vision. To the deviating eye. In order to stop being confused by the conflicting information. It is getting from both of the patient’s retinas.

This would have serious implications for the patient in their future. Not only not having vision in one eye. But also not having several visual skills that go along with having two eyes.