Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Useful Treatments For Strabismus

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Useful Treatments For Strabismus

Many parents may be incredulous to find out that their child needs a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Because they have taken their child. To the optometrist where they were told their child had perfect vision.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton

Perfect vision, does not mean a child cannot have strabismus. Where other common vision syndromes. Because an optometrist. Really only checks the eyesight. To ensure that they can see a stationary object.

Several feet away clearly. It does not mean that the child does not have a vision syndrome. That might cause them to see blurred vision at times. See double, like patients with strabismus.

And who need a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. It simply means that they were able to pass the vision exam. Therefore, children who need a strabismus treatment. Need first to get assessed.

By a vision therapist. Which is an optometrist that has taken additional education. And undergo a vision assessment. Which is considerably more in-depth. Then a standard eye exam.

For example, while the standard eye examination. Will take approximately twenty minutes. A vision assessment. By a vision therapist. Will take an hour, to an hour and a half. There are many different measurements.

As well as tests, and exercises to put the patient through. In order to discover. If they do in fact. Have a vision syndrome. If they do, how severe it is. And which one they are suffering from. For example, if a child has strabismus.


Which is also known as cross eyed syndrome. This is not only the most common. Vision syndrome of childhood. But also, there are several different types of strabismus. Each with its own cause. Requiring its very own cross eye treatment in Edmonton.

Therefore, getting an assessment is extremely important. And parents should not beat themselves up. If they did not discover. That their own child had this issue. Children often get diagnosed.

Once they have started school. Because while being born with a vision syndrome. Children think the way they are seeing the world. Is normal. And therefore, do not tell their parents. That they have trouble seeing.

And it is only when they start school. And struggle learning. In an environment that is 80% visual. Does the teacher notice. That the child may have vision syndrome. And recommend an assessment to the parents.

Finding a vision therapist. Is often easier said than done. Because while all vision therapists. Our optometrists, that have taken additional education. Not all optometrists. Have this training.

Therefore, it is more difficult. Then simply calling optometrists. Until they find an opening. On the optometrists Canada website. There is a list of accredited vision therapists. Organized by province.

However, parents in the Edmonton area. Can instead. Bypass that list and call vision by design instead. Not only are they a full-service optometrist clinic. But they also have two vision therapists on staff. Who can assess, diagnose. And treat each patient.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Useful Treatments People Can Get For Strabismus

There are many different types of strabismus, all needing their own cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Unfortunately, parents often mistakenly assume. That their child will outgrow this vision problem.

The reason why this is such a dangerous assumption. Is because their child can develop permanent problems. If they do not get this problem fixed in a timely fashion.

In order to understand why. Patients and parents should understand. What is happening. In the eye to brain connection. When a patient has a vision syndrome such as strabismus.

Strabismus, is the condition. Where child’s eyes are not aligned. Which means when they end up looking at an object. Or a word that they are about to read. The visual information that is sent to the brain.

Can be conflicting, because they are not looking. At the same points of the object. This often means, that the visual information. That a person sees when they have strabismus. Is either blurred, or double vision.

Some people who have strabismus, see this all the time. Not realizing that they should not be seeing objects this way. Or, they only see that. When they are looking at something close up. Or focusing far away.

It can be extremely irritating. To try to look at the visual world. That is constantly moving in and out of focus. Or, that is double. Another misconception that people have about strabismus.


Is that affected people will always see things blurred or double. However, it can move between being in focus. To being blurred. Or being double. Imagine how irritating that would be.

Or how much eyestrain that would cause. If someone is trying to learn how to read. And constantly having to move the words in and out of focus. This is irritating for the brain as well.

And if a cross eye treatment in Edmonton is not discovered. What will eventually happen. Is that in order to cope, and eliminate its own confusion. The brain will simply turn vision off.

In the deviant eye. And while that will stop the blurred vision from happening. It is not necessarily better. Because it will cause that child. To lose vision in one of their eyes.

Although a child will be able to live with one eye. This is not an acceptable outcome. For something that is easily treatable. With the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton.

Therefore, parents need to take action. If they or their teacher. Suspects that the child has strabismus. And before parent will go on thinking. That they can simply get a vision therapist.

To help their child use that eye. If the brain turned the vision off. They need to understand, that that is not a common scenario. And once the brain turns off vision to that eye. It usually is like that permanently.

Even though cross eye syndrome is extremely common. Many more people need to know how important. Finding the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton is. So that children do not fall behind in school.