Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Common Questions About Strabismus

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Common Questions About Strabismus

Often, the common cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Is vision therapy, however this is not the only thing. That can help children with this vision syndrome. And a consultation with the vision therapist is an important place to start.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton

People actually know strabismus more commonly. By cross eye syndrome. And while many parents identify this in their child. Just by looking, because their eyes are very obviously not aligned.

It is not as easy to notice. In all patients. Sometimes, the eyes are not obviously misaligned. And sometimes, the strabismus is only present, when the child is looking at something close up, or far away.

Therefore, unless a parent is looking directly at their child’s face. As they look in the distance something. It may be more difficult to notice. Leaving it up to teachers, to often bring it up to the parents.

That they should meet with the vision therapist for an assessment. A vision therapy assessment is a lot different than a standard vision exam. As given by an optometrist. First of all, it is much longer.

That is because there are many different measurements that the vision therapist will need to take. As well, they will do many different activities. In order to find out exactly what is going on with the patient’s eyes and vision.

While it is not common. For patients to have more than one vision syndrome at a time. They will want to rule out, any other vision syndromes. That could be causing problems for the child.


Once they have done the assessment, they will be able to make the right diagnosis. Such as whether the child does have strabismus or not. And then, they will be able to recommend the best cross eye treatment in Edmonton for their child.

There are many different options that they have to choose from. However, patching is no longer treatment. That is used, in order to treat strabismus. This is because patching is largely ineffective.

The premise of this particular cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Is that patients will have their strong eye covered. To allow their weaker eye to get used more. In order to get just as strong as the strong eye.

However, it is not just that strabismus is caused by one strong eye and one week I. It is caused when the eyes do not align. Therefore covering one eye. Does nothing to help align them. And months of patching.

Is useless, because the child will come out of the scenario. Still unable to use both of their eyes together. Therefore, prescription glasses, vision therapy. And surgery are the treatments that the vision therapist will have at their disposal.

The most common treatment for cross eyes. Is vision therapy. Which consists of being guided through several different vision activities. Led by the vision therapist themselves.

That will train the eyes to work together. And train the brain to accept the information it receives from the eyes. Usually, half an hour sessions, once a week for a year. Is enough to correct this problem.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Common Questions Asked About Strabismus

When a child complains that they are having trouble seeing or reading, the solution is often a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. While there may be a wide variety of vision syndromes that is affecting the child.

Including simply needing glasses. People should not be so quick to discount strabismus, also known as cross eye syndrome. Because it affects more people, then many people realize.

A common misconception about this syndrome. Is that children will outgrow its with time. The reason why this misconception exists. Is because with time, the brain will eventually turn off vision to the poor eye.

Because it no longer wants to receive conflicting messages. About what each of the eyes are seeing. Therefore, it will turn off the vision to one eye. And while it means the patient will no longer see double.

It also means that they will not be able to use that eye any longer. And all of the visual activities that two eyes are required for. Such as a loss of depth perception. And an inability to track objects easily.

Therefore, it is very important. That people get the right diagnosis quickly. And start an effective cross eye treatment quickly as well. When seeing a vision therapist. One of the first things that they will say as a goal.

Will be to improve the patient’s eyesight. As well as cosmetic appearances. Being able to see well, as well as allow the brain to process the information it is receiving. There are many different ways this can be achieved.


One common cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Is using prescription lenses. That have different coatings on them. Such as tinted lenses. Or lenses with prisms in them. That can help teach the eyes.

How to work as a team. And how to focus their eyes on the same point. So that the brain will have an easier time using the visual information it receives. And translating that into vision that is not double.

However, the most common treatment for strabismus is vision therapy. Where the vision therapist will lead the patient through exercises. That will be designed to helping the patient train their eyes.

To work well together. And train their brain, to use the information it receives from both of the retinas. And while this is the most common treatment. It is not a fast one. Taking approximately one year.

Of weekly sessions, in order to see results. The alternative, is surgery. That can be very effective. However, if people want to minimize their risk of needing this type of cross eye treatment in Edmonton.

They should do vision therapy, and do the homework that they are given. Because they will be able to progress faster, if they do additional work at home. To help ensure strengthen the activities that they have learned.