Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Overcoming Strabismus Challenges

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Overcoming Strabismus Challenges

At parent has been told by a teacher, that they should look into getting a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. For their child, parents should take that very seriously. And act sooner, rather than later.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton

The reason why it is important quickly. Is because even if the child does not have cross eyes, also known as strabismus. If they do, it is important that they find the right strabismus treatment for them.

As the brain will easily be able to turn off the vision. To the weaker eye, in order to avoid conflicting messages. That it feels it is receiving from the retinas. This is because of how strabismus affects vision.

When someone is affected, their eyes are not aligning together properly. Which means when they look at an object. They are not looking at the same point of the object. Which means the information that ends up on their retinas.

Is very different, from one retina to the other. Getting the brain conflicting messages. About what the person is seeing. Typically, they will see double images. And depending on what form of strabismus they have.

They will see double, either when they are looking at something far away. Or when they are looking at something close up. And in some severe cases, they will simply see double all of the time.

Which is very disorienting, and can cause many problems with motion, as well as in school. The first thing that parents can do. In order to start looking for the best cross eye treatment in Edmonton for their child.


Will be to contact a vision therapist. Vision therapists are optometrists. But not every optometrist has achieved the additional education. To allow them to be a vision therapist. This means a parent cannot call any optometrist.

In order to set up an assessment, that can help diagnose their child. And come up with the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton for them. While there is a list on the Canadian optometrist webpage.

Patients in Edmonton, can read the sigh of relief. Because they can simply call vision by design in Edmonton. To arrange an assessment, that will help them get the answers that they need.

They should book approximately an hour, to an hour and a half of time off for this assessment. Because of the sheer volume of tests and measurements that the therapist will need to utilize.

In order to come up with the right diagnosis. But also, this will help them come up with the best strabismus treatment. If they do have cross eyes. Once they have come up with the right diagnosis.

Chances are, parents will be presented with a treatment utilizing prescription lenses, vision therapy. Or perhaps surgery, or combination of some or all of these choices. No matter what decision a parent makes.

Helping their child learn how to align their eyes. And train their brain. Will help them overcome the challenges that they have. While it is not going to be an overnight solution. It will significantly help the child.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Overcoming Strabismus Challenges Now

Often, it is very disorienting when someone has strabismus, and they need an effective cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Sooner rather than later. Often, children who have this vision syndrome.

Often appear very clumsy. As they have a hard time navigating their environment. Because they cannot see objects clearly. And know exactly where they are. When they see double all of the time.

But also, children may not even understand where their body is in their space. Which makes it very difficult. For them to be able to follow directions, such as look forward or straight ahead.

Therefore, when a child with strabismus. Utilizes vision therapy for their cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Often, some of the first things that the vision therapist works with the child on.

Is peripheral awareness, and body awareness exercises. This will help them figure out where their body is. And where straightforward, backward and side to side are.

So that they can start utilizing vision activities. Not only to help align their eyes together. So that they can see things well. But also, training their brain how to accept and use information from both eyes as well.

When patients are undergoing vision therapy as a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. They should expect a forty minute session, once a week at the vision therapist’s office. They will take the patient through exercises.


Designed to help them align their eyes with each other. And train their brain. However, it is imperative for the patient to do some visual exercises as homework throughout the week. And before their next session.

This way, they can solidify what they have learned at the vision therapist’s office. And practice it, so that they are prepared for the next step. And what they are going to learn at their next appointment.

While this can be a slow process. Taking anywhere between 6 to 12 months. In order to see symptom resolution. If patients are not doing their homework every single week. It will take even longer.

Ultimately, the goal will be to have symptom resolution. And this particular cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Is very effective in getting cosmetic alignment. But sometimes, surgery is necessary.

In order to turn the eyes physically, so that patients. Will be able to learn how to point their eyes in the same direction. A lot more easily. And while many people might think that if they have to undergo surgery.

It means that there vision therapy was a failure. But this is not the case at all. In fact, people who have undergone vision therapy first. Prior to surgery. Heal faster, as well as learn how to align their eyes after surgery better.

By acting fast, and getting the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Parents are ensuring that their child is no longer struggling. And that they will be able to excel easily, once they are no longer dealing with the symptoms of strabismus.