Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Questions About Strabismus

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Questions About Strabismus

Once a child has been diagnosed with strabismus, they will need an effective cross eye treatment in Edmonton. As created by the vision therapist. who consequently did their diagnosis and assessment in the first place.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton

However, why parents will bring their child. To a vision therapist in the first place, depends. On several factors. Often, many parents make the assumption. That their child will tell them if they have problems.

Seeing, or reading, but this is not true. The way a child sees the world. Is their normal, and how they have been viewing the world. Since they can remember. If they have a vision syndrome.

Such as strabismus, they do not know. That the way they see the world. Is something that needs to be corrected. They start developing coping mechanisms. From an extremely early age.

To help them overcome their difficulties. Therefore, parents should not take it too hard. If when their child starts going to school. They are struggling, and the teacher makes a recommendation.

That the child should visit a vision therapist. So much of the learning in a classroom setting. Is visually based. Up to 80% require ice skills. And teachers, nowadays are trained to identify behavior.

That can be associated with various vision syndromes. Therefore, when a child is struggling. To read passages in a book. Or follow along with a lesson. That is being taught at the front of the room.


Many parents feel to blame. For not discovering this on their own. They should not feel bad, because their child was able to hide it. Much better at home than they could at school. And the only important thing now.

Is getting the child the help they need. To stop struggling. And start excelling in their studies. Some parents may make the mistake. That their child will not need a cross eye treatment in Edmonton.

And they will wait. To see if there vision problem. Corrects itself with age. This is an extremely bad idea, according to most experts. Because vision syndromes do not correct themselves on their own.

And particularly strabismus, which is where the eyes. Are not working together. When the brain gets tired. Of trying to process. The visual information from two crossed eyes.

It will eventually, turn off vision to one of the eyes. So that the child can start seeing clearly. Out of one eye. On while this appears as though the vision syndrome has corrected itself.

Because the child is no longer struggling. This is not the case at all. They have effectively, gone blind in one eye. Which means they will still struggle in other ways. Such as tracking moving objects.

They will struggle with reading, and lose their depth perception. Just to name a few things. This is why, children with strabismus. Should get the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton. And get it quickly as well.

When parents would like help for their child. All they have to do is contact vision by design, located in Edmonton. They have vision therapists that will be happy to assess their child.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Questions People Have About Strabismus

Parents may not be familiar with the name strabismus, although it means their child needs across eye treatment in Edmonton. Strabismus is also known as crossed eye syndrome.

And it is the vision syndrome, where the eyes are not working together. And they often, have a crossed appearance. However, some parents should also keep in mind. That not all children.

Who have cross eye syndrome. Will present this way. They often do not have a crossed eye appearance at all. Or their eyes only are to be crossed. When they are trying to do things like read for example.

It can be very difficult. For parents to tell. If their child has a visual syndrome. Because they will start coping. From an early age to overcome their problems. However, when a parent receives a recommendation.

To get their child to a vision therapist. This is very important. Because it will allow them to get an assessment, a diagnosis. And eventually, a treatment. That will help them to stop struggling.

And assessment with a vision therapist. Is quite a long ordeal. Taking about an hour, to an hour and a half. So that the vision therapist. Can do all of the measurements they need. As well as work with the child.

To do all of the exercises, that will help them find out. If they have a vision syndrome. If they do, which one. Such as strabismus, amblyopia or a convergence insufficiency.


It will also help them determine, how severe their vision syndrome is. And what treatment is necessary. For children with strabismus, a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Can look like a variety of things.

Most children will end up with a prescription lenses. Either with a straight prescription. Or lenses, that also have prisms in the glasses. And often, this alone is enough. To correct the child’s vision.

However, more often than not. Some form of vision therapy is needed. Vision therapy is similar to physical therapy. With the therapist, teaching exercises. For the patient’s eyes, to help strengthen them.

They will learn how to work their eyes. Together, as a team. And then, tackle difficult skills. Such as focusing, tracking moving objects. And eventually, reading. Most patients will need vision therapy.

For anywhere between thirty-six, two fifty-two weeks. In order to fully resolve the symptoms. Most patients start to see at difference. At about twelve weeks, however if they wish to progress faster.

Through their vision therapy, they can ask the therapist. For additional exercises. To do at home, for fifteen minutes a day. In order to further strengthen their eye muscles.

In some extreme cases, surgery is needed. To fully fix the problem. However, this cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Is not usual. But patients that went through vision therapy first.

Or going to be able to heal faster, and better from the surgery. Ultimately it will help them see clearly. So parents should not fear this option.