Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | School Troubles May Be Eye Related

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | School Troubles May Be Eye Related

A common scenario, is for child to get into grade 1 or two, and the teacher will recommend a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Because the child is appearing to have a hard time seeing.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton

Parents should not feel bad about this scenario. Because they may not have realize. That their child has this difficulty. Due to the child’s ability to hide this well.

Children do not know. That the way they are seeing the world. Is abnormal. Which is first of all, why they are not going to mention to their parents. That it is blurry when they look at things.

Or that they are having a hard time reading, or playing sports. However, since 80% of the learning. Done inside of a classroom is visual. It is much easier. For a teacher to notice. When a child is struggling visually.

There are several different types of vision syndromes. That the child could be struggling with. Strabismus, is one of the most common. Also known as cross eye syndrome.

Many parents will remember being a child. Having to go through a cross eye treatment. Or having a friend or sibling. Having to endure this treatment. Which would involve placing a patch. On the child’s good I.

To force them to use their weaker I. In hopes that they would be able to use both of their eyes. Once the weaker eye was stronger. However, this is not a treatment. That is used anymore.


Because the patching, is not effective. The Problem is not with an eye being lazy. It is a problem in the eye to brain connection. And what can help. Is getting vision therapy, very similar to physiotherapy.

However, it is for a patient’s eyes. And not their body. Therefore, when children are struggling in school. To read, to see the board. Or struggling in gym class. However, they are quite content to follow along.

With a story that is being read to them. Then chances are quite good. That they do need the right and effective treatment. From a qualified vision therapist called vision therapy.

Parents might notice that their child avoids reading at home. Is avoiding doing their homework. Or that they are clumsy. The clumsiness comes from not being able to navigate their space effectively.

And if this is how the child is appearing. As well as the child’s teacher recommends. Finding a vision therapist. The best thing to do. Would be to find that vision therapist.

Vision therapists are optometrists. That have taken additional education. However, and may be difficult. To find a vision therapist. Unless parents are in the Edmonton area.

Vision by design, located in West Edmonton. Has several great vision therapists on staff. And they will be able to assess the child. Diagnose them, and come up with the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton.

Parents who want to help their child. Stop struggling in school, and start excelling. Should call vision by design today.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | School Problems May Be Eye Related

Parents who notice their child is having trouble seeing, may need a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. The most effective treatment, is vision therapy. Which is performed by a qualified vision therapist.

However, before they can take their child. To a vision therapist in asked them to treat their child. They must undergo an assessment. That is quite in-depth, and much lengthier. Then a typical eye examination.

Parents should budget around an hour and a half in length. For this very in-depth assessment. So that the vision therapist can make the many measurements. And do many different exercises. With the child, in order to find out.

If the child has a vision syndrome. If so, which ones they have. Since there are several different types of syndromes. They may be suffering from. And once they have discovered this, they will know.

What the best treatment is for the child. Such as whether they need a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. For their strabismus, or if they need something else. For their amblyopia or convergence insufficiency for example.

When a child has cross eye syndrome. They are likely going to need at the very minimum, prescription glasses. Or glasses that have prisms in them. They will also typically need vision therapy as well.

However, for some children. Prescription glasses are all that is needed. To correct the cross eye problem that they have. More often than not however. Children were also need vision therapy. First of all to learn how to see.


With their new glasses. And then how to use their eyes together. In order to gain the visual skills they never developed. Such as eye tracking, and focusing. These vision therapy sessions are likely going to take half an hour.

And will be held at the vision therapist’s office. Approximately once every week. They also may ask the child to do some additional exercises at home. In order to progress through their cross eye treatment in Edmonton faster.

They might need to do fifteen minutes of exercises. Five times a week, in order to help keep their eyes strength up. So that they can move on to the next step. In the vision therapy session.

In some severe cases unfortunately. Children will eventually need surgery. However, parents should know that their child will heal from surgery faster. If they have already gone through the vision therapy.

Therefore, it will not be a waste of time. The sooner that parents can bring their child in. The faster they will get an assessment. And the easier they will have with vision therapy.

Parents should not delay, when they suspect their child needs across eye treatment in Edmonton. Because children that do not get this problem fixed. Typically, are unable to fix it when they are adults.

Therefore, getting to the bottom of it sooner. Can ensure that the child is able to see without problems. For the rest of their life.