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Concussion Treatment | Healing the Brain and Visual System

Concussion Treatment | Healing the Brain and Visual System

One thing that prevents many people from obtaining right concussion treatment. Is simply being unaware that they have suffered a concussion in the first place. Or assuming that their concussion was so mild, that they do not need treatment.

Unfortunately, even extremely mild concussions. Can end up causing brain damage. That only the right treatment can heal. And even people with mild symptoms.

Can have those symptoms persist for years without the right concussion treatment. As well, chances are quite high that people have damaged some aspect of their visual system during a concussion.

In the reason why, is because there are many different neural connections in the brain. Having to do with vision. As well as different centres of the brain that deal with vision in some way.

Therefore, it does not matter where the brain was injured, or how significant the injury was. Chances are, that some aspect of the visual system was affected. Requiring the right concussion treatment.

And when people have had their visual system damaged in a concussion. They will need to talk to a visual therapist. Because their doctor or physiotherapist.

Might not have the right information or knowledge. On how to heal a damaged visual system. In fact, some doctors or physiotherapists might get frustrated that a person is not healing as quickly as they thought they should.

And the reason that they are not. Is because they have damaged visual system. That is preventing progress in other areas. Such as if they are going to physiotherapy to help them regain balance and help walk.

They may not realize that their visual system is needed for balance and walking. And that without healing to their visual system, they may not be able to regain their balance as effectively.


However, the best concussion treatment will involve all therapists working together. In order to heal all aspects of the brain. Either wanted time, in order that makes the most sense.

Or healing them at the same time and at the same rate. So that all the healing can progress together. However, without understanding what the symptoms are, or when shocked visual therapist.

People may be struggling with symptoms for longer than they should. And while the symptoms are important to know. Knowing help people cope with the symptoms is even more important.

Because if they can recognize these coping mechanisms in themselves. That can be enough to get them to go see a visual therapist the right treatment for their concussion damage.

If they find that they start having blurred vision after being on their computer for a few hours. Or that when they leave work at the end of the day, that they have trouble focusing on the road.

Or if they find that they are avoiding reading. Even though it is an activity that they previously loved. Or are limiting time themselves on digital devices, or decreasing their brightness.

That can all point to concussion damage. And they should talk to a visual therapist right away in order to heal effectively.

Concussion Treatment | Healing the Brain and Visual System

Brains are very complex organs, and if they have an injured right concussion treatment is paramount. To ensuring that people can heal effectively from the damage that their brain sustained.

Even extremely mild concussions can end up causing damage. That even a lot of time will not heal. Ending up with people who have sustained even a mild concussion. Living with frustrating symptoms for years.

And one of the misconceptions that many people have about concussions. Is that their symptoms will show up directly after the event. This is not true.

Concussion symptoms can show up anywhere between immediately after, to up to ten days after the initial event. And when they symptoms are not obviously concussion related.

They can often get overlooked, resulting in people delaying getting the right concussion treatment for their symptoms. In fact, many people also believe that they need to get hit in the head in order for it to be a concussion.

Which has the end result of more people walking around with concussion damage. And not even know it. Which is why is very important for people to recognize concussion damage.

Especially as it relates to their visual system. And reason why, is because no matter what part of her brain was damaged during a concussion. It likely affected some aspect of the visual system.


Because there are so many different neural connections in the brain. That deal with the visual system. That even a mild concussion is likely to have caused damage to their visual system.

Therefore, if people find that they are having headaches, double or blurred vision. Or eyestrain immediately after their concussion, or ten days later. This is a symptom that should cause them to seek out a visual therapist.

As well, people might end up with having hypersensitivity to motion, balance issues. And finding that they are dizzy or nauseous. Especially when they see motion in their peripheral vision.

As well as eyestrain or dry eye. Even though they think that that might be related to their computer use. When they experience these issues. They should see a visual therapist.

Who will be able to give them an eye exam. And that eye exam will be able to conclusively show if they are suffering from concussion damage to their visual system. And what the best treatment options for the patient will be.

Even if people do not realize that had a concussion. But they are experiencing these symptoms. Is enough for them to seek out an evaluation by a vision therapist. Because even a mild concussion.

That people may not even remember. Can cause symptoms for several years. By healing concussion damage and getting the right concussion treatment. Can help patients get back to normal.

And live their best life, without having to worry about symptoms that can be annoying at the least, or very difficult to live with at their worst.