Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Why Concussions Alter Vision Systems

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Why Concussions Alter Vision Systems

Not all concussions require finding a concussion treatment in Edmonton. Because some concussions can completely resolve. On their own, with the brain healing the missing and damaged connections.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton

However, if symptoms of a concussion. Do not resolve on their own. Within a month. That is when people should find. The right professional to help them. Get the best concussion treatment in Edmonton.

For their specific needs. To find the right professional. Patients need to understand what symptoms they are experiencing. And what those symptoms mean about their injury.

While the typical image of a concussed patient. Is someone who sees double, and is dizzy. By looking at any cartoons. You will see, that their eyes are crossed. And that they are having trouble standing.

And while this is a caricature. Of a patient with a concussion. Quite often, these are the symptoms that people experience. Immediately following the incident. However, it does not mean that those of the only symptoms.

Or that if the symptoms show up later. Or if they resolve on their own. That they are any less injured. In fact, some symptoms may take. Up to a couple of weeks. In order to show up.

Similar, to how a bruise. Takes time to show up on the surface. Of a person’s skin. While other symptoms, may resolve. Within a month of the original injury. Which means until a month has passed.

Even doctors are unsure. Of exactly what symptoms patients are going to have. And if they are going to linger. While this does not mean that patients should avoid. Going to the doctor.


What it does mean. Is that patients should see a doctor. And continue to monitor the symptoms that they are experiencing. Keeping note of when they arrive. And when they stop noticing them.

After thirty days. There are still experiencing symptoms. That is when they should seek professional help. For a concussion treatment in Edmonton. 70% of concussion sufferers.

Say that they have vision symptoms. Related to their concussion. And this makes a lot of sense. Because there are so many areas of the brain. That deal with vision. Including thirty-two centres of the brain.

And three hundred connections in the brain. Located literally, over the entirety of the brain. Therefore, no matter what part of the brain. Was injured during the concussion. There is a high likelihood.

That part of the vision system. Was included in that injury. Symptoms that people should be aware of. Include headaches, light sensitivity. And blurred or double vision, when looking at close up or far away objects.

They might be uncomfortable. In visually stimulating environments. Such as driving home through rush-hour traffic. Walking through a crowd. Or watching a movie or television program.

That has a lot of action sequences. When it comes to reading, concussed patients. May have a lot of difficulties. They may be unable to read. Simply because the blurred or double vision is so bad.

These are all signs. That a patient needs to find a vision therapist. Such as the experts at vision by design in Edmonton.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Why Concussions Alter Vision Systems

Many patients may not understand why they need to see a vision therapist to find a concussion treatment in Edmonton. Because they thought the brain injury. Meant that they have a problem in their brain.

In order to understand. Why a brain injury. Would cause vision system damage. People need to understand. The brain, and their visual system. When people look at the world around them.

Light carries visual information. In through the lens of the eye, which is the front. And that image lands on the back of the eye, called the retina. The retina is attached to the optic nerve.

Which carries the visual information. To the brain stem for processing. The brain must figure out. There are each piece of visual information needs to go. And there are so many different connections in the brain.

That needs the visual information. There are thirty-two centres of the brain. Healing specifically with vision. In one capacity or another. While there are three hundred connections. In the brain.

That deals with vision on some level. These connections and centres. Are located literally throughout the entire brain. This is why, a concussion. Can cause damage to this system. A concussion happens.

When the brain hits the inside of the skull. The brain can hit on the front, the back. Or either side. And where and how hard it is hit. Will determine how significant the damage is.


And when people are thinking about brain damage. It is referring specifically. To the neural pathways. That communicate with the body. And the body with the brain. Since almost every area of the brain.

Contains part of the vision system. This is why the majority of concussion sufferers. Have damage to their vision system as well. While many researchers once widely believed.

That the damage to the brain, and its neural pathways was permanent. This is now known to be false. And that in fact, the brain can learn and grow. As well as be healed with concussion treatment in Edmonton, indefinitely.

In what researchers have dubbed, neuro- plasticity. However, if the brain is unable. To heal this damage on its own. That is, to heal the damaged, and destroyed neural pathways. Then professional help is needed.

Since the most common damage to the brain. Is to the vision system. It makes sense to start. With the vision therapist. They will be able to conduct comprehensive vision exam. That is designed to help identify.

If they have concussion damage. In their vision system. If so, how significant that damage is. And determine, but the best concussion treatment in Edmonton will be. For each individual patient.

From vision therapy. Which is similar to physiotherapy. To prescription, or therapeutic lenses. Patients will be able to resolve the symptoms. And resume the quality of life. That they had prior to their injury.