Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Resolving Strabismus Without Surgery

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Resolving Strabismus Without Surgery

Often, parents might assume that if their child has strabismus, that the cross eye treatment in Edmonton. That they need, will involve surgery. And while this is a possibility, this is not necessarily a given.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton

There are actually many different types of strabismus, the clinical name for cross eye syndrome. And for each type of cross eye, there are different treatments available.

For example, not every patient. Has strabismus constantly. While some do, always seeing double, and never having any reprieve from the symptoms. Other people, only have it at certain times.

Such as when they are viewing things close up. Or, when they are focusing on something far away. Or, when they are doing particularly visually demanding tasks, such as reading, or near work.

As well, the types of strabismus that they have. Can cause their eye to turn, or rotates in different manners. Such as and eye that turns outwards or inwards. Or, in the case of an eye turning upwards or downwards.

In some extreme cases, and eye is even rotated. Which is a lot more difficult to fix. Then other types of strabismus. With the number of different varieties, and presentations. The best way to find out.

What cross eye treatment in Edmonton should be most beneficial for each patient. Needs to be decided by a certified vision therapist. Who has done a very thorough assessment of the patient.


While vision therapists are optometrists. Not all optometrists are certified vision therapists. Which means parents cannot simply go to any optometrists office for an assessment.

By looking up the list of all of the credited vision therapist’s in Canada. On the Canadian optometrists website. People can find out who they can visit. But for people in Edmonton, they have it lucky.

They can simply call vision by design in Edmonton. In order to make an appointment with a vision therapist. So that they can find out what the diagnosis is. But more importantly.

What the best cross eye treatment in Edmonton for their child will be. Parents should be prepared for an hour, to an hour and a half appointment. So that the vision therapist has enough time.

To do all of the measurements, and activities with the child. In order to find out exactly what is going on with their vision. And put together the best treatment for those patients for symptom resolution.

In the least extreme cases. Solving strabismus can be as simple. As prescription glasses. That either has a prescription strong enough to help the eyes align. Or, with prisms in it that can do the same thing.

However, the most common treatment that patients undergo. In order to correct strabismus, is vision therapy. This is guided vision exercises, in the vision therapist’s office once a week.

That can help train the patients eyes and brain. To work together, not just to align. But to process the visual information easily, so that the patient will be able to see clearly from both eyes.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton Resolving Strabismus Without Surgery

There are two concerns that parents have when they think that their child needs a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. One, is that their child will need surgery. And the other, is thinking that the child will needs an eyepatch.

And while surgery might be a real possibility. For patients, that have a severe form of strabismus. When people go to vision by design in Edmonton. They will never patch the patients eyes.

The reason why they will never utilize this form of cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Is because it is largely ineffective at solving the issue at hand. When people have cross eyes, or strabismus.

It is because their eyes are not in alignment together. Therefore, what patching does. Is designed to put the patch over the strong eye. So that the deviating eye can work harder, and resolve the symptoms.

And while that aspect of it works. When the patch is removed, the eyes still do not know how to work together. And it does nothing to resolve the double vision that the patient is suffering from.

In some cases, when up patient has been patching for a long time. The reason why they are double vision goes away. Is because the brain will have simply turned off vision to the deviating eye.

Because it is confused by the images that it is getting. However, this is not beneficial. Because not only have they lost vision in that I. But they also will lose visual efficiency skills, such as being able to read.


Use both eyes together, and eye tracking for example. Therefore patching is not a cross eye treatment in Edmonton that should be used. Because it does not work at all.

However, surgery can remain a real possibility. However, it is never the first course of action to consider. For some patients, they can find symptom resolution with glasses. But more people will find.

Complete symptom resolution with vision therapy. This is going through guided vision exercises. With a vision therapist in their office once a week. In order to make this treatment as beneficial as possible.

People are highly encouraged to do homework, 15 to 20 minutes. Five times a week of exercises that they can do. To help ensure that the work that they are doing at the vision therapist’s office once a week.

Can be as beneficial as possible. While this treatment may take 6 to 12 months. In order for symptom resolution. There is a small chance that symptoms will not completely resolve this way.

Which will require surgery in order to fix. However, on the off chance that a patient does need surgery. This does not mean that the vision therapy was a waste of time. In fact, patients that undergo vision therapy first.

Prior to surgery. Will often recover faster, and will be able to align their eyes better. Then patients who had not undergone surgery before.v