Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Help For Strabismus Sufferers

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Help For Strabismus Sufferers

One reason why some parents are hesitant to find a cross eye treatment in Edmonton for their child. Is because they assume that it is going to require surgery, or using a patch to correct the problem.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton

They may have had experience themselves with using a patch. Or have seen their friends, or siblings growing up. Struggling with patching. And do not want to inflict this cross eye treatment on their child.

Fortunately, patching is starting to be used less. Because not only is it ineffective. But also, it is very hard on the patient. Often, when patching is prescribed. It is a huge fight to get the child to comply.

Because the cross eye treatment in Edmonton of patching. Involves covering the patient’s good I. In order to force them to use their weaker I, and hopes that it will help both eyes align together.

While it does work in making the weaker eye stronger. It is a huge fight, because children do not want to have their good eye covered. And all too often, parents eventually give up fighting with their child.

In order to force them to wear the patch. Ultimately, even though it makes their weaker eye stronger. It actually does nothing to resolve the strabismus symptoms. Because once the patch is removed.

The two eyes still do not know how to work together. Therefore, it is a huge fight. That does nothing to resolve the symptoms that the patient is suffering with. Therefore, parents should not have to worry.


That there going to have to force their child to wear a patch. The treatments that are now being used for cross eyes, also known clinically as strabismus. Our a lot easier for both the patient and the parents.

For example, one of the simplest treatments nowadays. Is prescription lenses. Often, in some mild cases. Stronger prescription in the weaker I. Is enough to help the eyes align together. In order to see clearly.

In other cases, the vision therapist will ensure the lens has a prism and it. And that is enough to correct the symptoms. Or, corrective lenses along with vision therapy can be very beneficial.

In other cases. The cross eye treatment in Edmonton. That is most beneficial, is vision therapy alone. And while this is an effective way of minimizing symptoms. Because it trains the eyes to work together.

And it trains the brain, to use information from both retinas. However, this is a longer treatment. Taking 36 to 48 sessions on average. In order for full symptom resolution.

In some cases however, the vision therapy will not be effective on its own. And will still require surgery, in order to fix completely. Patients who eventually need surgery, should not consider that they have wasted time on vision therapy.

That is because patients who undergo vision therapy before surgery. Typically heal from surgery faster. And resolve their symptoms after surgery faster as well.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Help For Strabismus Sufferers

When a patient has a strabismus, they will almost always needs a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. However, what that treatment is will depend on many different factors including what type they have.

For example, some people have strabismus symptoms. Only when they are focusing on things far away from them. Or, they only have the symptoms when they are focusing on objects close up.

They might have strabismus symptoms constantly. Which can be very disorienting. And cause them not to truly understand where their body is in relation to the world. Because they have never been able to see clearly.

But also, some people might only have the symptoms. When they are doing a particularly demanding visual task. Such as reading, following a moving object. Or something like playing sports.

Not only are there different ways that the strabismus symptoms presents. But also, the the way that eyes are aligned themselves. Can play a huge factor into what type of strabismus they have.

And what type of cross eye treatment in Edmonton is going to help them. The eye might turn in or out, giving the appearance of cross eyes. Which is why many people call strabismus cross eyes.

But also, the eyes might turn upwards or downwards. Or even have an eye that is rotated. With all of the different variations, it is extremely important. That patients go to a certified vision therapist for an assessment.


While vision therapists are all optometrists. This does not mean that parents can take their child to any optometrists clinic. They will need to find a special vision therapists clinic. Or an optometrist that does both.

For people in Edmonton, this is very easy. Since vision by design is not just an optometrist clinic. But they also have several vision therapists on staff. They cannot book online for this assessments.

But by phoning the office, they can arrange an assessment with one of their vision therapists. And book off about an hour to an hour and a half. Because this is how long it will take.

To do all of the measurements, and activities. That will help them not only make the right diagnosis. But put together the best cross eye treatment in Edmonton. To resolve their symptoms effectively.

Whether that is prescription lenses, vision therapy. Or even surgery, or a combination of those options. No matter what the vision therapist recommends. They are going to be the best bet at resolving the symptoms for the patient.

In fact, if a parent suspects that their child has a cross eye. They should get into see a vision therapist sooner rather than later. Because over time, the brain might simply turn off the vision to the deviating eye.

And then, not only will they have lost the vision in that eye. But they will have limited visual skills. Such as no depth perception. And having a hard time doing things like eye tracking, and focusing.