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Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Strabismus Can Be Cured

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Strabismus Can Be Cured

When parents notice that their child’s eyes are not aligned and appear crossed, they will need a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. This is more than just for cosmetic reasons.

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Because when children have strabismus, also known as cross eyes. They are going to also have double vision. That could significantly impact a lot of their world. Which is why it is important to get it treated.

For example, they might have strabismus that affects their vision from a distance. That could make playing on a playground, or playing sports very difficult. Or even affect them as they are simply navigating while they walk and play.

Or, they might have strabismus that affects their vision from close up. Such as reading and writing. And while these can be very difficult, there is also a type of strabismus that affects a child all of the time.

Therefore, it does not matter if they are looking at things far away, or close up. Everything that they see is double. And that can be very irritating to their eyes, and visually fatiguing to their brain.

Children often end up with headaches, and other problems. When they are struggling with strabismus. Particularly in a classroom setting. Because so much of the learning that takes place in a classroom is visual.

And many children may try to compensate. Or cope with the problems of seeing double. By avoiding the activities that cause them pain or irritation. And when this is the case, teachers may think they have a different problem.

Such as ADD or ADHD. Because they do not appear to be focusing, or concentrating well. Or they might appear hyperactive, because they are not sitting in their chairs.

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But these are simply there coping mechanisms. In order to avoid causing themselves pain or fatigue. And why it is important to get these children in first for an assessment. The find the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton for them.

Another problem that comes with strabismus in children. Is the fact that they likely will not be saying to their teachers, or their parents. That they are seeing double. And the reason why, is because they do not realize this is not normal.

They have been seeing things like this their entire life. And it does not occur to them to explain how they see things. Therefore, it is quite possible that they might receive the wrong diagnosis.

Which is why parents who have heard that their child might have ADD or ADHD. They simply want to get them in for a vision assessment. Just so that they can rule out a vision problem. That the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton can fix.

And when they call an optometrist that has a vision therapist on staff. Such as vision by design in Edmonton. And let them know, that they have received a diagnosis of ADD or ADHD.

And they want to rule out any vision problems. They would label to book in the right length of an assessment. To look for any visual problems. That could be causing the symptoms that they describe.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Strabismus Can Be Effectively Treated

When children have strabismus, many parents think they need a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. In order to give their children a cosmetic fix. However, while cross eyes do require a cosmetic fix. The more serious reason why they should be treated. Is to help the child with seeing the world clearly.

There are many different causes of strabismus, also known as cross eyes. Such as causing the eye to turn inwards or outwards. Or causing it to turn upwards or downwards. Or even have the eye rotated.

And whether this causes them to see things double close up, or far away. Or cause them to see double all of the time. It still important for all of these instances to get diagnosed.

The right diagnosis will help them get the right treatment. Because not every form of strabismus. Has the same cause, therefore it will not have the same treatment.

And the sooner a parent can get a child in for an assessment, the better. Because what the child is seeing, is double vision. Like if person looked at a sheet of paper in front of them and crossed their eyes slightly.

That is how the child is likely seeing the world some, or all of the time. And not only can it be very irritating. It can cause them fatigue and headaches as well as.

Unfortunately, the reason whites important to get an assessment quickly. Instead of waiting until the child outgrows it. Is because the brain is also going to be confused, and fatigued. That a cross eye treatment in Edmonton can help them overcome.

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By the confusing set of images that it gets from the eyes. And in order to minimize its confusion. The brain will simply, over time. Current off the vision to that I. So that they can avoid the confusing images.

And the child might think that things are cured, because they are no longer seeing double. However, the problem with this. Is that because it turns off vision to that I.

Being able to use both of their eyes at the same time will not be possible any longer. Affecting their ability to track motion with their eyes. See depth perception, as well as a loss of other visual efficiency skills.

The right cross eye treatment in Edmonton will depend on the cause and type of strabismus that they have. And that can be found out through a vision therapy examination. Done by a vision therapist.

These assessments can take anywhere between one hour, to an hour and a half. In order to do all of the measurements, and tests needed. In order to find out exactly what is going on in the patient’s eyes.

And once they have a thorough assessment done. They will be able to make a diagnosis, and come up with a great treatment plan. That can help them overcome their challenges with the vision, particularly in a classroom.