Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Understanding Cross Eyes

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | What You Should Know About Cross Eyes

If someone is looking into cross eye treatment in Edmonton. It is typically because their child has been diagnosed with strabismus. Or they suspect that someone they know, has this.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton

There are many things that people should know about strabismus, also known as cross eye syndrome. It is one of the most common vision syndromes of childhood. Therefore, people should not be very surprised.

If they have been told by their child’s teacher. Or if they suspect themselves. That their child has crossed eyes. First of all, it is often easy to see. Because it is caused by eyes that are not aligned with each other.

And whether the eyes are turned inwards or outwards. Upwards or downwards, it is often very obvious when looking at someone. That their eyes are not pointed in the same direction.

However, it is not necessarily that easy to see. Especially because some people’s strabismus. Only happens when they are looking at something far away. Or, when they are looking at something close up.

If they have been told that they should look into finding a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. The first step for any parent, would be to call a vision therapist’s office. In order to arrange an assessment.

Unlike a traditional vision exam. The vision therapist’s exam is going to be much longer. Approximately one, to one and a half hours long. Because of the sheer number of measurements.


And activities they need. In order to make the right diagnosis. And even though it is long, once it is over. The vision therapist will have a better idea. Of exactly what is going on the patient.

They will be able to make a good diagnosis, such as whether the patient has strabismus or not. And if they do, they will be able to put together the best cross eye treatment in Edmonton.

To help them minimize or completely resolve their symptoms. There are three different types of treatments for strabismus. For the vision therapist to choose from. They will either choose one of them.

Or come up with a treatment plan, using multiples. The first treatment to choose from. Is prescription lenses. Often, by making glasses. Where the weaker I, has a stronger prescription in the lens.

Patients will be able to align their eyes together more easily. Where they will be able to train their brain. To use information from both of their eyes the same time. However, this is just one method.

Another treatment to choose from is vision therapy. Vision therapy is guided by the therapist. Doing many different activities. That are visually based. To help the patient start using their eyes together.

As well, training their brain how to accept information from both of their eyes at the same time. While vision therapy. Is the most common treatment. It is not an overnight solution by any means.

The reason why is because it takes approximately 36 to 48 weeks of weekly sessions. In order to see symptom resolution. And most vision therapists prepare patients. For coming every week for a year just to be on the safe side.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | What People Should Know About Cross Eyes

Cross eyes is known as strabismus, and requires an effective cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Because if this vision syndrome is not treated. Patients could lose their eyesight, at least in one eye forever.

How this works, is what causes cross eyes in the first place. Is when patients eyes are not aligned. And they are unable to look at the same point of an object with both of their eyes.

This means different images appear on the patient’s retina. And sends conflicting information to the brain. About the information that they are visually seeing. The brain is confused by this information.

Therefore, if a patient does not get help. In order to eliminate they cross eye syndrome. The brain will simply turn the image to the deviant eye off. In order to avoid seeing the confusing information.

And while this does work, to help the patient not see double any longer. It is because they are not able to see out of their one eye. Which means there also going to lose many different visual skills at the same time.

Depth perception will be gone and, tracking moving information will be more difficult. Therefore, getting the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton in a timely fashion. Should be one of the most important things, for a parent to do.


Once they find out that their child might have this vision syndrome. Their next steps, should be contacting a vision therapist. Such as the experts at vision by design in Edmonton.

Not all optometrists are vision therapists. Which means they should not make the mistake, of thinking they be able to walk into any optometry clinic. In order to get the assessment that they need.

This is why knowing that vision by design has vision therapists on staff can be incredibly beneficial. By calling the office, and arranging an appointment over the telephone. Can help families, get the answers that they need.

Once they have gone through the hour, to our and a half assessment. Not only will the vision therapist be able to make the right diagnosis of what is going on. But if it is strabismus that the patient has.

They will be able to come up with the best cross I treatment in Edmonton. Helping align the patients eyes. As well as helping their brain process the information it gets. From both eyes at the same time.

Whether the cross eye treatment in Edmonton that they get is prescription glasses, vision therapy. Or if they find out that they need to have surgery in order to fix the problem. Getting answers is incredibly important.

So that they can make the right decision. About what cross eye treatment in Edmonton they should utilize. And avoid allowing indecision. Cause them to lose eyesight in one of their eyes.