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Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Can Strabismus Be Treated?

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Strabismus Can Be Treated

Strabismus is also known as a cross eyes, and requires a great cross eye treatment in Edmonton. From an accredited vision therapist. In order to help overcome the symptoms that children have with this vision problem.

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Typically, children will see double when they have strabismus, or when they are cross eyed. And while it is often a problem that is also cosmetic in nature. Because children will have their eyes pointed in different directions.

And it is often important. To find a solution to help them align their eyes. So that it will look better. But more importantly, the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Will help them avoid seeing double vision.

The reason why children will end up seeing double vision. Is because the way they are processing visual information. When their eyes are not aligned with each other. Images that they are looking at.

Such as objects, or words on a page when they are reading. Will be focused on different parts of their retina. Which sends confusing signals to the brain. Because they are not corresponding with each other.

And the result is double vision. And while there are different types of strabismus. Each type has its own cause, as well as a different treatment that is going to be needed. In order to fix the problem.

For example, some children have strabismus only when they are focused on objects that are far away from them. And can cause problems when they are on the playground, or playing sports for example.


Or they can have strabismus that shows up only when they are viewing things close up, such as reading, or writing. And they can even have strabismus all of the time, that causes them to see double all the time.

No matter what form people have, is very important that they get the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton. So that children that have this vision problem, can see clearly.

In fact, children would need to use their far vision and near vision. In order to learn in a classroom. Because of all of the different types of learning that they do. Such as reading on a board at the front of the class.

As well as reading and writing in their own desk. In fact, children who have strabismus may not be doing well in a classroom setting. Because they have a hard time with a lot of the learning activities, because they are visually based.

Therefore, finding the right treatment. Can help children overcome their challenges. And start to learn more effectively. So that they can start to excel in school.

When parents want to help their child do better in school, as well as get the cosmetic help. To align their eyes. They should contact vision by design in Edmonton, Alberta. And asked to get an assessment done.

The assessment done by a vision therapist will take approximately an hour to an hour and a half. At which point, the vision therapist will do many different measurements and tests. In order to find the right diagnosis. And generate the right treatment for each individual patient.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | Can You Treat Strabismus?

Many parents have never heard of strabismus before, but this requires an effective cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Because strabismus is the clinical name for cross eyes. Which not only can be a cosmetic concern.

But is actually causing their child to struggle in school. As well as in sports. Because it will cause them to see things in double vision. This is because when a child has cross eyes.

There eyes are not aligned, and therefore when they view an object. Their unable to point their eyes at the same part of the object. And therefore, they will see things in double vision.

People can look at a page, and cross their eyes slightly. In order to see what someone with strabismus is seeing. And they can see how irritating, and fatiguing that would be to look at.

This is why it is important to find the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton. And once a child is assessed by a vision therapist. Such as those on staff at the optometrist clinic, vision by design in Edmonton.

They will be able to figure out what type of strabismus the child has. And then, figure out what treatment is going to be most beneficial for them.

For example, a child might have their deviant eye pointing inwards or outwards. Or, the type of strabismus that they have, could cause their eye to point up or down.


And in extreme cases, they might have an eye that is rotated, and might need completely different therapy. In order to fix, to help children align their eyes again.

One cross eye treatment in Edmonton could be as simple as prescription lenses, that will help the child focus their eyes together. Or, glasses that have prisms in the. To help them overcome their challenges.

Or, it could require 36 to 48 weeks of vision therapy. Where they will work with a vision therapist. Going through guided exercises. That will be designed to help the patient train their eyes to align.

However, with vision therapy. It is very important that the parents and child are ready, willing and able to engage in the homework. Which will be approximately 15 to 30 minutes of vision exercises at home.

That they will have to do about five days every week. In order to see the best results. Without doing this homework, the vision therapy can still work. It will just require more sessions then if they did not do the homework.

And, in some extreme cases, surgery is needed. Therefore, it is important that if a child has strabismus, that they get an assessment right away. And now all optometrist clinics have a vision therapist on staff.

However, at Vision by Design in Edmonton. They have vision therapists. Who also will treat patients within the office. So parents don’t need to go anywhere else. To help their child.

And start treatment that is going to be able to help them overcome their challenges. So that they can avoid seeing double. And that will help them excel, particularly in a classroom environment.