Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Learn This About Strabismus

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Learn This About Strabismus

Before a child that has a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Parents need to find out. If they have strabismus. Also known as cross eye syndrome. Condition, where the eyes are not aligned properly.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton

What happens, when a child has strabismus. Which is a congenital problem. Which means they have been that way since birth. Is that their eyes. Are not aligned properly. Which affects their ability to focus.

When they look at an object for example. There two eyes focus. On different parts of the object. Sending confusing information to the brain. Which usually gets translated. As blurred, or double vision.

Sometimes, the child sees this all the time. Which can be very eye irritating as it is. And even more so, when they need to do things. Like focus on reading for example. However, this is not all the time.

Sometimes, children only see blurred or double vision. Intermittently. With things coming into, and out of focus. As they concentrate, or lose their concentration. This is significantly more difficult.

Because imagine, how difficult it would be. To try to learn how to read a new language for example. When the page, starts going in and out of focus. It can cause irritation, eyestrain and headaches.

However, a problem with children with strabismus. Who needs a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Is that they only see the blurred or double vision. When they are focusing on objects close up or far away.


In fact, according to vision therapists. There are several different types of strabismus. All with their own cause. And therefore, with their own cross eye treatment in Edmonton.

Therefore, discovering a child who has it. May not be very easy. And many parents take it to heart. When their child’s teacher. Suggests that they have this vision syndrome. And they were not the ones.

To discover it in their own child. This is often the case unfortunately. Because many children do not tell their parents. That they are seeing the world this way. Because to them, it is their normal.

While eye the time they get to school. Since 80% of classroom learning. Is visually based. It becomes much more apparent. That the child is struggling with their vision. In addition to that, teachers are trained.

How to spot vision syndromes in children. By their behaviour. Which is why they are often the ones. To pointed out to the parents. Instead of getting defensive. It is simply important. that the parents take action.

And get them assessed quickly. The reason whites important to do this quickly. Is because a child, over time. Will have a harder time. Going through the vision therapy. That is designed to help them overcome.

The problems with their vision syndrome. And in fact, as the child ages. The brain will eventually. Turn off the image capability. To the deviant eye. In order to be less confused about the conflicting information it receives.

When that happens, fixing the problem is almost impossible. Therefore, when a child has strabismus. Adding them to a vision therapist quickly is of the utmost importance.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Learning Info About Strabismus

Many parents may not have heard about strabismus, even though it means their child needs across eye treatment in Edmonton. But more commonly, known as cross eye syndrome.

This is a vision syndrome. That a child will be born with. Which means their eyes, or not properly aligned with each other. This is often what gives the eyes that cross eyed appearance.

The parents need to keep in mind. That this appearance, is not always visible. When their child has this syndrome. And when their child looks visibly cross eyed.

Getting an assessment and finding the right. Cross eye treatment in Edmonton is easier. But when the child does not have this outward appearance. Getting an assessment may be more difficult.

However, parents can get the help that they need. By getting an assessment. From a qualified vision therapist. Without needing a referral from their doctor. All they have to do.

Is pick up the phone and call vision by design. Located in West Edmonton. They do not accept appointments over email. Or booked in on their website. Because of how highly specialized it is. And how difficult it is. To schedule their vision therapists.

However, all that is needed. Is a quick phone call. Parents can have their child booked in. For a very in depth vision assessment. This is quite a bit lengthier. Than a routine eye exam. That is only used.


To find out. If a person can see an object clearly in the distance. The exam will take approximately an hour, to an hour and a half. In order to do the many tests, and make the many measurements that are needed.

So that they can make the right diagnosis. As well as figure out. What the best treatment for each patient will be. If the child does have strabismus. They will have put together the best.

Cross eye treatment in Edmonton package. Usually involving a variety of methods. From prescription lenses. That have prescription, or prescription as well as prisms. In the lenses. To help the patient.

Learn how to align their eyes. So that teaching them. The visual skills that they need. Such as reading, can be done easier. They also will need some vision therapy.

Which is compared to physical therapy. But for their eye muscles. And not the rest of their body. Similar to physiotherapy. The vision therapist leads the child. Through a series of exercises.

Designed to help them align their eyes. But also, designed to help them learn visual skills. Such as focusing the eyes together. And then follow moving objects. Which is necessary to learn how to read.

Most patients will need to undergo the vision therapy as cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Anywhere between six months to a year. In order to completely resolve their symptoms.