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Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Strabismus Can Be Resolved

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Resolution to Strabismus

Finding the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton is incredibly important. Because without it, people might have their vision affected for the rest of their life. And it is not something that children are going to grow out of on their own.

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However, many parents do not know what strabismus is. Or they think that a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Is going to require patching their child’s eyes.

Or they tend to think that being cross site is a cosmetic problem only. And therefore, it is not as important to find the right treatment.

However, being cross eyed, is a medical condition referred to by vision therapists and optometrists. As strabismus, that can have many different types, and therefore many different causes.

There are many different ways that children can have their eyes crossed. There is the eye that is seeing things properly, and then the deviant eye. That is not working in conjunction with the other one.

This means that when a child is trying to focus on one object, or one word. There eye will actually be looking at two different spots. And the ending results, is that child will see double.

While this can be very irritating to their eyes. It also is very exhausting to the brain. And children who have this problem, whether it is all the time, or just some of the time.

Such is only looking at things far away, or only when they are doing near work. They will tend to avoid doing those activities that cause them pain, frustration or fatigue.

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In fact, it can be irritating enough to the brain. That after a while, if the strabismus is not treated at all. The brain will simply take matters into their own hands. And cut off vision to that deviant eye.

Therefore, the brain will no longer see things double any longer. And while this might provide some relief to the child. Because they will no longer see things in double.

It is not because the brain fixed the strabismus. But in fact, it will be because the body has lost the ability to use that eye entirely. This will impact the child’s ability to do many other visual activities.

And it will impact their depth perception. It will impact their ability to focus, read and even track moving objects. Therefore, not only should parents avoid getting a cross eye treatment in Edmonton for their child.

Because they assume that they will outgrow the problem. But if they do not get treatment soon enough. Their child could lose the ability to see out of that eye for the rest of their life.

Therefore, getting their child an assessment for strabismus is extremely important. And can be done, by calling vision by design located in Edmonton Alberta.

And explaining that they think their child has a cross eye problem, or another visual problem. So that they can get an assessment by a vision therapist. Once they have the assessment, they will be become up with the right treatment plan for each person.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Strabismus Can Be Resolved

Strabismus refers to eyes that are not in alignment, that need a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. And there are many different ways the eyes can be affected by this problem.

For example, the strabismus can cause the child’s eye to turn inwards, or outwards. Or, and could cause the child’s eye to turn upwards or downwards.

And in some extreme cases, that often require surgery to fix. Their eyes can actually be rotated. And while these do not look like crossed eyes. It can still lead to a lot of the same symptoms.

Symptoms of strabismus, or crossed eye. Is most significantly, double vision. And while double vision might have been all of the time. It also might have been only part of the time.

Such as when they are looking at things certain distance away. Whether they have this double vision when things are close up, such as doing near work, or reading for example.

Or they might have double vision when they are looking at things a moderate distance away. Or when things are far away. They have double vision, because their eyes are not working in alignment with each other.

And the result, is that when they try to look at one object. Their eyes are actually focused on two different points. That are not corresponding within the retina, resulting in double vision.

Therefore, finding out which kind of strabismus each patient has. Is important to finding the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton. So the first step, should be getting an assessment done.


An assessment to diagnose as strabismus takes approximately 60 to 90 minutes. And the reason why they are quite lengthy. Is because the vision therapist must do several tests, measurements.

And the child will undergo many different eye skills tests, in order to show what they can do easily. And what they struggle at. By seeing all of this, they will be able to make the right diagnosis.

And the right diagnosis will help them come up with the best treatment for the patient. Treatment can be extremely varied. Such as utilizing prescription lenses, with a certain strength of lands or prisms in the lenses.

And over to help children train their eyes to align with each other. Or, it might require vision therapy. For example, doing half-hour treatments once a week in the vision therapist’s office. For anywhere between 6 to 12 months.

And in some extreme cases, the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton for that patient would be surgery. While surgery as a last resort. Whatever can help the patient overcome their challenges.

Should be utilized, in order to have the best prognosis for that patient and their vision. And even if surgery is eventually needed, even in patients that have undergone vision therapy. They do not have to think that it was a waste.

Because even if they did vision therapy and still need surgery. The vision therapy that they did initially. Have strengthened their eyes. So that they can recover from surgery even more effectively.