Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Why Concussions Interrupt Vision

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Why Concussions Interrupt Vision

Most concussions resolve on their own, but some require concussion treatment in Edmonton. However what that treatment looks like. Depends a lot. On the damage to the brain.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton

In order to understand why that happens. People need to know. What happens in the brain during a concussion. The first thing to understand. Is that a concussion can happen with or without a head injury.

And any force strong enough. To stop a person moving. But because the brain in their head. Which is suspended in brain fluid. To continue to move. Is enough to cause a concussion injury.

Therefore, high-impact incidents. Like car accidents, or being checked into the boards. By hockey player. Are definitely high enough. To cause a concussion in a patient. However, even mild incidents.

Such as tripping and falling hard on the ground. Even when they had was not hit. Could be enough force. To cause a concussion. Soccer players heading the ball. And similar incidents. Although they seem very mild.

Can cause the brain to hit the skull. And sustained damage. When neurologists talk about concussion damage. What they mean specifically. Is that the neural pathways. That connect the brain together.

And is responsible for sending messages from the brain. To the body and from the body to the brain. Are either damaged. Or destroyed during their injury. How significant this damage is.


Will depend on how significant the injury is. And Once upon a time, researchers and scientists. Often believed. That this injury was permanent. And that the brain is unable to heal from this type of incident.

Researchers now understand. That the brain is what they refer to as neural plastic. Which means it has the ability. To learn, grow and heal. For the entirety of its life. Therefore, damage from a concussion.

Can be treated. When the right professionals, are involved. Therefore if people are looking for a concussion treatment in Edmonton. In order to minimize symptoms. Of a damaged vision system.

They will need a vision therapist. Who will be able to contact vision therapy. In order to help train the brain. And the eyes to work together. And fix, and repair those missing and damaged neural connections.

The symptoms that people should be wary of. Include symptoms that are obviously related. To a damaged vision system. Such as light sensitivity, blurred and double vision.

But also symptoms. That are not as obvious. Such as headaches, balance issues. And trouble with depth perception and distance. In fact there are a wide variety of symptoms that indicate.

That a person has sustained damage. To their vision system. And once these symptoms. Have lingered for a longer period than thirty days. Is the time in which a patient should seek help.

By contacting the vision therapist’s at vision by design in Edmonton. Patients are able to get an assessment, and the right diagnosis. As well as the right concussion treatment in Edmonton. To eliminate or at least minimize their symptoms.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Why Concussions Interrupt The Vision System

One of the first things that people who have a concussion may do, is look for a concussion treatment in Edmonton. And while it is important that they see a medical doctor. And even a neurologist following their injury.

There are many reasons. Why seeking a concussion treatment in Edmonton. This early is premature. For one, symptoms of a concussion. Are actually continuing to show up. For up to two weeks.

After the initial injury. While many people might assume. That someone will have symptoms immediately. Following the injury, this is not necessarily true. While people may in fact have symptoms.

As soon the concussion happens. Not all of their symptoms may be present at this time. In fact, not everyone will have immediate symptoms following their injury. Which makes it difficult to diagnose.

When their incident was extremely mild. And their symptoms show up. Two weeks after the initial injury. However, while some symptoms are showing up. Others are going away.

In fact, many symptoms will completely resolve. Within a month of the original injury. Therefore, doctors simply recommend. Watching the symptoms. And reporting anything troubling. But not taking any action yet.

However, after one month. Any symptoms that remain. Are going to require the right concussion treatment in Edmonton. In order to completely resolve. In fact, 70% of concussion patients.


Report that they have visual symptoms remaining. After thirty days after their initial injury. Which means most concussion patients. Will eventually benefit. From working with a vision therapist.

The first steps to getting treatment. Is to come in for a consultation. And a vision exam. A vision exam is actually much more involved. Then a routine eye exam is. Which takes about twenty minutes.

And is designed to find out. Whether a patient can see clearly. Or if they need corrective lenses. While a vision exam on the other hand. Must explore all aspects. Of the patient’s vision system. In order to determine.

Not only if it is damaged. But if it is, how damaged it is. Once they have completed the exam. The vision therapist will know. What type of concussion treatment in Edmonton. Is going to help each patient.

They may prescribe therapeutic lenses, prescription lenses. Or use vision therapy. Or a mixture of some or all of the above. Depending on what needs to be corrected. And the severity of their brain injury.

The prescription glasses. Will help the brain see images clearly. Which can often resolve the blurred or double vision. While the therapeutic lenses. Are often able. To help the brain process visual information.

The visual therapy program. Is a lot like physical therapy. However instead of working out the muscles. It will work out the vision system. Helping patients put together the right neural connections.

That can help heal the brain, because of its neuro- plasticity. When looking for the right vision therapist to work with. Patients should look no further. Then vision by design, located in West Edmonton.