Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Correcting Strabismus

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Correcting Strabismus

If a child is struggling in school, perhaps they need a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Strabismus, also known as cross eye syndrome. Is the most common. Visual syndrome of childhood.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton

This often is not discovered. Until the child is going to school. Because so much of the classroom. Such as 80% is visual learning. Which means a child, may develop coping strategies.

To overcome their strabismus. However, those coping strategies. Are no longer effective, in such a fast pace. Visual environment like a classroom. This is why children are diagnosed later in life.

However, parents need to understand. That it is extremely important. That they make every attempt. To correct their child’s strabismus. Also known as cross eye syndrome. The reason, is very simple.

When a child develops strabismus. It is during the brains initial development. Which means they will be born with this vision syndrome. Therefore, by the time they get to school. They will have dealt with this particular problem.

For a number of years. With time, if the problem does not get corrected. The brain will eventually. Turn off vision to the deviant eye. In order to know longer receive. The confusing information.

From each, separate eye. Because the child’s eyes are not aligned. When they have strabismus. It sends conflicting information to the brain. Which is why they often see images as blurred or double.

There are several different cross eye treatment in Edmonton options. That range from prescription glasses. That often alone, is enough. To help the child align their eyes together.


Or, they may need prisms in the glasses. Which will also help them to use their eyes together. However, a more common treatment for vision syndromes. Is vision therapy, which is very similar to physiotherapy.

But instead of working the body’s muscles. The vision therapist. Takes the child through a series of exercises. To help them strengthen and align their eyes. This is incredibly effective therapy.

With most people requiring anywhere between thirty-six, to forty-eight weeks of treatment. Consisting of half-hour sessions. At the vision therapist’s office. And being able to resolve their symptoms completely.

In some cases, a combination. Of prescription glasses. As well as vision therapy. Is all the cross eye treatment in Edmonton that they need. However, in some extreme cases of strabismus.

Children will eventually need surgery. In order to fix the problem. For example, when they have an eye that is 90° rotated. However, vision therapists let parents know.

That they will try vision therapy first. And if that does not completely correct the problem. The child will have a much better chance. Of completely healing from surgery. If they have completed vision therapy first.

While it can be stressful. For parent to know their child is struggling. And has a syndrome that needs to be corrected. Going to the experts at vision by design in Edmonton. Can help make this stressful time easier. By treating it quickly, and effectively.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Correcting Strabismus With A Vision Therapist

Strabismus is a vision syndrome that requires the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton. And while it is the most common vision syndrome of childhood. There are several different types of strabismus.

All with its own causes, and therefore. All having their own unique different treatment options. The child is struggling in school. One of the first things that a parent should do. Is get their vision checked.

This does not mean going in for a routine eye exam. To see if they have perfect vision or not. But a vision of assessment. Done by a qualified vision therapist. Can tell them definitively.

If the child is suffering from a vision syndrome. Which is why they may be struggling in a classroom setting. Sometimes, children’s behaviour. Such as avoiding homework, for not following along with a lesson by the teacher.

May be misinterpreted as symptoms. Of the neurodevelopment disorder, ADHD. And while this is the case for many children. There is not a single diagnostic test. That can definitively diagnose ADHD.

While there is a diagnostic test. That can definitively diagnose. If a child has a vision syndrome. In fact, many psychologists are starting to do for patients. To a vision therapist first for testing.

Because it can be very fast way. Of finding out. If this is contributing. To the child’s difficulties in a classroom setting. If they have a vision syndrome. Then the treatment is easier.

And will be more successful. Then a doctor assuming that the child. Is struggling because they have ADHD. And then wondering why. There ADHD medication is ineffective.


However, getting the child to an assessment. Is easier said than done. Because not all optometrists. Are vision therapists. And not all vision therapists advertise their services in such a way.

On the optometrists Canada website. There is a list of vision therapists. Organized by order of province. However, if parents of the children who is struggling. Is in the Edmonton area.

They can contact vision by design. They have vision therapists on staff. Who can assess, diagnose. And put together the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton. For children who are struggling.

This is not the same thing. As a routine eye exam. That is only designed to find out. If a child needs glasses. And not if they have difficulties. And their eye to brain connection. Which is the case with vision syndromes.

Parents should be prepared. For a vision exam taking. Anywhere between an hour to an hour and a half. Because of the many measurements and tests. Let the vision therapist must do.

In order to find out. If the child has a vision syndrome. If so, which one. And how severe it is. At the end of the assessment. They will have put together the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton. If the child has strabismus.

They will also be able to say definitively. When they can start their cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Whether it is prescription glasses. Or vision therapy. Even a combination of the two.