Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | How Strabismus Affects Patients

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | How Strabismus Affects Patients

Strabismus requires a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. And is considered one of the most common. Vision syndromes of childhood. However, parents should not make the mistake.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton

Of thinking that this is something. That their child will eventually outgrow. And untreated vision syndrome. Will have long-term ramifications for the child. Because the brain, after receiving confusing information.

For such a long period of time. Will eventually turn off the vision. One of the eyes. So that no longer receives confusing information. Like double vision. And while it will fix the double vision.

It will also cause the child. To be effectively blind in one eye. And they will still be unable. To use a wide variety of visual skills. Such as tracking moving objects, and loss of their depth perception as well.

Therefore, parents should get their child to cross eye treatment in Edmonton. If they, or their child’s teacher. Suspects that they have a vision syndrome. If they feel bad that they had not noticed it themselves.

They should not feel bad at all. 80% of the learning environment. That takes place in a classroom is visually based. And children, typically will have developed. A number of coping mechanisms.

In order to overcome the problems that they have. All while not realizing, that the problems they have. In seeing the world is something that should be fixed. They believe this is normal, and adapt to overcome any problems.

Once they reach a classroom setting however. They are no longer able. To use their coping mechanisms. And they start to struggle, or fall behind. The teacher, who is trained to notice. But certain behaviors might mean.


Will likely have a conversation with the parents. To let them know their suspicions. And that they should get an assessment done. By a qualified vision therapist. That way, they can get the right diagnosis.

And help their child get the cross eye treatment in Edmonton that they need. To excel in school, and no longer be behind. Some of the behaviour that the teacher will know this includes avoiding activities.

That are likely causing the child pain or irritation. Such as reading a book. Or following a lesson at the front of the room. Some parents should also keep in mind. That cross eyes, does not mean.

That the child looks outwardly cross eyed all the time. Many children only appear cross eyed. When they are reading. Were looking at something far away. So this is not something that is necessarily obvious.

Finding a vision therapist. That can do an assessment can be difficult. Because not all optometrists. Have this skill set that vision therapists do. Even though vision therapists, are all optometrists to begin with.

However, parents in the Edmonton and surrounding area. Will have an easier time. Finding a vision therapist. Because they can call vision by design. Located in West Edmonton. They have vision therapists on staff.

That will not only help assess patients. They can diagnose, and get the right treatment. For each patient with a vision syndrome.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | How Strabismus Affects Children

There are many reasons a child may struggle in school, and they may need a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. But getting an assessment, is the first. And most important step in getting the child help.

Often, parents do not realize. That there is something going on with their child. Until they get to a classroom setting. And then, the teacher will bring the behaviour. Up to the parent.

And say, that they suspect the child is struggling. Unfortunately, while the culprit is often. A vision syndrome, such as strabismus. Which is also called cross eye syndrome.

Or amblyopia, which is also called lazy eye syndrome. Or convergence insufficiency, which is where the eyes have trouble focusing. On a single-point with ease. But these children that have vision syndromes.

May appear to have ADHD. Because they will not follow along. With a lesson at the front of the room. If they are having trouble seeing it. Or they may avoid reading quietly at their desk. When they have trouble reading.

And instead of getting across eye treatment in Edmonton. Children are often mistakenly diagnosed. With ADHD. Indicating that teachers, or doctors. Think that they have trouble focusing instead.

While there is not a single diagnostic test. That can definitively diagnose ADHD. There are diagnostic tests. That can definitively diagnose vision syndromes. And if the child needs something like a cross eye treatment in Edmonton.


No amount of ADHD medication they take. Will help them. This is often why many psychologists. Are sending children to a vision therapist first. In order to either rule out a vision syndrome.

Or diagnose vision syndrome. So that they do not and up treating. A child with ADHD medication. Who instead needs across eye treatment in Edmonton. This is in fact so common, that many parents should know this.

And if their child is struggling in school. It is much easier to diagnose. Or rule out vision problems first. When parents contact a vision therapist. In order to do an assessment. They need to ensure that they have.

Booked off enough time. For this link the examination. It will take approximately an hour, to an hour and a half. In order for the vision therapist. To do all of the measurements. And perform the activities that they need.

In order to come up with the right diagnosis. At the end of the assessment. Not only will they have a diagnosis. Of which vision syndrome, if any the child has. They will also know how severe it is.

And have already come up with the right treatment for each patient. If they have a vision syndrome such as strabismus. There likely going to need at least corrective lenses.

But also, can benefit from vision therapy. And in extreme cases, surgery may be required. However, every attempt will be made. With vision therapy first. To get the child the help they need. To see their visual world clearly.