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Concussion Treatment | Treating Concussions Effectively

Concussion Treatment | Treating Concussions Effectively

It is very important for people to see their vision specialist for a concussion treatment. No matter how serious or mild they believe their concussion was. Because this may be the only way to heal thoroughly.

In fact, many people are suffering from concussions and do not even know it. Especially if they were not hit in the head. Because contrary to popular belief. People do not need to be hit in the head to have suffered a concussion.

What causes a concussion. Is any time the head moves in such a way. That the brain will hit the skull on the inside of a person’s head. Such as if they are travelling at a certain velocity. And stop suddenly or changed directions quickly.

A great example of where concussion can happen. Even though people do not get hit in the head. Is during a car accident where people get whiplash. They might not even have their head hit anything at all.

But the sudden stopping, and having their head whip forward. Can cause enough of a shift in direction. That the brain, while suspended in brain fluid. Will continue the momentum of the original speed.

And direction while the head makes a change. This is how easy it is for concussions to occur. And even people who have not been in such a serious accident that would cause something like whiplash.

People who simply fall down, or are hurt mildly. Can end up with a concussion even though they may not realize it. Therefore, being aware of what the signs are. Is important to getting the right concussion treatment for their issues.


And while people who realize that they have had a concussion. Often go to their doctor, or a physiotherapist. In order to heal from the injuries. However, they also need to talk to their optometrist.

Because there are important visual systems that could have been damaged in the concussion. That need an optometrist to treat. Otherwise, they may be dealing with symptoms for many years.

The reason why I concussion is most likely going to result in the some damage to the visual system. Is simply because there are so many parts of the brain. That deal with vision as a regular part of their operation.

A great example of this. Is walking and running. While many people may not realize the use their visual system for this. For balance, as well as gauging where there feet should land.

Involves certain aspects of the visual system. And because there are three hundred neural connections in the brain related to vision. And they are located all over the brain.

When people suffer a concussion, chances are quite high that they will have suffered damage their visual system. Requiring seeking out the right concussion treatment from an optometrist. In order to fully heal.

In fact, most optometrists will work very closely with doctors and physiotherapists. In order to completely heal a person from their concussion damage.

Concussion Treatment | Treating Concussions Effectively

Even though many people think that they only need to see a doctor for their concussion treatment. It is important that they see a wide variety of specialists, especially including an optometrist.

The reason why they should see an optometrist. Is because chances are extremely high that they have damaged some aspect of their visual system. Especially with how many neural connections there are in the brain.

That have to do with the visual system. Over three hundred connections all over their brain. As well as thirty-two centres in the brain that deal with vision.

So when a person has a concussion, no matter what part of their brain is hit. Chances are quite high that they will have suffered some damage to their visual system that needs to get fixed.

It is also important for people to understand what common symptoms they can get from a concussion. As well as what symptoms they can have from a concussion that point to a damaged visual system.

That way, if they have any of those same symptoms. They can see their optometrist for the right concussion treatment. As quickly as possible.

So that they do not have to deal with symptoms for longer than they have to. The reason why this is so important. Is because despite people thinking that they are eventually going to heal on their own.

Without treatment, unfortunately this is not true. And the damage sustained in a concussion will not repair itself. Which is why it is so important to find the right treatment quickly.


Some of the symptoms that they need to be aware of include dry eye, because the part of the brain that regulates how often they blink will be damaged. As well as eyestrain, and headaches.

Double vision, balance issues and even hypersensitivity to motion. In addition to dizziness and nausea. If people are experiencing these anywhere between immediately after their concussion. To up to two weeks later.

The need to see an optometrist in order to minimize those symptoms and to find the right concussion treatment that can help them. In fact, they may be asked by their physiotherapist to contact an optometrist.

If they are in physiotherapy to treat their concussion injuries. And they are not progressing as quickly as they should. Or healing the way the physiotherapist expects.

This could be because they are still dealing with a damaged visual system. By working in conjunction with a vision therapist or an optometrist. Can help people find the relief they need in a treatment.

And while people who had a mild injury not even realize that they have had a concussion at all. If people have these symptoms develop. And they cannot be attributed to any injury that they are aware of.

And they have had symptoms for anywhere between 1 to 3 months. They should seek out a vision therapist. Because they may need to see someone who has special training in neuro- rehabilitation.

Because brains are very complex organs. When they are damaged, people should seek out the right professionals to treat their injuries.