Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Fixing Strabismus Timely

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Fixing Strabismus Timely

Strabismus requires the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Because it is the clinical name for cross eye syndrome. There are many different types of strabismus, and many different treatments as well.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton

Ultimately, what strabismus is. Is a condition where the patients eyes are not aligned to each other. Which causes them to look at different points of the same object they are viewing.

The images end up being focused on different parts of the retina. And when that conflicting information is send to the brain. The result, is that the afflicted patient sees double.

One common misconception about strabismus. Is that someone who is cross eyed, is cross eyed all of the time. This is not the case at all. And people can have strabismus only when they are looking at things close up.

Or, only if they are looking at things far away. As well as only having the symptoms, when they are doing a visually demanding task. Such as reading, or tracking moving objects for example.

This is not the only thing that differs when it comes to strabismus. The way the eye is rotated, can be very different. Such as eyes that turn outwards or inwards. Or, when eye turns upwards or downwards.

But a particularly severe cases of strabismus, which usually requires surgery as the cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Is when the eye is actually rotated. And that can be very difficult to fix.


In order to find out what type of strabismus a patient has. The best thing would be to go to a certified vision therapist. In order for complete assessment. Unlike a standard vision exam.

A vision therapist needs approximately an hour, to an hour and a half. In order to take all of the measurements. And use as many activities as they can. To come up with the right diagnosis.

Once they know this information, they will be able to put together a great cross eye treatment in Edmonton. For each patient, whether that is corrective lenses. Vision therapy, or surgery.

Often, it is a combination of two of these types of cross eye treatment. In order to fully resolve the patient’s symptoms. However, patients should not expect quick fix for their strabismus.

For corrective lenses, while this can be very effective. At resolving symptoms. Usually, vision therapy is needed in addition to that. For their cross eye treatment that can help patients learn how to use the glasses.

Two align their eyes, and minimize the double vision that they see. In other cases, people undergo vision therapy. As a cross eye treatment. And when that does not work, surgery is the next option.

However, patients should not consider the vision therapy a failure. If it does not completely resolve their symptoms. Because patients who do vision therapy first. Before undergoing surgery.

Typically have faster healing time. And better results. So no matter which cross eye treatment in Edmonton someone chooses. It is going to result in stronger eyes. And fewer symptoms as well.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Fixing Strabismus Timely

When parents notice that their child’s eyes are not aligned, they will need the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Unfortunately, some parents think that they can wait. And hope that their child will outgrow this with time.

The reason why that is a false, and dangerous assumption. Is because time is of the essence. When a person has cross eye, also known medically as strabismus.

The reason why it is so important. To address this in a timely fashion. Is because the brain, is confused by the conflicting information it is getting from the retinas. And it will only stay confused for a short time.

Before it eventually just turns off the vision to the deviating eye. In order to stop being confused about the conflicting information it is getting. And while this does work, in illuminating the double vision.

The reason why it is effective at eliminating the double vision. Is because it is literally turning off the vision to one eye. Causing the patient to lose the ability to use that eye.

And lose the vision skills that require two eyes. Such as tracking moving objects. And depth perception, which will make it harder for them to play sports, drive. And even simply navigate through the world.

Because the depth perception is what tells people the distance away from certain objects. Therefore, without quick and timely cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Patients risk losing their eyesight in one eye.


However, many parents are stock. Not knowing where to go, to get their child a visual assessment done. By a certified vision therapist. While vision therapists are all optometrists.

Not all optometrists are vision therapists. Which means they cannot necessarily walk into their own optometrists clinic. In order to get an assessment to help them get a diagnosis.

And subsequently, a cross eye treatment can help them. While there is a list on the Canadian optometrists website. Of all of the vision therapist’s in Canada. Patients in Edmonton, are in luck.

Because they can simply go to vision by design in the West End of Edmonton. Or call them, and ask for an assessment with one of their three vision therapists on staff. By doing this, they will be able to get.

The assessment done that is necessary. Not only to diagnose strabismus. But also figure out what the best cross eye treatment in Edmonton is. Whether it is prescription lenses, vision therapy.

Surgery, or a mix of two or three of those options. Regardless of what they choose. Patients need to keep in mind. That they are likely not looking at a quick fix.

That it can take up to 6 to 12 months for complete symptom resolution. So following the directions of their vision therapist. Is of paramount importance, in order to resolve their symptoms. And be able to see clearly, for the first time in their life.