Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Strabismus Responsible For Struggles

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Strabismus Responsible For Struggles

If a child is struggling in school, perhaps they need a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. However, many parents may discount this. Thinking that their child is going to first tell them. If they have trouble seeing.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton

Unfortunately that is not the case. For one simple reason. Children who have trouble seeing. Have no idea that this is not normal. Especially since this is how they have seen the world. For as long as they can remember.

Which means, if children are having a hard time seeing. They typically think this is normal. And start adjusting their habits. And their activities, in order to overcome their difficulties.

For example, they may memorize things. So that they do not have to read them. On things that they encounter every day. They may close their eyes and listen. Instead of trying to follow along with text.

And even more difficult, many children. Who are developing coping strategies. In order to deal with their cross eye syndrome, or strabismus. Often are diagnosed as having ADHD.

However, rather than being unable to concentrate and focus. They simply are unable to see. But if the doctor that does the diagnosing ADHD. Does not think to send them to a vision therapist first.

They may be treating a child. With ADHD medication. Despite the fact that they do not have this neurodevelopment disorder at all. This is why it is very important for all parents.


Even if their child’s teacher. Thinks that they have ADHD. That they visit a vision therapist first. In order to rule out vision syndromes. Since the symptoms the child is experiencing. May be the same for both of them.

A great example of this, would be looking at a child’s behavior. Within a classroom. If they have strabismus. Which means they need a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Being unable to read.

Quietly at their desk, because they are cross eyed. And are unable to focus on the words. They instead, busy themselves doing something else. Such as playing quietly, with a paper airplane.

To the teacher, it looks like they are unable to focus. When they can focus just fine. Children with ADHD, do not need a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Although they will do a lot of the similar behaviors.

Such as not paying attention in class. Many psychologists, will have the child. Send to a vision therapist. To rule out vision syndromes. But most medical professionals. That are diagnosing children with ADHD.

Our doctors, that are only using a clinical interview. Which is not only inconclusive. On its own, can be dangerously misleading as well. Therefore, parents should take matters into their own hands.

When their child is struggling in school. To get them to a vision therapist. To find out if they need a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Or if they have something else that is causing their difficulty.

Parents in the Edmonton area can visit vision by design in Edmonton. By picking up the phone and calling. They can arrange an assessment by a vision therapist.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Strabismus May Be Responsible For Struggles

Parents who have been told that their child may need a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. May not know where to turn for help. However, vision therapists will be able to give that help.

Many parents, do not know how to find a vision therapist. And while vision therapists are optometrists. That have gone through additional education. Parents also may be tempted.

Simply to call optometrists office. In search of one, and end up wasting their time. The optometrists website, will have a list. Of all vision therapists. Across Canada, organized by province.

However, for parents in Edmonton. It is extremely easy. Because all they have to do, is pick up the phone. And call vision by design, located in West Edmonton. They have several vision therapists on staff.

However, due to the highly specially lysed nature of what they do. They are only able to book in assessments. By phone. Which is why parents should call the office.

They also need to understand, that this assessment. Is very in depth. In order to find out if their child has a vision syndrome. Such as strabismus. And if they need cross eye treatment in Edmonton.

The assessment will take about an hour and a half, in order for the vision therapist. To do all of the measurements. And go through all of the exercises. That will help them make the right diagnosis.


Once the assessment is done. Not only will they have that diagnosis. But they will have also put together the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton. For each patient. Often, all that is needed.

Is prescription glasses. Or glasses that have prisms in the lenses. On their own, many children. Will have their vision corrected enough. To not need any further cross eye treatment in Edmonton.

However, more likely. The child will need a not only prescription glasses. But vision therapy. Which is like physiotherapy. But for the child’s eyes. This is done in the vision therapist’s office.

They will learn how to see with both of the eyes. At the same time. And then work on different exercises. That will help them develop their visual skills. Such as focusing, and eye tracking.

Most patients will need to go to the vision therapy. For six months to a year. In order to fully resolve their symptoms. However, they should see a marked improvement. After only a few months.

If patients would like to progress even faster. Through their cross eye treatment in Edmonton. They can ask their vision therapist. For exercises to do at home. And by doing them for fifteen minutes a day.

Can continue to strengthen their eyes. So that they can move on to more complex exercises. At the next session. When parents are looking for the right vision therapist. For their child, who may or may not have strabismus. Vision by design, is who they should contact immediately.