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Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Strabismus Causes Vision Problems

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Strabismus Causes Vision Problems

When a child has strabismus, they require a timely cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Not only because it is important that they overcome this problem, to see their world clearly.

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But because when they have had strabismus for certain period of time. Because they are seeing things in double. Either all the time, or when they view things close up or at existence. Their brain is confused.

And the results of this. Is that in order to overcome the confusion, as well as the irritation and fatigue. That seeing things in double causes the brain. It could simply turn off vision to one eye.

That way, in no longer receives the confusing messages. Of seeing things in duplicate. Unfortunately, this causes the patient to lose vision in that eye. Causing them problems with other visual efficiency skills.

Such as depth perception, focusing, and eye tracking. That is needed for things like following moving objects. Also used for things like reading. And can be very devastating to lose the ability to use that eye.

This is why is very important for parents and teachers to be aware of what students may be experiencing. And how they are coping when they have cross eyes, also known as strabismus.

So that they can get them in for an assessment in a timely fashion. To help them get a diagnosis, and then the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton. That will help them overcome these challenges.

There are different types of strabismus, each with its own cause. And each cause requires a different treatment. Whether the treatment is as simple as prescription glasses. Or glasses with prisms.

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That can help train the patient how to align their eyes. And focus using both of their eyes. Or whether they need to do vision therapy. Where a vision therapist leads them through visual exercises.

In order to help patients train themselves, how to align their eyes. Or, in extreme cases. People will need to go through a surgery. In order to correct the problem. Therefore, an assessment is extremely important.

When children have strabismus. They often are struggling to see the world around them. But they are not going to tell their teacher, or their parents that they are struggling.

The reason why they are not going to tell anybody. Is because this is how they have been experiencing the world for their entire life. And they are not aware that this is not normal.

What they will do, is avoid the activities that cause them the most discomfort or pain. And whether that is reading, or whether that is playing sports, because of having to view things far away.

Rather than think that they do not like school, or they cannot concentrate. Parents and teachers of children who are acting like this. May significantly benefit. From a vision assessment.

By contacting an optometrist that has a vision therapist on staff. Such as the optometrist clinic, vision by design. Located in Edmonton, Alberta can help get the right assessment. To find the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Strabismus & Vision Problems

There are many different vision problems that patients can have, but if they have strabismus they need a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. And they should not waste any time getting an assessment done.

What happens when patients have a strabismus. Is their eyes are not aligned to each other. And therefore, when they are looking at things, such as an object for a word that they are trying to read.

The images are focused on different parts of the retina. And they are not corresponding to each other. Therefore, the eyes send a confusing message to the brain.

Someone who has strabismus is going to see double, and people who want to experience what this feels like. Can slightly cross their eyes when they are looking at a close-up object, or something far away.

In order to experience how truly eye irritating this is. And to know that this is how a child is seeing things. Whether it is some of the time, or all of the time. Can help people realize why they might avoid things that cause them to see double.

The best thing to do, is if people notice that their child is struggling to read, or pay attention in a classroom setting. However, they are happy to listen to verbal instructions.

Or that they are excited and happy to listen to a story that is being read to them. The problem is not likely concentration or focusing. What the problem might be visually oriented instead.

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Therefore, they can bring their child in for a visual assessment, with a vision therapist. And this assessment can take anywhere between an hour, to an hour and a half.

And that will allow the vision therapist to do all of the tests, measurements and check eye skills. That is needed to come up with a diagnosis. And the subsequent cross eye treatment in Edmonton for each patient.

Patients also do not need to worry that they will have to have an eyepatch. Since patching is no longer done in order to treat strabismus. In favour of more technologically advanced treatments.

Such as prescription glasses, vision therapy and surgery. When they start their vision therapy as a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. There are several things that they can expect from the experience.

They will be led through vision exercises. That will be designed to help them align their eyes. From understanding what forward means. And spatially, where their body is in space.

Because that could be a problem. If someone has live their whole life, seeing double vision. And through these weekly exercises. That takes place in the vision therapist’s office for half an hour once a week.

Patients can start to overcome their problems. As they learn how to align their eyes. Typical treatments last 38 to 48 weeks. And people will start to see results around 6 to 12 months.