Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Why Concussions Disrupt Vision

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Why Concussions Disrupt Vision

More often than not, the concussion treatment in Edmonton. That follows a head injury needs to be issued. By a vision therapist. The reason why, is because more often than not.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton

People will have damaged. Part of their vision system during a concussion. During a concussion, the brain will continue moving. While the head does not. Causing the brain to hit the inside of their skull.

Even a moderate force of this nature. Is enough to damage or destroy. Certain brain connections. Called neural pathways. These damaged or broken neural pathways. Because the symptoms that people experience.

And often, the brain is able. To repair those neural pathways on its own. Which is why, many people will experience. Diminishing of symptoms up to one month. After their concussion head injury.

Therefore, no concussion treatment in Edmonton. It is therefore necessary. However, if symptoms linger. This is when they need to find the right treatment for them.

Quite often, they will need vision therapy. Simply because most concussion sufferers. Also have vision symptoms. Because no matter what part of the brain was damaged. It included areas of their vision system.

A great example of this. Is looking at how extensive the vision system actually is. In a person’s brain. While the optic nerve. Brings the visual information. From the eyes to the brainstem.


There are actually thirty-two centres of the brain. That need to receive that visual information. As well as three hundred connections in the brain. That use some of the information.

This is an extremely large job for the brain to do. Considering it needs to be done every second of every day. Since there are so many connections and centres of the brain. That utilize the vision system.

No matter what part of the brain was injured. There is a high degree of likelihood. That part of the vision system is located. Where the injury took place. Therefore, most people and up having some symptoms.

Of a damaged visual system. Such as headaches, sensitivity to light, and blurred or double vision. While most of these symptoms. Actually resolve on their own. Within the first month. Following the initial injury.

Not all patients have this resolution. And when they still have lingering vision symptoms. That is when it is time. To look for the right concussion treatment in Edmonton.

Patients in Edmonton can start looking. At vision by design optometry. Located in West Edmonton. And while they are a full-service optometrist clinic. They also have vision therapists on staff.

Whose specialty is healing concussion damage. And using their vision therapy in order to do so. There is no better place for patients to go. If they have had a concussion. And are still experiencing side effects from that injury.

However, people should be aware. That they only accept consultations and vision exams. Via the phone, because it is such a highly specialized area. They are unable to take appointments online, or through email.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Why Concussions Disrupt Your Vision

Not all concussions require a concussion treatment in Edmonton. In fact, most patients experience. That their symptoms resolve. Within a month of receiving their initial injury.

And out of the people who do not resolve symptoms. Within that month, 70% experience vision symptoms. As part, or all of the symptoms. Related to their head injury.

And while the brain is typically able. To heal the concussion damage on its own. When it is unable to heal. A vision therapist is able to step in. And help in that process.

However, before patient can simply get treatment. There must be an extensive test done. In order to find out exactly what parts. Of the vision system has been damaged. How significantly it has been damaged.

And what the most beneficial concussion treatment in Edmonton. Is likely going to be. Since there are thirty-two centres of the brain. And three hundred connections in the brain dealing with vision.

The vision therapist must do many different exercises. To discover exactly what parts of the brain. Are affected. It might affect balance, or speech. And might affect their fine motor skills. Or roast motor skills.

It might affect their ability to walk, or to use their arms just as some examples. And while most people experience vision symptoms. That is a very extensive area to test for.


Once the vision therapist has discovered. What type of concussion damage a patient has. They will need to figure out how significant that damage is. So that they can come up with the right concussion treatment in Edmonton.

They will have tools at their disposal. In order to help take the right treatment. From being able to prescribe prescription lenses. To help the brain see images clearly. In order to eliminate.

Learn vision or double vision. As well as therapeutic lenses. Such as lenses with prisms, that are designed. To help the brain process information. And while prescription or therapeutic lenses.

On their own, is enough. For some people to resolve their symptoms. And increase their quality of life. For others, they may need vision therapy. Or even lenses plus vision therapy. In order to completely heal.

Some of the symptoms that people should be looking for. To linger after that one month mark. That will indicates they need to find a vision therapist. Include sensitivity to light and having headaches.

Difficulty focusing. Or having discomfort in visually stimulating environments. Such as in large crowds, or at the mall. Even television shows or movies. With busy action may be hard to handle.

People can also experience symptoms. Such as losing their place when they are reading. Not being able to read as fast as they once could. And not understanding what sentence or paragraph means.

All of these symptoms. Indicate that a patient who has them. Longer than thirty days following their injury. Needs to talk to a vision therapist right away. The experts at vision by design in Edmonton would love to help.