Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Healing Strabismus Effectively

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Healing Strabismus Effectively

If a child is suspected of needing cross eye treatment in Edmonton. That means that they potentially have strabismus. Which is the medical name for cross eye syndrome. Often, teachers will discover.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton

That the child is struggling in school. Where 80% of the learning is visual. Many parents are under the assumption, that their child. Will tell them if they are having difficulties seeing. But the problem with strabismus.

Is the child will have had this vision syndrome. Since birth, and are unaware. Of what they are seeing, is not normal. And are unaware. That there is a solution to their difficulties.

Therefore, they do not inform their parents. And until they are in a significant visual environment. Such as a classroom, it is very difficult. For parents to discover this particular vision syndrome.

Parents are also mistaken. In thinking that if their child has across eye syndrome. That is going to be very obvious. Because their child will look obviously cross eyed. And while some children do look obviously cross eyed.

This is not always the case. There are several different types of strabismus. Each with its own unique cause. And some children, who have rotated eyes. May not look cross eyed at all.

Some children, are cross eyed all the time. And do not specifically look that way. But also, many children. Are only cross eyed. When they are focusing on something close up. Or focusing on something far away.


Therefore, parents should not feel bad. If they are unaware of this particular vision syndrome. In any of their children. But it is just important. Even if the teacher suspects they need cross eye treatment in Edmonton.

That they get an assessment right away. If they do not get an assessment. And their child does have this vision syndrome. They might be unable, the older the child gets. To correct this problem.

And finally, the brain. After getting conflicting information. From both eyes for so many years. Simply turn the vision off to one eye. So that it can process the visual information more easily.

Unfortunately, once the brain turns the vision off. It is extremely difficult. And often impossible to get the vision back. And then to correct the vision syndrome. Therefore, parents need to act quickly.

In order to help their child. Overcome their vision syndrome. Can be a variety of scenarios. Including prescription glasses. Or glasses with prisms in the lenses. Often, vision therapy will be used.

In conjunction with the corrective lenses. In order to help the child. Use both of their eyes at the same time. And then, once they have mastered that skill. Learn print visual skills that they will need.

Such as tracking moving objects. Which is also a skill needed for reading. This cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Is the most common. Requiring each patient. Half-hour vision therapy sessions.

Once a week, at the vision therapist’s office. In some severe cases, the child will need surgery. But first undergoing vision therapy. Will ensure that their eyes are strong enough to manage the surgery easily.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Healing Vision Syndrome Strabismus Effectively

If a child needs a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. It means that they have strabismus. Also known as cross eye syndrome. And can have a significant impact. On their ability to learn in a classroom environment.

Teachers often notice. When students are struggling. Ultimately, they avoid reading, do not pay attention to detail. Also hen they are writing. Moreover, are unable to focus on the teacher. Who is standing at the front of the classroom.

80% of the learning that a child will do. Inside a classroom is visual. Means if they have a visual syndrome. They can struggle significantly. And sooner rather than later.

If the teacher brings this up to a parent. They should find a vision therapist quickly. So that they can get the help that they need. In order to assess, and diagnose what is going on with the child’s vision.

In fact, the vision therapist will be able to perform a lengthy assessment. Lasting about an hour, to an hour and a half. In order to find out if the child has a vision syndrome. If they do, which one.

And what treatment. Is going to be most effective for them. For example, if they find that the child does have strabismus. They will need to find out how severe it is. In order to put together. The right treatment for the child.


Often, it will involve prescription lenses. But either has a straight prescription. Or it will have prisms in the lenses. And this can often be enough. To help the child. Use their eyes together successfully.

However, in most cases. Some form of vision therapy. Is going to be the cross eye treatment in Edmonton. That is going to be the most beneficial. This is going to take place in the vision therapist’s office.

In half-hour sessions, where the vision therapist. Will teach the child various exercises. That can help them learn. What they need to do, in order to use their eyes together. Which they need to master first.

Once they have mastered that skill. The next part of the treatment. Will be helping the child master visual skills. Such as following moving objects. Which is required for reading.

No matter how significant or not there vision syndrome is. The vision therapist will be able to modify the vision therapy. To match each patient’s abilities. And increase the difficulty as they progress through treatment.

In some of the most severe cases. Surgery will eventually be required. But the vision therapist will still encourage the parent. To send the child to vision therapy. Because strengthening their eyes.

Is going to help them heal much faster from surgery. And have a better overall prognosis. So vision therapy is almost always. One of the first cross eye treatment in Edmonton. That vision therapists will try.