Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Why Concussions Affect Vision

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Why Concussions Affect Vision

Many people may not realize that the concussion treatment in Edmonton. That is going to help them has to do with healing. Their visual system, because that is the part of the brain. That was damaged during their injury.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton

People first must understand. Exactly what a concussion is. In order to understand how it is possible. Them to damage their vision system. During this type of an injury.

I concussion happens, when a person either stops moving suddenly. Or, they switch directions very quickly. The brain, which is suspended in brain fluid. Is unable to change its direction.

Because of inertia, therefore it is carried forward. With the same speed. That the head was travelling. Which means when the head has stopped moving. Or changed directions. The brain will continue moving.

And it will slam into the inside of a person’s skull. A common misconception about concussions. Is that a person’s head must be hit. In order to suffer from one. And this is not true at all.

For example, if a hockey player is body checked in a game. And it is just their body. That hits the boards. Their head might snap back with such force. That their brain hits the inside of their skull.

Even though they did not sustain a specific head injury. In fact, many people who have concussions. And need a concussion treatment in Edmonton. Are not even aware that they had an injury at all.


Let alone a concussion, because they have the assumption. That a concussion requires a head injury to take place. This means that many concussions do not get diagnosed. And the ones that do.

Often overlook the fact. That a person has also. Damaged their vision system in the process. Now that people understand what a concussion is. People need to understand how the vision system.

Can get damaged, during the concussion. As people look at objects. Light carries information. To the eyes, it travels through the lenses. And lands on the back of the eye, called the retina.

The retina then sends the visual information. Using the optic nerve to the brain. Which is then responsible. For processing that information. By sending it to the various centres of the brain.

That need to use the information. When a person has a concussion. The neural connections that were located. In the area where the brain hit the inside of the skull. Will be damaged, or completely missing.

The reason why the vision system is very likely to be damaged. During a concussion. Is because the vision system is extremely extensive. With thirty-two centres of the brain dealing with vision.

As well as having three hundred connections in the brain. Dealing with vision in some way. This means there are so many connections in the brain. Dealing with vision. That any brain injury.

Is likely going to result in damage to the vision system as well. When people are looking for the best concussion treatment in Edmonton. In order to heal their vision system. They should look for vision therapists, such as the experts. At vision by design in Edmonton.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Why Concussions Affect A Peron's Vision

Following a concussion, people need to wait approximately thirty days before looking for a concussion treatment in Edmonton. There are several reasons for this wait period.

The first reason is that injuries following a concussion. Can take up to two weeks to surface. Which means there are many different symptoms. That may show up. A long time after the initial event.

If a patient runs to a doctor. Within the first week or two. Even a brain scan will not show. The extent of their injury. However, in addition to new injuries surfacing. Some of the first symptoms that they experience.

Are often starting to go away. And in fact, according to experts. Most concussion symptoms resolve. Within one month after the injury. However, after thirty days. The symptoms that remain.

Tend to be the ones that will not go away on their own. Therefore, after thirty days following the concussion. If people have symptoms. They need to seek out the right treatment.

And what the right concussion treatment in Edmonton is. Will depend on what symptoms people have. The symptoms that will indicate. That a person has damaged part of their visual system.

Include headaches, sensitivity to light. Having trouble focusing. As well as having discomfort in a busy visual environment. This includes having trouble in a crowd, or when watching an action movie.

However, more symptoms can include having difficulty. Scrolling on their phone, or difficulty doing tasks. Such as reading, working on a computer. Or completing near tasks.


People may find that they have double vision, blurred vision. Or lose their place when reading. They may be slower at reading. Or finish a passage or paragraph. And not understand what was said.

People also may find. That their balance or depth perception is affected. And all of these indicate. Damage to the vision system. Which will require a vision therapist. To complete a vision exam.

In order to make a diagnosis. And come up with the right concussion treatment in Edmonton. The first thing that people need to understand. Is that not every optometrist is a vision therapist.

Vision therapists are optometrists that have furthered their education. However, it is not as easy. To find a vision therapist. By simply calling optometrists to make an appointment.

For patients living in Edmonton, all they have to do. Is contact vision by design optometry. Located in West Edmonton. And while they are a full-service optometrist clinic. They have vision therapists on staff.

That not only can treat a wide variety of vision syndromes. They also specialize in concussion treatments. And would be more than happy to perform a vision exam. And then treat each patient.

Based on specifically what is going on with their vision. So that they can heal, and improve the quality of their life.