Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Vision Problems And Solutions

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Vision Problems And Solutions

A common vision problem that requires a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Is strabismus, also known as crossed eyes if a child, or adult has this. Finding a treatment sooner rather than later is important.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton

Exactly what cross eyes are, is a condition. Where the eyes are not in alignment with each other. And the brain is struggling to process the visual information. That both retinas are sending to it as a result.

Therefore, the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Requires treating the physical eyes. To get them back into alignment. And then treating the brain, to help it use the visual information from both retinas.

How this strabismus affects vision. Is first of all, when a person is looking at an object. And they have strabismus. They are unable to put both of their eyes visually, on the same place of the object they are looking at.

Whether it is close to them, or far away. They end up looking at different points of the object, or words. Which means the image that ends up on their retinas, is slightly different from each other.

The retina is the part of the eye that sends the visual information into the brain. In order to get processed. And when the image in the retinas, are not exactly the same.

It causes the brain a significant amount of confusion. This is what causes the double image, that is very common. For people who are suffering with crossed eyes. Therefore, the first part of the right treatment.


Is simply teaching the eyes how to align with themselves. This can be done often with the cross eye treatment in Edmonton of prescription lenses. Sometimes with a tinting, or prism coating.

That is designed to help force the eyes to work together. Sometimes this is all that is needed to resolve the symptoms. But in other scenarios, people will need something more in-depth. Like vision therapy.

Vision therapy is the patient going through visual exercises. As guided by their vision therapist. Designed to train their eyes to become aligned. And also train their brain, how to use the information from both retinas at the same time.

It is important that people seek out this kind of treatment sooner rather than later. Simply because if this is not treated. The brain, in order to eliminate its confusion. Over the different images it receives.

It will simply turn the information to one eye off. Rendering it useless, and unable to work. Not only will that mean that a person only has use of one of their eyes. But it also means that they will lose different visual skills.

Such as depth perception, and the ability to track moving objects efficiently. Therefore, to avoid losing their vision. In at least one of their eyes. People who are suffering from strabismus. Should seek out the right vision therapist. For a diagnosis, and treatment right away so that they do not struggle.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Vision Problems With Effective Solutions

While there are many different vision syndromes that people can have, strabismus requires a timely cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Some parents might make the mistake.

That their children are going to outgrow this problem. Or someone who has had a catastrophic brain injury. Such as a concussion. Might think that all they need is time, and they will outgrow this problem too.

However, experts agree that strabismus does not resolve itself. And in fact, can only be made worse through inaction. What happens when a person has strabismus. Is that the eyes are not in alignment with each other.

Therefore, the brain struggles to process the visual information it receives. Because the images are very different between the two retinas. In order to solve its problem, of having confusing visual information.

The brain will simply turn off the vision to one of the eyes. So that it is no longer receiving confusing information. But this literally means that the person will end up losing this site in one of their eyes.

This is why timely finding across eye treatment in Edmonton. In a timely manner, is of vital importance. However, many people may not know where to turn to find this help.

They will need to find a vision therapist. And while vision therapists are optometrists. Not all optometrists are vision therapists. Because it requires additional education.


While there is a complete list. Of vision therapists, on the optometrists Canada website. To allow people to find a vision therapist close to them. This list is not always up-to-date. And hard to search through.

However, people in Edmonton. Can be very pleased to know. That rather than using that list. They can simply call vision by design in Edmonton. Not only are they a full-service optometrist clinic.

But they also have vision therapists on staff. That can diagnose vision syndromes. Such as strabismus, and come up with an effective cross eye treatment Edmonton for each patient.

One of the first options, for cross eye treatment in Edmonton. May be prescription lenses. To force the eyes to work in alignment with each other. So that the brain can be trained to use the information from both eyes at the same time.

Or, the next strabismus treatment. Could potentially be vision therapy. Which utilizes visual activities. Led by the therapist. To train the patients eyes to work together. And allow them to train the brain.

To process the visual information it receives. While vision therapy can be time-consuming. Taking anywhere between six months to a year. For patient to fully resolve their symptoms.

There is a risk that they might never resolve their symptoms fully. And may require surgery eventually. People who need surgery. Should not consider their year of vision therapy wasted however.

Having undergone therapy. Means there going to be able to recover quickly from the surgery. And train their brain faster, because they will already know what they had to do.