Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Why Concussions Disturb Vision

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Why Concussions Disturb Vision

Chances are if someone has had a concussion, they will need a vision therapist to help them find a concussion treatment in Edmonton. In order to resolve all of their symptoms.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton

While a concussion means that a person is had a brain injury. Since so much of the vision system. Is located in the brain. Most concussion patients. Also experience vision system symptoms.

The reason why, is because the vision system. Is not located in the one part of the brain. But throughout the entire brain. Because of how many print parts of the brain. Use vision as part of their tasks.

For example, the communication centre of the brain. Uses vision, whether it is looking at a person’s face. For cues on their emotions. On how they are feeling. Or, whether a person is lip reading. In order to understand what they are saying.

People also need to use their vision system. For moving. To judge objects that might be in their way. Objects that might be moving, to them. Or away from them. Judging how far away the ground is.

And what type of material there walking on. People will also need to use their vision system. For reading, watching movies. For balance, and many other things. In fact, there are thirty-two centres of the brain.

Specifically related to vision. And an additional three hundred connections in the brain. That use vision in some way. This means the connections are located throughout the entire brain. And no matter what part of the brain.


Was injured during a concussion. Chances are significant. That part of the vision system will be damaged. The damage that is caused by a concussion, happens. Directly to the neural connections.

The neural connections are the pathways. To allow the brain to complete tasks. And when damage happens to those neural connections. They are either damaged. Making it difficult. For tasks to be completed.

Or, the connection is severed completely. Making it impossible for certain tasks to be completed. While doctors once thought that damage to the brain was absolute and permanent. Drs. now realize.

That the brain has what is referred to. As neuro- plasticity, which is the ability. Of the brain to change, learn and most importantly, heal. Therefore, the broken and damaged connections can be made once more.

However, it takes a skilled professional. Knowing what parts of the brain were damaged. And what activities will repair them. In order to make those connections once more. And chances are quite significant.

That during a concussion. People will also have damaged the extensive vision system. At least in some part. Each means one of the professionals. That they will have to seek out. Is a vision therapist.

And the concussion treatment in Edmonton that will help them. Will be vision therapy. In fact, many people who are healing from a concussion. Will be unable to proceed with their treatment.

Until they are working in conjunction. With the vision therapist for the right concussion treatment in Edmonton. Since vision is often needed to be healed first. Before other areas of the brain. Can follow suit.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Why Concussions Can Disturb Vision Significantly

Symptoms that people might experience after their concussion that will mean they need a concussion treatment in Edmonton. From an accredited vision therapist include. Having a headache.

Being sensitive to light. Having trouble focusing on objects close up. Or having trouble focusing on objects far away. Being overwhelmed or uncomfortable. In Izzy visual environments.

Such as being in a crowd, walking through a mall. Or watching television or movies. That have a lot of action on screen. Even scrolling on a computer screen or a phone. Can be overwhelming.

However, these are not the only symptoms. That point to a damaged vision system. People could also experience very obvious visual symptoms. Such as blurred, and double vision. Losing their place.

When they are reading a passage. Experiencing a much slower pace reading. Than they are used to. Or finishing reading a paragraph, passage or a page. Only to realize. That they do not understand what they have just read.

Often, the symptoms that people have. That indicates they have a damaged vision system. And need a concussion treatment in Edmonton. From a vision therapist. Might not even be obviously vision related.

For example, people that have problems balancing. Or, have problems with depth perception. And often believe that these difficulties. Are caused by an inner ear problem. When it is actually a damaged vision system.


In fact, because of how extensive. The vision system throughout the brain is. 70% of concussion patients. Have vision symptoms. As part of their initial injuries.

Fortunately however, most visual symptoms. Will resolve. Within one month of the initial injury. However, if symptoms persist longer than a month. And definitely longer than three months.

That is an indication. That patients most definitely need. A concussion treatment in Edmonton. From a vision therapist. They can get the help they need, by contacting a vision therapist. In order to get a vision examination.

This is a very thorough, and comprehensive exam. That is much more in-depth. Than the standard eye exam. That is simply used. To determine if people can see clearly or not. They must make many measurements.

And do many tests. In order to find out. What parts of the vision system are damaged. They need to do many tests. Because the vision system is extremely extensive. And can be affected in many different ways.

Following the examination. If they have determined. That a patient does have a damaged vision system. They will have put together. The best concussion treatment in Edmonton.

Using either prescription, or therapeutic lenses. Or vision therapy, or a combination of both. No matter what type of treatment they utilize. Most patients report. Having significant improvement to their symptoms. Resulting in a better overall quality of life.

When concussion patients are ready to get the help that they need. They should contact vision by design optometry clinic. Located in West Edmonton. As the vision therapists on staff. Specialize directly, in concussion therapy.