Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Learning All About Strabismus

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Learning All About Strabismus

Strabismus is a vision syndrome that requires the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton. And despite the fact that it is the most common vision syndrome of childhood. A lot is still unknown or misunderstood.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton

The first thing that parents should understand. Is that it is a childhood vision syndrome. Because while children do not outgrow this syndrome. The problem changes with time. Leaving them with a permanent problem.

That could have easily been taken care of. If they got assessed, diagnosed. And found the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Many parents tend to think that their child will outgrow it.

Because children that have had strabismus. And did not receive treatment. No longer complain about double or blurred vision. But that is only because their brain. Turned off vision to the deviating eye.

Which means while they no longer see double vision. They also do not have use. Of that I, and have lost. All of the visual skills. That two eyes are needed in order to accomplish.

For example, the child will lose their depth perception. Because depth perception needs both eyes. As well, tracking moving objects. Is something that is done with both eyes.

In order to avoid this scenario. Parents should take the claims. From their teacher seriously. That the child may have a vision syndrome such as strabismus. And to get an assessment right away.


The reason why this is getting noticed. In school, and not when the child is younger. Is because how intensely visual. A classroom is. 80% of learning within a classroom is visually based.

And the child, who has been born with strabismus. Is unaware that how they see the world. Is abnormal. Which is why they do not inform their parents. That they are having trouble seeing.

Because they are not aware. That this is not normal. And that not everybody sees blurred or double vision. Everywhere they go. However, in a classroom setting. Their difficulties become much more noticeable.

Especially because at home, the child. Will have developed coping mechanisms. In order to overcome their problems. And this is less possible in a classroom setting. That demands a child.

Participate, and when they do not. That is when the child gets noticed. And the teacher. Who has been taught to look for vision syndrome signs. Can talk to the parent about their suspicions.

Because the child might avoid reading in school. They may stop or avoid doing homework. And they may not pay attention. When the teacher is at the front of the classroom. Teaching a lesson.

And these are all sure fire symptoms. That those activities. Cause them irritation or eye fatigue. And that they should get assessed for a variety of vision syndromes.

Ultimately, when parents are looking for someone that can assess their child. Find out if they have a vision syndrome. And if so, what cross eye treatment in Edmonton will help. They should look for a vision therapist. Who is an optometrist with additional education.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Learning All About Strabismus Vision Syndrome

One of the most important things for parent to do, is get their child the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton. If they suspect their child. Has strabismus. Which is one of the most common vision syndromes of childhood.

Strabismus is the condition. Where a child’s eyes are not aligned properly. And when they look at an object or a word. Their eyes. Focus on different parts of the object. And when their retina.

Sends that visual information to the brain. Because the brain has a hard time figuring out. How to process that confusing information. Which is why the child usually sees things.

As blurred vision, or double vision. At least part of the time, when they have strabismus. If this problem is not dealt with. The brain, after years of being confused. By the visual information it receives. Will simply compensate.

By turning off vision. To the deviating eye. Causing partial blindness in the child. And while child will be able to get along with only some difficulties. If they are partially blind. However this is a rather in acceptable outcome.

For a common vision syndrome. That is extremely easily treatable. Many parents may wonder. First if they are able to get vision therapy. For their child if they waited too long. To get them the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton.

And the unfortunate answer to this question. Is now. Parents cannot get vision syndrome. Ultimately will help regain their child’s lost eyesight. Which is why every attempt must be made. To correct strabismus as soon as it is discovered.


However, getting an assessment can be frustrating. Because finding a qualified vision therapist. Is easier said than done. Vision therapists are optometrists. Who have taken additional education.

Optometrists, are not specifically qualified. To do this assessment. And that is why patients often end up phoning. Many different optometry clinics. In search of a vision therapist.

However, parents should keep in mind. That on the optometrists Canada website. They have a list of all credited vision therapist. Organized by province. However, that still means they will be doing a lot of cold calling.

Defined their child a therapist. To get assessed and diagnosed. When they are located in Edmonton, and the surrounding area. This job is made a lot easier. Because parents can simply pick up the phone.

And call vision by design. Which is located, in West Edmonton. Not only are they a full-service optometrist clinic. But they also employee to vision therapists. Who can assess patients.

As well as diagnose, and give them the right treatment. If they diagnose strabismus. The cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Will typically involve corrective lenses. Such as prescriptions.

That will help their eyes see clearly. To make it easier. To train their eyes to work as a team. Or, lenses that have prisms in them. And often, these glasses alone. Can fix many children’s strabismus.

However, vision therapy is usually required. It is a lot like physical therapy. But for the eyes. And can help train the child. How to use their eyes as a team. And all the visual skills they need.